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If an election is B.C.’s only answer, then drop the writ

Jun 24 2017 — Andrew Coyne — To the charge that she has stolen her opponents’ policies in a transparent effort to pander to public opinion, Christy Clark responds that she has stolen her opponents’ policies and is transparently pandering to public opinion. “What I’m trying to do,” the premier of British Columbia told Global News Wednesday, the day before a Speech […]

A bailout won’t save media, but make it easier to avoid problems

Jun 20 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Now here’s a story. Says here “Canada’s newspaper industry unites to advocate for Canadian Journalism Fund.” That’s what they’re calling the $350 million the papers want the federal government to give them every year to, well, let’s let them tell it. According to Bob Cox, chairman of News Media Canada, “the industry has come together […]

Meech Lake, again? How about we just don’t

Jun 2 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Waves of nostalgia, waves of dread, waves of ennui: to read the government of Quebec’s new list of old demands for constitutional change is to return to a world I had thought we left behind. I lost a good part of my youth to the Twenty Years War over the constitution, 1980-2000; the thought of […]

The federal carbon tax has become unnecessarily costly

May 19 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Like much else this government touches, the carbon tax started out as a simple idea that has grown steadily more complex. The case for the carbon tax was very much tied to its simplicity: a uniform national tax, applied economy-wide, based on the carbon content of every good and service. Where regulations encourage compliance up […]

Forcing Trans Mountain through could make things ugly for Trudeau. Not building it might be worse

May 17 2017 — Andrew Coyne — In the messy aftermath of the B.C. election, everyone is talking about the coming confrontation over Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. Given federal approval just last November — Justin Trudeau travelling to the province to confer his benediction, in unusually personal terms — the project suddenly must contend, not with Christy Clark’s pipeline-supporting Liberals, but […]