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Trudeau: No comment on North Korea threats, let’s pursue a diplomatic solution

Sep 22 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. — Justin Trudeau avoided being drawn into the tit-for-tat threats between the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea, pointing instead to signs that diplomacy might prevail in a nuclear standoff that has the countries trading insults. Canada's prime minister said he spoke this week with the South Korean president about possible solutions […]

Trudeau devotes UN speech to Canada’s shame over Indigenous Peoples

Sep 22 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the brightest stage in international politics to shine a light on the darkest corners of Canada's story on Thursday, devoting a speech at the United Nations General Assembly to the plight of Canada's Indigenous peoples. He spoke of forced migration, broken treaty promises and family separations via residential schools. […]

Trudeau meets world leaders, promotes Canada for Security Council seat

Sep 20 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — NEW YORK — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found himself in a whirlwind, 10-meeting day in New York City on Wednesday as he prepared Canada's campaign for a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council. Trudeau had one-on-one meetings with seven world leaders, bumped into two former U.S. presidents, attended three public events at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum with activist Melinda Gates and joined […]

Trump at UN: slams ‘Rocket Man’ Kim, threatens to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea

Sep 19 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — NEW YORK — Donald Trump's first speech at the United Nations trashed the leaders of Iran, Cuba, Syria and Venezuela but reserved special opprobrium for North Korea, dubbing its leader "Rocket Man" and threatening to "totally destroy" the country. Tuesday's speech was notable more for Trump's high-level trash-talking than for the identity of his targets, given that all have been […]

Real-life spy story: Washingtonians describe life beside now-vacant Russia annex

Sep 16 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — WASHINGTON — To the neighbourhood gossips, the grand grey Russian building atop the hill was a goldmine. Now it's empty. Amid escalating tensions, the U.S. government this month kicked Russians out of three diplomatic buildings, one of them an international-trade annex perched majestically atop a slope in Washington. Neighbours watched the exodus from the surrounding balconies. The […]

Canada open to seeking softwood deal in NAFTA if U.S. industry keeps stalling

Sep 14 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — WASHINGTON — Canada is prepared to pursue a permanent settlement in softwood lumber within the North American Free Trade Agreement if the U.S. lumber industry keeps blocking a deal, Canada's ambassador to the U.S. suggested Thursday. David MacNaughton expressed frustration at the industry using what is effectively its veto power to block any deal between the national governments and he […]

NAFTA: U.S. wants to insert 5-year termination clause in the agreement

Sep 14 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — WASHINGTON — The United States is seeking to insert a so-called sunset clause into a new NAFTA, a controversial proposal that would automatically terminate the agreement after five years unless all three member countries agree to extend it. That idea has been quietly floated for months by U.S. officials who finally made it public Thursday. It prompted swift resistance. Canadian and Mexican officials brushed […]

Canadian doc helps Bernie Sanders make biggest US push for universal healthcare

Sep 13 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — WASHINGTON — There's a stampede to share a stage with Bernie Sanders. Once again, the socialist senator has introduced a bill to bring Canadian-style, single-payer health care to the United States. Only this time, he's surrounded by the stars of the Democratic party. A raucous rally to introduce Sanders' latest medicare-for-all bill underscored how the idea of […]

NAFTA: Top U.S. lawmakers express optimism, shrug off talk of early bumps

Sep 13 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — WASHINGTON — Top U.S. lawmakers tasked with an oversight role in the NAFTA negotiations are expressing confidence in the state of the discussions, downplaying talk of a halting start to the process. The two highest-ranking members of the U.S. Senate finance committee legally designated with monitoring the negotiations have brushed aside reports of early bumps. The Republican chair of the committee said Tuesday […]

Clinton’s catharsis: Book lays blame in multiple places for defeat to Trump

Sep 12 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — WASHINGTON — It's inauguration day and the loser of the last U.S. presidential election is daydreaming about being anywhere but here — she's imagining vacationing on a beach, speaking with past election losers, anything but watching Donald J. Trump raise his hand and take the oath of office. Hillary Clinton begins the first chapter of her 2016 election […]

NAFTA: The view from a mind-bogglingly massive Mexican market

Sep 6 2017 — Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press — MEXICO CITY — In the middle of Mexico City, there's an outdoor market so massive you'd need a helicopter to witness its entirety: 90,000 employees, 62,000 daily truck deliveries, supplying 35 per cent of the country's fruits and vegetables, and 500,000 declared daily visitors rivalling the population of central Vancouver, Hamilton, and Quebec City. It's a bustling labyrinth […]