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Liberals waste no time playing the anti-Christian card

May 29 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — Well, it didn’t take long for the clouds to roll in. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer barely had time to try on his new title before the “sunny ways” Liberals deployed two attack dogs to criticize the 38-year old Catholic father of five. “Make no mistake about it,” warned Toronto Liberal MP Adam Vaughan, “[Scheer] is […]

As it’s laid out, Bernier’s health-care plan may be electoral poison

May 25 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — How many Conservative Party members cast their ballots for Maxime Bernier ahead of this weekend’s leadership convention without knowing his central health care policy would render the cherished Canada Health Act unenforceable? I don’t know, but I imagine it’s more than nought, and the headline “Could Maxime Bernier kill universal health care?”—which appeared last week […]

Who in his cabinet can Justin Trudeau actually trust?

May 12 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — “Government by cabinet is back.” Those words of wisdom from Justin Trudeau, dispensed two Novembers ago, are as forgotten as his “because it’s 2015” gender quip is famous, which is a shame because it is every bit the broken promise as the others on the Liberals’ ever-growing pile. The soundbite — as deliberate as its […]

Why are we talking about cupping and the Prime Minister?

Apr 25 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — A good politician goes into every interview with a message they’d like their audience to take away. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard or soft news opportunity; politicians don’t open their traps unless it’s to get a point across they think will make them more electable the next time around. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau […]

How a new Tory leader can beat Justin Trudeau

Apr 17 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — The memberships have been sold, the ballots are about to be mailed out, and the Conservative faithful are only weeks away from knowing their new leader. If polling is to be believed, it’s a two-man race between political neophyte Kevin O’Leary and Maxime Bernier, a former cabinet minister. Depending on how the preferred ballots fall, […]

Yes, Trudeau’s Canada is ‘back’ — not for the better on the world stage

Apr 14 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — Justin Trudeau’s proposition to the world was the same as his pitch to Canadians: I’m not Stephen Harper. If Canadians choose me, Trudeau promised, the prickly, stubborn Canada you’ve come to loathe will be replaced with the kinder, more co-operative country you’ve traditionally known. Under a Trudeau government, there would be no more foot-dragging on […]

Trudeau throws another promise under the (omni)bus

Apr 12 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — “We will not resort to legislative tricks to avoid scrutiny.” Those words – taken from the 2015 Liberal platform – are admirably direct. It’s what makes them an effective petard onto which to hoist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose government is having a torrid time explaining away 2017’s legislative trickery. The latest sleight of hand? […]

Kevin O’Leary is running for a party of one

Apr 4 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — If Kevin O’Leary goes on to win the Conservative leadership, Tories will have only themselves to blame when Team Trudeau sends Mr. Wonderful back to the U.S. cable airwaves — his preferred habitat. Conservatives have been warned about their candidate’s fatal flaw. Repeatedly. O’Leary’s snub of a Conservative leadership debate in Toronto on Sunday in […]

Mud thrown during the Conservative spring cleaning

Mar 20 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — Nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of a hanging, and right now Conservative Party leadership candidates are checking their necks for the presence of a noose following allegations of membership vote-rigging. These kinds of allegations, while extremely serious, are sadly nothing new; dodgy party membership sales are as old as leadership races. And it’s […]