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Peter Mansbridge To Be Replaced By 3 Anchors At New ‘The National’

Jun 15 2017 — Althia Raj — Three anchors will replace Peter Mansbridge at the new version of CBC’s flagship national news program, “The National.” The incoming hosts will also report in the field, said Jennifer McGuire, general manager and editor-in-chief of CBC News. However, the people who will fill the high-profile positions are still being decided. “As yet, no decisions have […]

Liberals Silence Opposition By Fulfilling Their Defence-Spending Promises

Jun 10 2017 — Althia Raj — The Liberals announced $62-billion in defence spending this week but you wouldn’t know it listening to question period. The NDP and the Conservatives barely mentioned the 70 per cent increased defence spending announced Wednesday — the largest boost in decades and one the Liberals didn’t specifically campaign on. The Tories devoted four questions — out […]

Trudeau-Scheer Showdown Delayed As PM Skips Question Period

Jun 1 2017 — Althia Raj — If Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is eager for his question period face-off with the prime minister, he’ll have to be a little more patient. Justin Trudeau is making the new leader wait. After a week-long trip to Europe for NATO and G7 meetings, and a personal audience with the Pope Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, […]

Liberal MPs Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Sean Casey Vote To Call Out Electoral Reform Pledge

May 31 2017 — Althia Raj — Two Liberal MPs — Sean Casey and Nathaniel Erskine-Smith — voted with the opposition Wednesday to accept a Commons’ committee report that outlined ways the Grits could have kept their electoral promise to reform the way Canadians vote. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau struck an all-party committee last year asking for recommendations on how the government […]

Deepak Obhrai Gets A Great Laugh From O’Leary’s Support

May 3 2017 — Althia Raj — Calgary Conservative leadership hopeful Deepak Obhrai laughed and laughed when he heard Kevin O’Leary tell his supporters they should put him down as number two on their preferential ballot. “I’m still in a daze and in a shock,” he told HuffPost Canada Wednesday. “I’m still trying to understand what happened yesterday,” he said, still laughing.

Trudeau Government Hasn’t Ruled Out Military Role In Syria: Parliamentary Secretary

Apr 17 2017 — Althia Raj — The Liberal government isn’t ruling out a military contribution in Syria, a government spokesman told Follow-Up, The Huffington Post Canada’s political podcast, this week. And it won’t say whether it will back further unilateral action in the region by the United States to help remove Bashar al-Assad. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland repeated last week […]

Kellie Leitch, Tory Leadership Hopeful, Says You Have Her All Wrong

Mar 31 2017 — Althia Raj — Kellie Leitch wants you to know she’s not a racist. She’s not mean, either. She is intelligent, compassionate, generous, and hard-working. Those are the words she uses to describe herself when asked. Over the course of a 90-minute lunch with The Huffington Post Canada, it is also clear Leitch is ambitious, strategic, protective of those […]

Katimavik Youth Program Receives 11th-Hour Reprieve From Trudeau Liberals

Mar 25 2017 — Althia Raj — The federal government has granted Katimavik, the national youth volunteer program, half a million dollars — money that could keep it afloat while the Liberals decide whether to make good on Justin Trudeau’s four-year-old pledge to ensure the organization’s survival. The Huffington Post Canada has learned the federal government just granted Katimavik $499,500 under the […]