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While presidential committees collapse, Canada-U.S. council on women in business still active

Aug 18 2017 — Aaron Wherry — While three presidential advisory committees have disbanded in the wake of Donald Trump’s comments about an “alt-right” rally in Virginia, the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders remains active, according to the Prime Minister’s Office. Comprising 10 executives from the two countries, the council was launched in February when Prime […]

Andrew Scheer won’t grant interviews to The Rebel under current ‘editorial direction’

Aug 17 2017 — Aaron Wherry — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer won’t grant interviews to Rebel Media if the outlet’s editorial direction remains “as it is,” he said at an event for supporters in British Columbia on Wednesday evening. The website, founded by conservative activist Ezra Levant, has come under fire since last weekend’s rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va., culminated […]

Tip 1 of Freeland’s Art of the Deal: Expect things to get messy

Aug 15 2017 — Aaron Wherry — Chrystia Freeland declared herself to be “deeply optimistic” on Monday, despite the fact she’s about to enter into trade negotiations with Donald Trump, the man credited with writing the book on dealmaking. “I am confident that this is a story with a happy ending,” the foreign affairs minister told an audience at the University of […]

The hope for an elected Senate is dead, or at least fast asleep

Aug 10 2017 — Aaron Wherry — Departing from the red chamber this week on his 75th birthday, Bob Runciman notes his disappointment at “the failure to move toward an elected Senate.” ​Back when Runciman was appointed to the upper house in 2010, it was still possible to believe an elected Senate was a distinct possibility. But now, more than 30 years […]

Huddled masses at the border put difficult focus on Trudeau’s tweet

Aug 6 2017 — Aaron Wherry — Last week, a senior adviser to the president of the United States stood before reporters at the White House and quibbled with the famous words inscribed below the Statue of Liberty. “I don’t want to get off into a whole thing about history here, but the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of liberty and […]

What 3 legal minds think about the Omar Khadr settlement

Jul 12 2017 — Aaron Wherry — It has been a week since word leaked that the federal government had agreed to pay Omar Khadr a settlement of $10.5 million to resolve his civil suit over allegations of mistreatment and breaches of his charter rights. According to an Angus Reid Institue survey released Tuesday, many Canadians seem unhappy about the payment, but […]

Peter Julian quitting NDP leadership race after failing to secure enough donations

Jul 6 2017 — Aaron Wherry — Peter Julian, the former NDP House leader, is quitting his party’s leadership race after failing to secure enough donations to continue his campaign. “One of the ways that members express their appreciation, express their support, is by giving financial donations,” he told reporters on Parliament Hill Thursday. “In this semester that just finished, we were […]

Why will Omar Khadr receive $10.5M? Because his rights were violated

Jul 4 2017 — Aaron Wherry — When word of the government’s multimillion-dollar settlement with Omar Khadr was first reported Monday night, Jason Kenney, the former defence minister, was quick to condemn. “This confessed terrorist should be in prison paying for his crimes, not profiting from them at the expense of Canadian taxpayers,” Kenney tweeted. That much is consistent with a Conservative […]

From Borden to Pearson to Trudeau: How Canada Day has defined a nation

Jul 1 2017 — Aaron Wherry — “One-hundred and fifty years since Confederation,” Justin Trudeau observed, looking out at the thousands on Parliament Hill who had made it through the security and rain. “A nice, round number that’s as good a reason to celebrate as any.” No one gets excited about a number ending in seven or three. But round numbers are […]

How Trudeau lost his way on electoral reform

Jun 27 2017 — Aaron Wherry — In an alternate universe, Justin Trudeau wasn’t standing before the cameras on Tuesday, trying again to explain why he had walked away from a campaign commitment to pursue electoral reform. Because during June 2015 in that alternate universe, Trudeau had stood before the cameras and vowed that a Liberal government would implement a ranked ballot […]

With the Senate, it could always be worse

Jun 23 2017 — Aaron Wherry — At this time two years ago, the Senate was the subject of much wailing and gnashing of teeth. So in a way, nothing has changed. In the spring of 2015, the upper chamber’s most prominent member was on trial — the dramatic crescendo of two years of ethical drama that ensnared the prime minister’s staff […]