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Trudeau ‘not working hard enough’ on NAFTA file, says Scheer

Jul 22 2017 — Catharine Tunney — The leader of the Official Opposition is calling out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for “mishandling” the North American Free Trade Agreement file, less than a month before negotiations with the U.S. and Mexico get underway. “I’ve always been worried about Justin Trudeau’s attitude towards trade. We saw during the softwood lumber negotiations that he failed […]

Freeland ‘cautiously optimistic’ after hearing Pence’s ‘win-win-win’ comment

Jul 15 2017 — Catharine Tunney — Canada’s top diplomat says she’s cautiously optimistic about U.S. intentions for the North American Free Trade Agreement after hearing Vice-President Mike Pence call modernization a “win-win-win” situation. But just days before the U.S. is expected to release its trading objectives, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland still won’t say whether she thinks President Donald Trump is […]

Bob Rae to Justin Trudeau: ‘Constitutions are never closed’

Jun 3 2017 — Catharine Tunney — Bob Rae, a lead negotiator during the 1992 Charlottetown Accord talks and the man who oversaw the federal Liberal Party before Justin Trudeau took over, has some words for the prime minister: don’t shut the door on constitutional conversations. This week, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard announced plans to start a cross-country dialogue on Quebec’s role […]

Bill Morneau heads to London to sing Canada’s praises post Brexit

Apr 6 2017 — Catharine Tunney — While the United Kingdom figures out the terms of its breakup with the European Union, Bill Morneau is jet-setting off to London Thursday to talk up the perks of another relationship: business in Canada. And the federal finance minister’s pitch to British businesses is clear: Canada shouldn’t be anyone’s second thought. “Clearly people in the […]

Scott Brison listen up, Canada’s information commissioner has some advice for you

Mar 25 2017 — Catharine Tunney — The Liberal government has to make immediate changes to the Access to Information Act or risk alienating voters, warns Canada’s information watchdog. Earlier this week the Canadian Press reported that the Liberal government is delaying promised access to information reforms that would bring ministerial offices under the act. The government had pledged an initial wave […]

NDP needs to keep it’s eye on governing, says Tom Mulcair

Mar 18 2017 — Catharine Tunney — Outgoing NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is steering clear of commenting on his party’s leadership race, but says the NDP should strive to influence policy while keeping its eye on one goal: governing. “I do think that the main purpose to be in politics is to govern. You have ideas. You have ideologies, one would hope […]

Louise Arbour takes on UN migration gig at ‘a very difficult time’

Mar 11 2017 — Catharine Tunney — Louise Arbour’s curriculum vitae already lists some impressive — and daunting — titles, but the former Supreme Court of Canada justice is now preparing for what’s shaping up to be one of the toughest gigs of her career: the UN’s new point person on international migration. “It’s at a very difficult time. I think climate […]