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Elect a Rae, get a Harris? A warning sign for the Alberta NDP

Apr 12 2017 — Colby Cosh — Lesson from a life spent occasionally glancing at Alberta politics: when Ron Kneebone speaks up, pay attention. Last week the University of Calgary economist, who is a longtime authority on Alberta’s public finances, raised a modest alarm about rising income support caseloads. Or, to use the old-fashioned lingo, welfare recipients. Their number is growing fast […]

Goodbye to the Alberta PCs. And good riddance

Mar 20 2017 — Colby Cosh — On Saturday, as was generally foreseen, Jason Kenney became leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives. This sounds portentous and impressive. But one of the things that strikes you, since Kenney is proposing to (at a bare minimum) re-brand the Alberta PCs, is that their leaders are not exactly an honour roll of mighty statesmen. The […]

Of course it’s ‘news’ that Freeland’s grampa was a Nazi collaborator, even if the Russians are spreading it

Mar 8 2017 — Colby Cosh — Chrystia Freeland’s long-dead grandfather is the talk of the town today. And since it is 2017, most of the talk is about whether we are allowed to talk about him. On Monday, Freeland, the foreign affairs minister, warned Canadians of “efforts on the Russian side to destabilize Western democracies” while Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale […]

Maryam Monsef had an impossible job, and did it poorly

Jan 11 2017 — Colby Cosh — Justin Trudeau’s first cabinet shuffle has started a small debate over whether Maryam Monsef has been “demoted” in being moved from the Democratic Institutions ministry to Status of Women. I suppose either position in this argument is vaguely tenable. “Democratic Institutions” is just 13 years old as a cabinet position, and I do not know […]

I’m with Leitch — give women pepper spray (but keep it from the men)

Dec 5 2016 — Colby Cosh — On Thursday, MP Kellie Leitch unveiled the latest policy concept in her Trump-inspired campaign for the Conservative leadership. You could even call it a “Trump-flavoured” campaign: it’s like a bag of boring snack chips with a chemical dash of Southern spice exhaled over it. And I can’t help suspecting that there is something slightly phony […]

Did Maryam Monsef actually read the whole electoral reform report?

Dec 2 2016 — Colby Cosh — In the stormy Thursday press conference in which mealy-mouthed Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef somehow managed to unify election reform opponents and supporters in a grand coalition against her, she at one point held up a sign with an intimidating mathematical expression on it. I think “intimidating” is a fair description. I am reasonably sure […]