National Newswatch

Is Jagmeet Singh poised to become NDP leader?

Sep 18 2017 — Chantal Hébert — Of the four candidates vying for the NDP leadership, the numbers suggest that only one can hope to win on the first ballot. Jagmeet Singh’s campaign has claimed credit for enrolling 47,000 of the 124,000 members eligible to vote for the next leader. If the bulk of them do vote over the next two weeks, […]

Harper’s decade in power was a game-changer in Quebec

Sep 6 2017 — Chantal Hébert — Did Stephen Harper’s approach to Quebec accelerate the decline of the sovereignty movement, or was the former prime minister just the accidental beneficiary of a collective desire on the part of Quebecers to move on from the deadlock over the province’s political future? In a text published in the magazine L’actualité on the occasion of […]

No voting pattern is cast in stone, especially in Quebec

Aug 30 2017 — Chantal Hébert — The numbers are in and they don’t bode well for the NDP in Quebec, regardless of the outcome of the party’s upcoming leadership vote. The enthusiasm that attended the 2011 orange wave has given way to widespread voter indifference as well as internal discomfort within the province’s depleted NDP ranks. None of the four candidates […]

Cabinet shuffle only targeted isolated trouble spots

Aug 28 2017 — Chantal Hébert — If living proof that no good deed ever goes unpunished was needed, the dispatching of federal minister Jane Philpott to the troubled Indigenous front offers it. Just last week, Philpott — in her previous role as Justin Trudeau’s health minister — signed a funding agreement with Manitoba. Its Tory government was the last to resist […]

Trudeau’s popularity reveals more about the lackluster standing of Canada’s premiers and the opposition he faces

Jun 28 2017 — Chantal Hébert — As Justin Trudeau’s government approaches mid-mandate, he remains the most popular government leader in the country. But that says as much if not more about the lackluster standing of the current set of premiers as about the staying power of the popularity of the prime minister. In three of the four larger provinces for instance, […]