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Canada deploys ‘multi-pronged’ lobbying to counter Trump’s EPA cuts

Sep 21 2017 — Carl Meyer — Canada has deployed a “multi-pronged” lobbying strategy against the Trump administration’s budget over concerns that proposed U.S. cuts will put a “fundamental” component of the Trudeau government’s climate change plan in jeopardy, newly-released federal briefing documents show. The records from the director of the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada warn that Trump’s […]

Tory critic wants access to secret NAFTA texts

Sep 14 2017 — Carl Meyer — The Trudeau government is being urged to stop keeping the House of Commons in the dark about the confidential background documents it’s using to renegotiate NAFTA. Niagara West MP Dean Allison told National Observer he plans to raise the issue when the Commons returns next week. If people outside government who are involved in the […]

Who hid the electric car?

Sep 13 2017 — Carl Meyer — Picture this: you’re open to the idea of buying an electric car and have heard rebates are available. But when you go to a dealership, there are no electric cars on the showroom floor and none outside to test drive. The dealer hasn’t heard of any rebates. You leave, wondering what the fuss is all […]

Feds halt probe of climate doubters

Sep 7 2017 — Carl Meyer — Canada’s independent competition watchdog says it doesn’t have enough resources to investigate false advertising by climate deniers, and is calling on the public for help. After more than a year of investigating, the Competition Bureau abruptly dropped its inquiry earlier this summer into three groups that had displayed information in public raising doubts about the […]

Liberals struggling to reverse Harper’s cuts to climate science

Sep 6 2017 — Carl Meyer — Five years ago, climate change scientists said they were in the midst of a severe funding crisis. For more than decade, they had benefited from tens of millions of dollars in federal funding, which allowed Canada’s academic leaders to build a robust research network that pioneered significant breakthroughs. An independent organization, the Canadian Foundation for […]

Trudeau Liberals change their tune on ozone monitoring

Aug 8 2017 — Carl Meyer — Five and a half years ago, a mustachioed Justin Trudeau rose from his seat in the corner of the House of Commons opposition benches to challenge the Harper government on “cuts” to scientific research. “Mr. Speaker, I have a simple question on ozone monitoring, based entirely on what the minister of the environment himself has […]

Coalition uses cow farts to target oilpatch

Aug 1 2017 — Carl Meyer — A new coalition of environmental, business and labour groups wants Albertans to know: methane is so much more than just cow farts. is a new website backed by 10 groups hoping to convince the Alberta government that easy solutions for strong methane restrictions are available, and to educate the public about the dangers of […]

Civil war in the oilpatch

May 25 2017 — Carl Meyer — One of Canada’s largest oil companies says it quit a major industry lobby group for refusing to join the Saskatchewan premier’s war against a carbon tax. The decision by the firm, Crescent Point Energy, to quit the oil industry group, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), has stunned industry watchers and sparked a war […]

Canadian spies mobilized after Montreal airport terrorism scare

May 11 2017 — Carl Meyer — Shocking revelations this spring about security at Montreal’s airport caused Canada’s spy agency to mobilize “very quickly” and re-screen tens of thousands of files, one of its officials said Thursday. TVA network reported March 28 that four Aéroport de Montréal employees lost their security clearance because they showed potential signs of being radicalized. Employees had […]

Trudeau’s government just spoke to the Trump administration about climate change

Mar 3 2017 — Carl Meyer — The Trudeau government has just given a clear signal to the Trump administration that it plans to defend the Paris agreement to combat climate change, earning praise from analysts and an industry representative. Still, questions remain about the fate of Obama-era regulations and joint emissions reduction commitments. Since President Donald Trump’s election in November, Canadian […]

Can Canada save America’s data from Donald Trump?

Mar 3 2017 — Carl Meyer — Every society makes choices about when it hits save and when it hits delete. In contrast to humanity’s history of book burnings and great libraries, the internet is sometimes imagined as limitless and timeless. Yet websites shut down and information disappears. Data rots, through neglect, intervention, economics or other destructive forces. “It took us — let’s face […]