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Scheer’s social conservatism obvious target, but Liberals to lay off new leader at onset: insiders

Jun 5 2017 — Derek Abma — Liberal Party veterans say new Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s reputation as a social conservative is an obvious target for politicking from the Justin Trudeau government, but some say the party in power is likely to avoid being overly aggressive against the new leader for the time-being. Reasons include not being sure, exactly, what direction Mr. […]

Liberal MP Eyking says government likely preparing for ‘fallout’ if NAFTA talks fail

May 22 2017 — Derek Abma — With the Donald Trump administration finally triggering the process for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), one high-ranking Liberal MP says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is likely considering contingency plans should talks fail and Canada ends up without a free trade agreement with the United States, or an arrangement that’s far less favourable.

Bains most lobbied cabinet minister since Trudeau won power in 2015, hands down

Mar 27 2017 — Derek Abma — Navdeep Bains, Canada’s minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, is, hands down, the most lobbied member of the Trudeau cabinet since the government came to office in 2015. Since the Liberals took over in November 2015 until earlier this month, a total of 245 communication reports outlining contact with Mr. Bains (Mississauga-Malton, Ont.) have […]

Raitt willing to serve in an O’Leary-led Conservative caucus

Mar 20 2017 — Derek Abma — Conservative MP and leadership candidate Lisa Raitt has a website dedicated to telling people that Kevin O’Leary is “wrong for the Conservative Party and wrong for Canada,” but says she’s willing to put all that aside and support him if he becomes leader. And that support includes serving as a critic in an O’Leary-led Conservative […]

‘Be patient, don’t prejudge,’ Trump presidency ‘positive’ for Canada, says Bush-era U.S. ambassador

Feb 6 2017 — Derek Abma — Relations between Canada and the United States are off to a “positive” start under new U.S. President Donald Trump, according to a former U.S. ambassador to Canada who served under George W. Bush. “There’s certainly been some pluses,” David Wilkins said of the cross-border relationship so far. “President Trump gave the green light to the […]

Trudeau government ‘concerned’ and ‘worried,’ but not ‘panicking’ over Trump administration, say political insiders

Jan 30 2017 — Derek Abma — Experts and political insiders say adjusting to the new administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has become a high—if not the highest—priority for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, and that he has avoided “panicking” and is instead dealing with “the new reality.” Most agree that Mr. Trudeau’s (Papineau, Que.) relationship with Mr. Trump will not […]

Some CPC opponents to Leitch’s divisive leadership campaign praise her, others say ‘who does she think she’s kidding?’

Jan 16 2017 — Derek Abma — Despite running a Conservative leadership campaign labelled by some intra-party opponents as “irresponsible populism,” Trump-like, and negative, other caucus colleagues of Kellie Leitch—even those opposed to her in the leadership race—say she remains a respected member of the party. Yet, one Conservative insider who asked not to be identified said Mr. Leitch (Simcoe-Grey, Ont.) has […]

Duplication of Trump’s success unlikely in Canada, though ‘political campaign rulebook changing radically’

Nov 28 2016 — Derek Abma — Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States is bound to affect how politics is done in Canada, though experts say there are characteristics about Canada that make it less likely a candidate like Mr. Trump could be as successful here. John Duffy, founder of public affairs and communications firm StrategyCorp, who was an […]

Feds still creating confusion in way it forecasts deficits: experts

Nov 14 2016 — Derek Abma — Experts say the way the government has forecast deficits this year in its fall economic update and March budget has created confusion, and there is a need for clearer standards for how contingencies are factored into projected deficits. On Nov. 1, the government presented an update in which deficits projected for the current fiscal year […]