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The price of Ann Coulter’s ‘statehood’ is too high

Mar 22 2017 — Don Braid — Calgary has been rejected by Ann Coulter as the 51st U.S. state. Finally, she says something I agree with. We hadn’t exactly asked for statehood, but never mind. Coulter, the far-right American provocateur, disowns us for being tolerant and helpful. It started with Anna Brooks’s recent story in the Herald about the halal food and […]


Barely elected, Kenney revs the pickup for yet another campaign

Mar 20 2017 — Don Braid — After his massive weekend victory, Jason Kenney leaves no doubt about who’s the boss of the Progressive Conservative party. At his first news conference, Kenney was not flanked by any PC MLAs, defeated candidates or party board members. It was just the leader up there, answering questions in great detail for a long time. Kenney […]


Kenney wins – now comes the hard part

Mar 19 2017 — Don Braid — By a huge majority, Alberta Progressive Conservatives voted Saturday to dive into uncertain waters, with Jason Kenney swinging the paddle. The former federal minister campaigned for eight months, grabbed an unfamiliar delegate selection system by the lapels, and finally shook free 1,113 votes of 1,476 ballots cast at the weekend convention. That was good for […]


PCs begin their weirdest convention ever

Mar 18 2017 — Don Braid — A grand old party holds its breath, on the edge of self-extinction. By Saturday evening, Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives will know if they’re to continue as a proud but dilapidated party, or dissolve into attempted union with Wildrose. There’s hardly a soul at the Telus convention centre that doubts Jason Kenney will win, and then try […]


A budget that gambles with Alberta’s future

Mar 17 2017 — Don Braid — The NDP had better be right, or this province is screwed. Its latest budget is a high-risk balancing act that could, if the assumptions prove wrong, collapse like a cheap tent, leading to unprecedented fiscal bloodshed. The Progressive Conservatives often made optimistic revenue forecasts to justify high spending. This NDP budget raises the tactic to […]


Jason Kenney in no rush to get elected as PC MLA

Mar 1 2017 — Don Braid — The Alberta legislature opens Thursday, but Jason Kenney has no interest in joining the club anytime soon. The candidate for leadership of the Progressive Conservatives says that if he wins on March 18, he won’t seek a riding for a byelection, at least not right away. “No, I won’t,” he said in an interview. “I’m […]


Do Trump and Putin have big plans for Canada?

Feb 28 2017 — Don Braid — Premier Rachel Notley is meeting Democrats and Republicans in Washington with her mouth firmly shut about the outbursts of President Donald Trump. Political and social principles are one thing. Trade is another. Between them lies a completely typical Canadian wall of silence. Our politicians will state their principles on this side. That’s our little wall […]


Alberta NDP keeps a nervous eye on looming B.C. election

Feb 22 2017 — Don Braid — That’s one scary poll for Alberta’s economic future. Not the latest one on Alberta politics, which shows a big lead for both conservative parties over the NDP. No, the spooky poll is a companion Mainstreet Research survey about the B.C. election that’s coming fast, on May 9. It shows Premier Christy Clark’s governing Liberals in […]


Trump was civil, Trudeau masterful. Is it all a dream?

Feb 14 2017 — Don Braid — U.S. President Donald Trump says the trade relationship with Canada will only be “tweaked.” The trouble is a little tweak in America can be a powerful thump in Canada. The pleasure-pain imbalance is so severe that sometimes the Americans don’t even realize it hurts. The statistics prove it. Only 18 per cent of America’s foreign […]


Tory leadership election committee rejects complaints against Jason Kenney

Feb 13 2017 — Don Braid — The Progressive Conservative leadership campaign is back on track after complaints filed against front-runner Jason Kenney by a rival’s former fundraiser were rejected Sunday night. Kenney rival Richard Starke asked his lead campaign fundraiser Jeffrey Rath to resign after Rath submitted two complaints against Kenney’s campaign this week. In the first complaint filed on Thursday, […]


Is the NDP overpaying carbon tax rebates for political gain?

Feb 9 2017 — Don Braid — Greg Clark, the Alberta Party leader, alleges that the new carbon tax is already turning into a political payoff scheme. He claims the NDP will overpay rebates by about $225 million in the first two years of the program, with the largest amount going to the lowest income earners. “I have no doubt this is […]


High risk to Alberta in Trump’s trade upheaval

Feb 7 2017 — Don Braid — In Alberta we are adrift in the dark, covering our heads with the life jackets, waiting for U.S. President Donald Trump to turn his eye to Canada. Albertans can sum up the stakes in a couple of short, scary sentences: Nearly 90 per cent of the province’s exports go to the U.S. The new president […]


Politics get goofy as tension mounts in conservative unity drive

Feb 1 2017 — Don Braid — “It’s another silly day in Alberta politics,” says one daily warrior for conservative unity, reflecting on the recent spate of pranks and ploys. The tension is ramping up. As the March 18 Progressive Conservative leadership vote nears, Wildrose stakes out its turf, progressives fight back, and federal oddities intrude. For instance: some time ago, Elections […]