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Republicans are building Trump an ‘idiot defence’ against impeachment. Here’s why it might work

Jun 13 2017 — Daniel Dale — U.S. President Donald Trump’s defenders would like you to know that he doesn’t know important things. They’re not saying he’s stupid. They’re saying he is somewhere between ill-informed and clueless. To hear some Republican members of Congress tell it, Trump did not attempt to obstruct justice in his Oval Office words to James Comey in […]

President Donald Trump attacks his own travel ban

Jun 5 2017 — Daniel Dale — The president of the United States is now attacking his own policy. In a perplexing series of Twitter comments before 7 a.m. on Monday, Donald Trump criticized his presidential order for a ban on visitors from six Muslim-majority countries – falsely claiming the Justice Department, not him, issued this revised policy. “The Justice Dept. should […]

Canada is ‘blameless’ for trade surplus, Trump trade official says, contradicting Trump

May 31 2017 — Daniel Dale — Canada is not to blame for its trade surplus with the United States, President Donald Trump’s commerce secretary said Wednesday — sounding distinctly different than Trump himself. Trump has repeatedly lambasted Canada over its trade practices, citing what he claims are “massive” Canadian trade surpluses as evidence that the North American Free Trade Agreement has […]

Trump’s explanation for firing Comey crumbles

May 11 2017 — Daniel Dale — A series of revelations has undercut Donald Trump’s implausible explanation for his firing of FBI Director James Comey, suggesting the president was more interested in ridding himself of the person investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia than standing up for government policy. The cascade of Wednesday media stories heightened the furor that threatens to derail […]

‘It’s not a surprise’: Morneau downplays Trump’s sudden trade attack on Canada

Apr 21 2017 — Daniel Dale — Canada’s finance minister is downplaying U.S. President Donald Trump’s sudden attack on Canadian trade policies, saying it is unsurprising that pleasant generalities would give way to tougher policy talks as the countries head into a likely NAFTA renegotiation. “No surprises, from my perspective,” Finance Minister Bill Morneau said in a Friday interview with a small […]

Trump to crack down on exemptions to ‘Buy American’ policies

Apr 17 2017 — Daniel Dale — President Donald Trump is planning to sign an executive order on Tuesday that will crack down on exemptions to federal “Buy American” policies, a move that could hurt Canadian companies. The administration’s new policy is to “minimize the granting of waivers,” an official who insisted on anonymity said in a briefing on Monday. “The message […]

Daughter diplomacy: Trudeau’s unorthodox play for Donald Trump’s approval

Mar 17 2017 — Daniel Dale — A businesswoman whose lifestyle brand is struggling with liberals. A liberal-multilateralist prime minister who needs an in with a conservative-nationalist president. Diplomacy is rooted in interests. And Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau both have an interest in hanging out with each other. Read the latest news on U.S. President Donald Trump The prime minister sat […]

In the Trump era, the fringe takes over conservative movement

Feb 26 2017 — Daniel Dale — The governor of Kentucky was up on stage talking about cutting red tape. In the hallway outside, a white supremacist was promoting the racist “alt-right,” 20 journalists in a circle around him. The bigot, Richard Spencer, was soon tossed out of the building by a security guard. Three days after rescinding a speaking invitation to […]

Canada will never ‘be party to’ torture, defence minister says after visit to Trump’s Washington

Feb 7 2017 — Daniel Dale — Canada will never be a “party” to torture, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said a day after meeting his counterpart in U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration. Sajjan would not say if Defense Secretary James Mattis had made any assurances that the U.S. would not employ torture under Trump, an avowed torture supporter. But Sajjan, a former […]