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Senate doesn’t have the constitution to oust Don Meredith

Apr 6 2017 — Don Martin — Conventional wisdom has it that Senator Don Meredith will soon be tossed out the Senate door with a “good riddance” sticker on his back. His disgraceful stalking of a teenage girl, who eventually and reluctantly succumbed to a sexual relationship under the heavy sway of his honorable title, is toxic to a Senate trying to […]

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Pot penalties ahead of legalization could have long-term impact

Mar 30 2017 — Don Martin — Way back in the mid-1970s, when the first Trudeau government was dealing with a commission advocating marijuana decriminalization, I was busted for simple possession of pot while waiting to enter a high school dance. I tried to argue it wasn’t my dope, but nobody believed me – including the judge. But after a valiant legal […]

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Liberals try to rush rule changes to benefit themselves

Mar 23 2017 — Don Martin — Conservative bellyaching which insists the Trudeau government gets a coddled ride from an adoring media is invariably baseless and increasingly tiresome. But there are exceptions. Had the Harper government pushed to radically change the way the House of Commons operates in the same full-throttle way Liberals are rushing it forward now, thundering newspaper editorials would’ve […]

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Mexicans deported from U.S. planning to come to Canada

Mar 16 2017 — Don Martin — In a budget next week that’s dedicated to innovation, the federal government might want to set aside funds to fend off innovative immigration. About 4,000 kilometres southwest of Ottawa, migrant shelters line the Mexico border where, Reuters reports, many of those now being deported from Trump’s America are plotting a Canadian invasion. They’re telling reporters […]

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Kellie Leitch video a glimpse of politically tortured soul

Mar 2 2017 — Don Martin — During a 2004 Stephen Harper campaign pitstop in southwestern Ontario, an intensely earnest woman kept circling the media entourage making sure we were sufficiently impressed with the future prime minister’s speech. She stood out from the usual fan fanatics because she worked as a pediatric surgeon when not moonlighting as a political junkie. That was […]

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Anti-Islamophobia motion triggered warped overreaction

Feb 16 2017 — Don Martin — When it comes to expressing the will of Parliament, an MP-launched motion is the lowest Commons denominator. Sponsoring MPs are given a couple hours to generate greenhouse gases, which have no discernable impact on the House environment, which is invariably all but empty during the debate. But this week, an innocuous-sounding response to the Quebec […]

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Rona Ambrose’s vacation neutralizes attack on PM Trudeau

Feb 9 2017 — Don Martin — The rules are clear. Rona Ambrose did nothing technically wrong in yachting around the Caribbean last month with a billionaire buddy. So why does the Official Opposition leader act like she’s been caught playing golf in Florida with Donald Trump between Nordstrom shopping expeditions for Ivanka fashion wear? The normally cool, calculating yet charismatic interim […]

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The great divide when it comes to campaign promises

Feb 2 2017 — Don Martin — The Great Divide is the watershed weaving through the Rockies along Alberta’s border with British Columbia. But as this week unfolded, sharp contrasts on the political landscape continued to build a greater divide along Canada’s border with the U.S. In another among many polar opposites taking shape in the last two weeks, we now have […]

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Why the Liberals’ electoral reform promise will be broken

Jan 26 2017 — Don Martin — It may be a challenge, but stay awake for the next few minutes if you can. Let’s talk electoral reformzzzz. C’mon, stay with me here. It’s more important than Justin Trudeau’s private helicopter rides to visit his billionaire buddy or the latest bizarre Kellie Leitchism. It’s a key Liberal election promise to change the way […]

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Even Conservatives couldn’t bear to watch leadership debate

Jan 19 2017 — Don Martin — More than one Conservative MP told me they turned on the television Tuesday and, after a few minutes, clicked it off. It was the all-French debate for their party’s leadership and even they couldn’t bear to watch a bland and at times bitter hodge-podge of current and former MPs, many struggling in a language they […]


An extremely polarized fight to define the Conservative Party

Jan 5 2017 — Don Martin — The bonds have been straining for a year. Yesterday, the last traces of Conservative Party unity snapped. Ironically it fell to MP Lisa Raitt, the mostly-conciliatory former cabinet minister of many portfolios, to drive a wedge deep into the party. She unleashed uncharacteristic vitriol against probable rival Kevin O’Leary and ideological opposite Kellie Leitch. It […]

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Don Martin’s political predictions for 2017

Dec 15 2016 — Don Martin — With the MPs gone for the year, it’s time for my 2017 political predictions, safe in the knowledge everyone will have forgotten how wrong they were by this time next year. As many voters’ second choice on the preferential ballot, Maxime Bernier squeaks out a win in May’s Conservative leadership. It will be a hard […]