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Liberal support holds despite tax change attacks

Sep 20 2017 — Eric Grenier — The Liberals have come under fire for their proposed changes to the tax system from the opposition, small business owners, doctors and even members of their own caucus. But it’s had no impact on their standing in the polls. Instead, the Liberals are more popular today than they were on election day almost two years […]

Where the federal NDP leadership candidates stand on the issues

Sep 18 2017 — Eric Grenier — In the midst of one debate in the NDP’s 2012 leadership campaign, candidate Nathan Cullen noted that he was in “violent agreement” on policy with his rivals for the party’s top job. Five years and one Tom Mulcair later, not much has changed. But while the four contestants vying for the NDP leadership this time […]

Fewer kids, more seniors in low-income households: census

Sep 13 2017 — Eric Grenier — Canadians earned more in 2015 than they did in the previous 10 years, and fewer young children are living in low-income households, according to 2016 census data released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday. The numbers also indicate most Canadian households are saving for their retirement, more couples are contributing equally to their earnings, and the […]

Who’s backing whom in the NDP leadership race — and what that means

Sep 10 2017 — Eric Grenier — The four candidates for the leadership of the federal NDP are participating in the campaign’s last official debate in Vancouver on Sunday, little more than a week before voting begins. Many New Democrats, however, have already weighed in, throwing their weight behind one of the contestants for the job. Ontario MPP Jagmeet Singh still has […]

Conservative caucus meets in Winnipeg, a city the party needs to win back

Sep 7 2017 — Eric Grenier — The Conservatives lack seats in some of Canada’s largest cities. The party is holding its national caucus meeting this week in one of them to try to change that. Gathering in Winnipeg to plan strategy for the fall sitting of Parliament, the Conservative caucus is missing a few members from the Manitoban capital. The party […]

Canada united, America divided on NAFTA as negotiations begin

Aug 16 2017 — Eric Grenier — When talks to revise the North American Free Trade Agreement kick off Wednesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland will be negotiating on behalf of a country without any significant partisan split over the trade deal. That will not be the case for her American counterparts across the table. According to polls, an increasing majority of […]

Brad Wall’s departure highlights changing political landscape of Western Canada

Aug 11 2017 — Eric Grenier — Once it was western alienation. Now it’s western regeneration. Western Canada is in the midst of a significant changeover in its politics as Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, Canada’s longest-serving premier, makes room for someone else. Wall said Thursday renewal would be good for his province and his party. He has led Saskatchewan since 2007 and […]