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Some have no choice but to be vigilant in wake of Scheer’s election

May 30 2017 — Emma Teitel — Andrew Scheer, the newly elected leader of the Opposition in Ottawa, once described a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage as “abhorrent.” The only thing abhorrent about my same-sex wedding this past summer was that — well, actually there wasn’t anything abhorrent about it, as the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada would […]

Yes, I’m a millennial. No, I didn’t grow up with smartphones: Teitel

May 11 2017 — Emma Teitel — This week in news about everyone’s least favourite demographic (hint: they’re under 40, and word has it, they’re ingrates) we learned the following: According to Vogue, “Millennial men want their wives to stay at home.” According to the Washington Examiner, “Fights over Trump drive couples, especially millennials, to split up.” And, says Forbes: millennials are […]

Bill O’Reilly and the problem with cowgirl feminists

Apr 26 2017 — Emma Teitel — Bill O’Reilly, the American conservative pundit and author of several books including, Killing Reagan, Killing Lincoln and Killing Jesus may want to start writing a new tome: Killing my Career. O’Reilly, a veteran talk show host who once blasted the rapper, Ludacris, for “degrading women,” was sacked from his hosting job at Fox News last […]

Let’s be careful labelling politicians as evil

Oct 27 2016 — Emma Teitel — Hyperbole is as constant in politics as rubber chicken dinners. Candidates love to exaggerate their own achievements, but they really love to exaggerate the shortcomings of their opponents. They pretend their political foes are spawns of Satan and they conveniently forget to mention that not so long ago, they too shared many of the same […]

Don’t blame the media, blame Donald Trump

Oct 20 2016 — Emma Teitel — It doesn’t matter where you live: Donald Trump will find you. Not literally, of course. (Even if he is elected president of the United States next month, world domination is not likely in the cards for the Donald.) Rather, he will find you virtually, in your newsfeed and anywhere you browse online. The rabid Republican […]

Donald Trump’s a bully but Hillary Clinton’s no wimp

Sep 30 2016 — Emma Teitel — To say Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump isn’t fond of outspoken women would be an understatement grosser than the candidate himself. As we witnessed during the first U.S. presidential debate this week, the only things the Donald appears to loathe more than Daesh and taxes is competing against Democratic contender, Hillary Clinton, and laying eyes […]

MP Niki Ashton battling perceptions about millennials

Sep 14 2016 — Emma Teitel — Early last week, on a stormy evening in downtown Toronto, 34-year-old New Democrat MP Niki Ashton led a town hall discussion about “Precarious Work in the Millennial Generation.” Ashton, who represents the Manitoba riding of Churchill-Keewatinook Aski and is the NDP critic for jobs, employment, and workplace development, spoke to a group of about 40 […]

Trudeaus obviously comfortable in their own skin

Aug 9 2016 — Emma Teitel — First he emerged from a Quebec cave, like a Canadian prophet, smiling and shirtless. Then, only a few days later, he materialized on the shores of Tofino, B.C., an unforeseen and shirtless spectator at a beach wedding. I am referring, of course, to Justin Trudeau, our clothing-wary prime minister who has been showing a lot […]

Encouragement key component missing for would-be female politicians

Jul 3 2016 — Emma Teitel — Earlier this year, when Hillary Clinton “felt the Bern” (i.e. when she realized Bernie Sanders had an amazing talent for courting young voters), the two-time democratic presidential hopeful commissioned the help of a septuagenarian in her own camp: Madeleine Albright. Albright, 79, the first woman ever to serve as United States Secretary of State, was […]

Sincerity of Margaret Wente detractors in question

Apr 29 2016 — Emma Teitel — Margaret Wente — veteran conservative Globe and Mail columnist and venerable queen of “hate clicks” has plagiarized once again. We know this because artist and university professor Carol Wainio, also presumably Wente’s mortal enemy, exposed the columnist’s most recent journalistic sins this week on her blog Media Culpa. Wainio, you might remember, was responsible for […]

Trudeau yoga pose stories pose their own threat

Apr 2 2016 — Emma Teitel — We get it: Justin Trudeau is hot — not merely by the standards of politics (a low bar) but by every standard imaginable. He is both conventionally and strikingly handsome — a rare combination one usually beholds only among Disney princes and successful contestants on The Bachelorette. And what do you know: he does yoga […]

Trudeau’s attendance will be source of pride for parade-goers

Feb 25 2016 — Emma Teitel — Last summer at a popular gay pride event in Toronto where the city’s best drag performers regale hundreds of people in a public park, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne took the microphone to introduce newly elected Mayor John Tory. And the crowd — despite its natural bent toward the politics of Olivia Chow, and despite the […]