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Voting for Conservative leader: What would Stephen Harper do?

Jan 26 2017 — John Ibbitson — There’s a simple way to cull the field of candidates running for the Conservative leadership. Ask yourself: Who would Stephen Harper support? The Conservative Party is still Mr. Harper’s party. He initiated the union of the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties back in 2003. He has been its only permanent leader. The 100,000 or […]


Note to Conservatives: There is no future in Donald Trump Lite

Jan 16 2017 — John Ibbitson — To varying degrees, several candidates for the Conservative leadership seek to unravel the conservative coalition forged by Stephen Harper, hoping to replace it with a populist, nativist movement similar to the one that elected Donald Trump. Either they will fail and a Harper Conservative will win the leadership, or one will succeed, condemning the Conservative […]


Conservative Party’s fortunes hinge on immigration policy

Jan 7 2017 — John Ibbitson — The Conservative leadership campaign has become a debate over immigration. Resolving that debate could determine the party’s future. Because immigrants decide elections. In every campaign since 1968, with the single exception of 2006, the party that dominated the broad band of suburban ridings surrounding Toronto formed the government. Most of those ridings have large concentrations […]


Canada could end up caught in the crossfire of a Trump trade war

Jan 3 2017 — John Ibbitson — When Donald Trump rants against Mexico or China, he puts Canadian jobs at risk. Tuesday was particularly risky. By tweet-slagging GM for selling Mexican-made cars into the U.S., as the president-elect did Tuesday, and by appointing Robert Lighthizer, a China-basher, as United States trade representative, Mr. Trump reinforces his determination to bring American manufacturing jobs […]


The price Trudeau pays for failing to address cash-for-access scandal

Dec 16 2016 — John Ibbitson — The Trudeau government has suffered serious, sustained damage to its credibility, all because it ignored the Rhodes maxim. That is why you will long remember the cash-for-access fundraising scandal, even though you long ago forgot all about the Dionne affair. To explain: The Dionne quintuplets became an international sensation as soon as they were born, […]


Ottawa moves on plans for apology to those wronged over sexuality

Nov 15 2016 — John Ibbitson — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has placed Edmonton MP Randy Boissonnault in charge of defining the scope and nature of an apology and other acts to redress discrimination against sexual minorities in Canada, The Globe and Mail has learned. As well, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould will introduce legislation on Tuesday that will equalize the age of […]


Donald Trump’s calculated, crazy debate gamble

Oct 20 2016 — John Ibbitson — We’ve actually lived to see the day when a candidate for president, at a debate witnessed by tens of millions of viewers, would not promise to respect the result of the election. “I will look at it at the time,” Donald Trump said Wednesday, when asked by moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News whether he […]


Trump echoes the ravings of an anti-Semite

Oct 18 2016 — John Ibbitson — As his rage becomes more intense, Donald Trump’s words increasingly resemble the anti-Semitic ravings of Father Coughlin. Both men exploited the latest technology to foment ancient fears. The Radio Priest failed. So will Mr. Trump. Charles Edward Coughlin was Canada’s unhappiest export to the United States. Born in Hamilton and ordained in Toronto, he moved […]


Tale of the tape trumps mudslinging debate

Oct 10 2016 — John Ibbitson — The second presidential debate, brutal and degrading though it was, felt almost anticlimactic, even after Donald Trump vowed that he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton if he were elected president. Mr. Trump won’t be president. A campaign that was already in eclipse is in collapse, thanks to Friday’s release of a […]