National Newswatch

The sesquicentennial challenge

Jun 21 2017 — John Milloy — Being only a toddler in 1967, I have no direct memories of our centennial. As I grew up, however, I frequently heard what a remarkable year it had been for Canada.  The constant playing of my parents’ copy of Bobby Gimby’s Canada song, with its earworm-inducing tune and lyrics, only helped to reinforce the fact […]

Hey Jagmeet, are you sure you really want to try this?

Jun 7 2017 — John Milloy — I didn’t know Jagmeet Singh very well when we sat together in the Ontario Legislature but it is quite apparent that he is a thoughtful and talented politician who will add much to the federal NDP leadership race. It’s hard, however, not to feel a little sorry for anyone wanting to leave the relative straightforwardness of Queen’s […]

Why has the Canada Summer Jobs Program become mired in politics?

Apr 26 2017 — John Milloy — Have you heard about the controversy surrounding the federal government’s summer jobs program and abortion? Yes, you heard me right — summer jobs and abortion. It’s hard to think of something as controversial as abortion being linked to something as inoffensive as the Canada Summer Jobs Program that offers employers wage subsidies to hire students. […]

An MP’s changing world of work

Mar 29 2017 — John Milloy — The world of work is changing for most people. For Canadian politicians, the question of how it might change is especially perplexing because it’s not obvious what they are doing right now. What are the duties and responsibilities of the people we elect to Parliament in Ottawa and to the legislatures in our provincial and […]

Let’s give faith a seat at the political table

Mar 3 2017 — John Milloy — Let me make an argument you don’t hear every day: Religion has a lot to offer our political system. Of course, many Canadians will disagree. To them religion and politics are a dangerous mix, evoking visions of Bible-thumping American politicians ramming conservative views down voters’ throats. Yes, faith can be used to exclude people from […]

Trudeau must try to push Trump on climate change

Feb 22 2017 — John Milloy — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed to handle his recent visit with President Donald Trump extremely well.  Friendly, but not effusive, he focused on trade and avoided controversial issues. He skated around Trump’s travel ban, refrained from mentioning Nordstrom and certainly avoided subjects like climate change. Remember climate change? Remember the simple fact that our planet […]

Note to Patrick Brown: Religion and Politics Can Mix

Feb 8 2017 — John Milloy — Do religion and politics ever mix well? Does the current civil war within the Ontario PC Party, between social conservatives and everyone else, not demonstrate that faith should be checked at the door before entering the political arena? There certainly seems a lot of evidence to support that view. On the one side, you have […]

Note to Meryl Streep: Being smug ain’t the answer

Feb 1 2017 — John Milloy — Like many Canadians, I enjoyed watching Meryl Streep go after Donald Trump during her recent Golden Globe speech. There was one part, however, that bugged me. If you recall, she began by noting that the room was full of the press, Hollywood types and “outsiders and foreigners.” In an obvious reference to the anti-elite sentiment […]

The next stage of the assisted dying debate is underway. Who knew?

Jan 18 2017 — John Milloy — Are there circumstances where assisted suicide should be among the range of options available to someone dealing with serious mental health issues? Should we routinely euthanize people with diseases like Alzheimer’s based upon their advance wishes? Are there times when mature kids and teenagers should be able to get a doctor’s help to die? No, […]

Believe it or not, the Auditor General is not perfect

Jan 4 2017 — John Milloy — Having retired from elected life and now teaching in a seminary, I am familiar with discussions about God. God is perfect and all knowing, we are told, while humanity is flawed and prone to errors. Although I hate contradicting my theologically trained colleagues, I often point out the inaccuracy of this description. There is a […]

Christmas Movies, Authenticity and Public Policy

Dec 21 2016 — John Milloy — One of the best ways to understand a particular society’s values is to watch its movies and television shows, with the Christmas season providing a windfall of insight. For many, Christmas would not be complete without watching the 1946 classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. For the eight people who haven’t seen the movie, it’s the […]