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So what happened with the House rules fight this week? A recap

Apr 7 2017 — Kady O'Malley — Have you lost track of the ongoing House-wide dispute over the government’s efforts to rewrite the rules of the House of Commons over the objections of the opposition parties? Here’s a recap of what went down this week. MONDAY It’s fair to say that those of us who showed up to watch the procedure and […]

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Ask Kady Anything: Secret committees and by-election monkey business

Apr 6 2017 — Kady O'Malley — So, full disclosure: As soon as I saw this question, I moved it to the top of this week’s to-find-out-about list, because I, too, had been idly wondering about the present status of this particular campaign pledge. A bit of backstory, for those not (yet) fascinated by the inner workings of the parliamentary precinct: The […]

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Ask Kady Anything: In defense of the Senate

Mar 30 2017 — Kady O'Malley — First off, a disclosure that likely won’t come as a shock to anyone who has ever read/seen/heard any of my rantings and/or ravings on the subject over the years: I have long been, and steadfastly remain, a staunch defender of the Senate, both in theory and in practice — and no, not because I’m hoping […]

Parliament Hill pictured in Ottawa on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. iPolitics/Matthew Usherwood

A bluffer’s guide to the House rules debate

Mar 24 2017 — Kady O'Malley — Okay, so what’s the issue here? Why is everyone so angry all of a sudden? In a nutshell: The Liberal government’s apparent readiness to proceed with a major rewrite of the House of Commons rulebook, even if it means using its majority power to do so over the explicit, abject objections of the opposition parties, […]

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Why Conservatives need to shake up their leadership debates

Feb 25 2017 — Kady O'Malley — Well, let’s start with the positive: the Manning Centre organizers kept their promise to deliver a “unique” debate experience, at least in contrast to the majority of the fourteen-wide face-offs that have characterized the race so far. Instead of lining the stage from curtain to curtain with candidates, they drew names from a hat and […]

Preston Manning looks on as Alberta Premier Jim Prentice (not pictured) speaks during the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa on Friday, March 6, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Manning Manifests: What to expect from Day One

Feb 24 2017 — Kady O'Malley — Good morning, ManningFest enthusiasts, curiosity-seekers and anyone else with a hankering for a vicarious crawl through the biggest annual non-party-organized C/conservative gathering in Canada! As promised, I’ll be filing updates from the floor throughout the day.