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Irving concerned ‘speed of decision-making’ in Ottawa will add to shipbuilding gap

Mar 28 2017 — Murray Brewster — Federal officials are examining an unofficial proposal to extend construction of the Arctic offshore patrol ships to keep the Irving-owned Halifax Shipyard operating until the navy is ready to start building replacement frigates, CBC News has learned. The discussions, according to several sources, have been quietly going on for months and involve adding two light […]


Canada may yet have peacekeeping boots on the ground in 2017

Mar 26 2017 — Murray Brewster — The Liberal government has yet to formally serve notice to the United Nations that it’s ready to join international peacekeeping operations — something Prime Minister Justin Trudeau downplayed on Saturday. He insisted Canada might still have boots on the ground in 2017, which would head off a major embarrassment given that Canada is hosting a […]


Canada’s CF-18s to fly 2 NATO overseas missions in 2017

Mar 25 2017 — Murray Brewster — A flight of six CF-18 jet fighters will soon depart for Iceland in one of two overseas missions this year in a show of solidarity with NATO allies. Coming out of last year’s Warsaw Summit, the Trudeau government committed to deploying an air task force as part of a range of measures meant to check […]


Canada, NATO attempt to define boundaries of response to cyberattacks

Mar 22 2017 — Murray Brewster — Military planners in both Ottawa and Brussels are wrestling with the notion that keystrokes are as much of a threat as Kalashnikovs in this summer’s deployment of the Canadian-led NATO battle group to Latvia. They are weighing how to respond to a significant cyberattack on the Baltic nation, one that would target civilian, rather than […]


Canadian military works to iron out challenges ahead of Latvia deployment

Mar 21 2017 — Murray Brewster — Some NATO allies are calling it “Noah’s Ark.” The description of the Canadian-led battle group being assembled in Latvia this summer is more than just a cheeky reference to the disparate collection of nations that make up the force of 1,500 heavily-armoured troops. It underlines some of the very real challenges military planners face, including […]

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Wounded soldiers to get higher payments as Liberals hedge on pension promise

Mar 17 2017 — Murray Brewster — Next week’s federal budget will re-iterate the Liberal government’s campaign promise of returning to injured veterans to a system of lifetime pensions, government sources told CBC News on Friday. But there will be no dollar figures attached to the assurance in Wednesday’s fiscal plan — something the sources say will change later this year. The […]


Bureaucratic reflex to ‘overclassify’ info blamed for bottleneck of useful data

Mar 17 2017 — Murray Brewster — The reluctance of Canada’s intelligence and federal policing agencies to share information with the country’s business community is a national security weakness that needs to be addressed, says a recently published report. The Conference Board of Canada analysis is based on a survey conducted among corporate security professionals across the country, who give federal agencies […]


DND leak investigation started under Tories, expanded under Liberals

Mar 15 2017 — Murray Brewster — The RCMP has been conducting a secret, wide-ranging investigation for many months into a series of leaks involving classified cabinet papers, decisions and other sensitive information — a high-stakes probe that’s not only targeted the country’s second-highest military commander, but additional unnamed suspects, CBC News has learned. Multiple sources tell CBC News the hunt for […]

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Liberals put Super Hornet purchase plan in writing

Mar 14 2017 — Murray Brewster — The Trudeau government has formally asked Washington to facilitate the sole-source purchase of a handful of Super Hornet jet fighters for the air force. Public Works and Procurement Services, in a statement, said a letter of request was submitted to the U.S. Department of Defence on Monday that outlined Canada’s requirements, capabilities, schedule and expected […]


No Canadian compensation for families of Gurkhas killed in Kabul blast

Mar 13 2017 — Murray Brewster — Global Affairs Canada was left scrambling last year to find another private security firm to stand watch over the embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, after a suicide bombing claimed the lives of 13 Nepalese Gurkhas, federal documents show. The attack, which was believed to have been carried out by a shadowy group affiliated with ISIS, also […]


Navy’s mishandling of classified documents spawns series of investigations

Feb 28 2017 — Murray Brewster — The Canadian military conducted almost a dozen formal internal investigations into the “loss or compromise” of classified information during a six year period, and over half of them involved the navy, internal defence department data shows. The handling — or mishandling — of secrets was a growing concern among the top brass and civilian leadership […]