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Liberals’ reverse discrimination comes at a cost

Jun 11 2017 — Margaret Wente — Kirsty Duncan, Justin Trudeau’s Science Minister, is on the rampage against Canada’s leading universities. She’s told them to improve diversity – or else. Unless they meet their gender quotas for new research chairs, the federal government will yank their funding. Despite a decade of concerted hectoring, Canada’s most prestigious researchers are still too non-Indigenous, too […]

B.C. lobs a bombshell at Mr. Trudeau

Jun 3 2017 — Margaret Wente — Sometimes the universe unfolds as it should. And sometimes, when you least expect it, the wheels fall off. The wheels fell off for Justin Trudeau this week. Just when he thought this pipeline mess had finally been resolved, along came Andrew Weaver to mess it up again. Mr. Weaver, the leader of B.C.’s Green Party, […]

Andrew Scheer’s best weapon: He’s relatable

May 29 2017 — Margaret Wente — Andrew Scheer is a relatable guy. It’s his best feature. The new Conservative Leader is even more relatable than Justin Trudeau, who’s so handsome and so buff that he could star in a Hugo Boss ad. Mr. Scheer, on the other hand, reminds you of the guy next door at the backyard barbeque. His suits […]

Don’t exhale just yet. France is still deeply divided

Apr 24 2017 — Margaret Wente — France has dodged a bullet. A fresh, young, pro-European Union candidate has beaten off the forces of reaction and will almost certainly win the election for the presidency. What a relief! The stock markets are happy. The Eurocrats are happy. The EU is safe, for now. Well, don’t relax just yet. The real news is […]

Trudeau needs to have a Merkel moment

Feb 27 2017 — Margaret Wente — In August, 2015, a young Somali man named Yahya Samatar jumped into the Red River and swam to Canada. He arrived wet and shivering, with nothing but the clothes on his back. “I’m really feeling like I’m at home – the hospitality I have met in the Canadian people,” he told the CBC.

Justin Trudeau and the 99 per cent

Jan 9 2017 — Margaret Wente — It’s minus 13 C on an Ontario Sunday morning, and the Tim Hortons up at Highway 9, handily located between Orangeville and Shelburne, is doing brisk business. A steady stream of folks in SUVs and F-150s make their way to the drive-through window to collect their breakfast sandwiches and double-doubles. Their heavy parkas come from […]

Ontario’s plan: destroy jobs, save the planet

Jan 4 2017 — Margaret Wente — Here in clean, green Ontario, where the ambitions of our government know no bounds, a bright new year has dawned. Gasoline is likely to rise by 4.3 cents a litre. Your hydro bill is going up. You’ll pay more for natural gas, too. But don’t feel blue. You are helping save the planet. All of […]

Trudeau’s pipeline dreams – and nightmares

Dec 5 2016 — Margaret Wente — If you want to see what the future has in store for Justin Trudeau’s pipeline dreams, just head to North Dakota. On a frigid stretch of prairie, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is waging an epic battle to stop an oil pipeline near its traditional lands. The protest has attracted a swelling tent city of […]

Justin Trudeau’s man crush on Fidel

Nov 28 2016 — Margaret Wente — Justin Trudeau’s man crush on Fidel Castro is making news around the world – and not in a good way. The headlines are painful. “Justin Trudeau ridiculed over praise of ‘remarkable leader,’ ” said the Guardian. “Trudeau’s Castro tribute raises eyebrows,” said CNN. “Twitter imagined what he would say about Stalin,” mocked The Washington Post.

The world’s most reckless president

Nov 9 2016 — Margaret Wente — The world is stunned. How could this be possible? Nobody saw it coming. Not the pundits, not the pollsters, not the wisest minds in the nation. The Republicans didn’t expect it either. The party establishment had all but written off Donald Trump and were scrambling just to save the furniture. His campaign insiders had all […]

Trudeau and the millennials: The love-in won’t last

Oct 29 2016 — Margaret Wente — Canada’s millennials have a crush on Justin Trudeau, and the feeling is mutual. The Prime Minister’s values align with their values. He embodies all their hopes and dreams – for the environment, for social justice, for gender and racial diversity and equality. He has shaken off the tyranny of the boomers and embraced everything that […]

Justin Trudeau: climate denier?

Sep 27 2016 — Margaret Wente — Bill McKibben is on the warpath. The famous anti-Keystone activist has seen the future, and it’s even worse than he suspected. Climate change is speeding up. In order to prevent catastrophic global warming, we have to stop drilling new oil fields, building pipelines and digging coal mines – right now. “Given the new math,” he […]