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Former Sally Ann executive found guilty of selling donations to black market

Apr 28 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — A former Salvation Army executive diverted truckloads of donations received by the charity to the black market as part of scheme to make money, a Toronto court has ruled. David Rennie was found guilty this week of six charges related to the setup, including fraud, theft and trafficking in stolen goods, though he was cleared of […]

Highlights of the Ontario budget unveiled Thursday

Apr 27 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — Ontario's finance minister delivered the province's fiscal plan Thursday, the government's first balanced budget in a decade. Here are the highlights: ____ PHARMACARE FOR YOUTH More than 4,400 prescription drugs will be free for anyone under 25 starting next year under the province's new pharmacare program. The program, dubbed OHIP+, is meant to […]

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High drama as firefighters rescue woman atop crane in downtown Toronto

Apr 26 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — A woman who spent hours suspended high above a construction site after scaling a crane in downtown Toronto was rescued Wednesday morning by being strapped to a rappelling firefighter and lowered to the ground as dozens watched in suspense from below. Cheers erupted from the crowd of onlookers as the pair's feet hit the […]

Lawsuit alleges people with developmental disabilities denied necessary services

Apr 24 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — A northeastern Ontario family has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the Ontario government over what it alleges are unreasonable wait lists that effectively deny people with developmental disabilities the care they need. Marc Leroux of Timmins, Ont., launched the suit earlier this month on behalf of his 19-year-old daughter, Briana Leroux, who court documents […]

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Some sex assault complainants turning to human rights tribunal to seek change

Apr 23 2017 — Paola Loriggio — The challenges of criminally prosecuting sexual assault cases have some complainants turning to human rights tribunals in an effort to bring about systemic change and seek restitution. The latest case involves a complaint by a woman against the University of Toronto that was filed with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario earlier this month. Tamsyn Riddle alleged that after […]

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‘Prince of Pot’ and his wife denounce crackdown on marijuana users

Apr 21 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — Canada's self-proclaimed "Prince of Pot" and his wife say they shouldn't be facing criminal charges when the federal government has promised to make marijuana legal next year. Marc and Jodie Emery railed against what they described as an ongoing police crackdown on marijuana users after making a brief appearance in court on drug-related charges. Speaking outside court, Jodie […]

Federal government to test name-blind hiring for public service

Apr 20 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — The federal government will be testing whether hiding the names of job applicants would improve its hiring practices, in what it calls an effort to strengthen diversity and inclusion in the public service. The Public Service Commission of Canada project, unveiled Thursday at Toronto's Ryerson University, will compare the results of traditional screening methods with name-blind recruitment. […]

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Toronto police union wants Pride funding pulled after floats banned

Apr 20 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — The union representing Toronto's police officers is urging the city to pull an annual grant to Canada's largest Pride parade after the event banned police floats. In an open letter released by the union Wednesday, a committee representing LGBTQ officers in the force said it would be unacceptable for the city to give the roughly $260,000 grant to an […]

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Subway files defamation suit against CBC over reports

Apr 19 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — Subway has filed a defamation lawsuit against the CBC over reports the sandwich chain alleges have caused it to suffer significant sales losses. In a statement of claim filed with a Toronto court earlier this month, Subway takes issue with television and online reports as well as tweets published by the broadcaster, which it alleges were […]

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Supreme Court will not hear Shafia’s appeal in family killings

Apr 13 2017 — Paola Loriggio — OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear the case of a man convicted of murdering his three sisters and another woman. Hamed Shafia had sought leave to appeal to the court, arguing that new evidence showing he was a youth at the time of the deaths should not have been dismissed. As is its practice, the […]

Father and stepmom convicted of killing teen girl lose appeal

Apr 12 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — An Ontario couple found guilty of first-degree murder in the brutal beating of the man's teenage daughter has lost a bid to have their convictions overturned. Fedrick and Elizabeth Gayle had each appealed their June 2013 convictions in the killing of 15-year-old Tiffany Gayle, saying the judge overseeing their trial had made mistakes with respect to certain rulings and […]

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No bail for Canadian accused in Yahoo hack after judge criticizes parents

Apr 12 2017 — Paola Loriggio — HAMILTON — A Canadian accused in a massive hack of Yahoo emails was denied bail on Tuesday after the judge rejected his parents as supervisors and found he had both the incentive and the means to seek refuge abroad. After all, Ontario Superior Court Justice Alan Whitten said in his decision, Karim Baratov's parents had come to live […]

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Masters-style green jacket bought for C$5 in Toronto sells for US$139K

Apr 11 2017 — Paola Loriggio — The mystery surrounding an authentic green jacket from Augusta National Golf Club that was once bought for C$5 at a Toronto thrift store likely stoked the enthusiasm of collectors and drove its sale at auction for more than US$139,000, the auction house said Monday. Green Jacket Auctions said the distinctive sport coat worn by members of the […]

Canadian-Syrian group expresses surprise, relief at U.S. airstrikes on Syria

Apr 7 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — A major Canadian-Syrian community group expressed surprise and relief Friday over airstrikes carried out by the U.S. in Syria, saying the move sparked hope that a turning point may have been reached in the country's conflict. Faisal Alazem, a spokesman for the Syrian Canadian Council, said Thursday's missile strike was long overdue in light of the crimes against humanity perpetrated […]

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Ontario man charged with trying to join a terror group denies allegations:lawyer

Apr 6 2017 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — The lawyer for a man accused of leaving Canada to join Islamic State militants said Thursday that her client wasn't involved in any such plan and intends to fight the charge in court. Rishma Gupta said Pamir Hakimzadah, 27, is stunned by the allegations against him. "He's OK, he's kind of shocked by these charges, he's upset," Gupta said […]