National Newswatch

Toronto’s election-sign rules up for revision — next year

Aug 28 2014 — Brian Platt — They’re the most prominent part of any municipal election: the thousands upon thousands of election signs that sprout like weeds across the city for a few weeks. But an attempt to mitigate the $200,000-plus cost of managing them — Toronto estimates it takes 30 full-time staff just to deal with sign complaints — was derailed […]

Ontario’s battle over 3-litre milk jugs on grocery shelves

Jul 28 2014 — Brian Platt — A spat over milk containers is souring relations between dairy farmers and manufacturers. For months, Ontario’s milk bureaucracy has been battling over whether you should be able to buy 3 litres of milk in the grocery store. On one side are the milk processors, represented by the Ontario Dairy Council, who want to open up […]