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Could the Ontario government actually lose money selling pot?

Sep 12 2017 — Robyn Urback — Is it possible that the Ontario government will be the only entity in the history of civilization to actually lose money selling drugs? Perhaps “only” is an exaggeration. We all knew that dealer in high school who smoked more than he sold, leaving him ultimately in the red. Or that guy whose mom found his […]

It makes zero sense to be a Canadian Trump supporter

Sep 8 2017 — Robyn Urback — You might spot them in gas stations in Vernon, B.C., shopping malls in Saskatoon and wandering university campuses in Calgary. They are Canadian by nationality but identify with American patriots, donning a uniform of khaki shorts, T-shirts and #MAGA hats. Generally speaking, these individuals find nourishment in the reactions of their horrified peers, and burrow […]

There is no moral equivalency when it comes to neo-Nazi white supremacy

Aug 14 2017 — Robyn Urback — The “whataboutism” was strong in the aftermath of the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., that left three people dead and dozens more injured after one young neo-Nazi — inspired by ISIS tactics, I guess — decided to ram his car into a crowd of counter-protesters before trying to sneak away from the scene like […]

Duffy — is that you? Alberta MLA carts out senator’s defence to brush off criticism of sublet

Aug 11 2017 — Robyn Urback — “$2,555 over 8 months letting out my Edmonton home while unused,” tweeted Alberta MLA Derek Fildebrandt Thursday morning, responding to reports he has been renting out his taxpayer-subsidized Edmonton condo on Airbnb. “I won’t let smear distract from real issues.” You said it, Derek! Let’s get back to talking about the real issues: government waste, […]

No, [insert stupid partisan attack] will not derail NAFTA negotiations

Jul 28 2017 — Robyn Urback — Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that might jeopardize Canada’s NAFTA negotiations with the U.S.: President Donald Trump’s horoscope; too much time between lunch courses, an Alex Jones “exclusive” on mind-controlling pheromones in Canadian softwood lumber, the colour of Ambassador David MacNaughton’s tie and/or a dog with a distractingly pouffy tail wandering around the […]

Trudeau’s silence on Payette’s expunged assault charge shows double standard

Jul 20 2017 — Robyn Urback — Until artificial intelligence progresses to the point where intelligent machines take over our Westminster system (yes, I’m scared, too), we will continue to appoint flawed humans to important government posts. Some of these people will come with pasts more fraught than others, but show me a closet without a skeleton and chances are there’s a […]

Don’t change O Canada. Just replace it with the theme song from Cheers

Jun 23 2017 — Robyn Urback — This is a plea, of sorts, to end the most insignificant and simultaneously overblown debate to occupy both houses of Canada’s Parliament in recent memory. For over a year (actually, it’s been longer than that, but over a year for this round of debate), the stewards of our democracy — the great leaders of our […]

Take it from the Republican faithful — Trump’s not a liar, just an idiot

Jun 9 2017 — Robyn Urback — The White House snapped into damage-control mode as the testimony of former FBI director James Comey wrapped up on Thursday. Now, this wasn’t just any old Senate intelligence committee hearing: reporters lined winding corridors, people set up viewing parties and bars even opened early to take in the testimony of the guy unceremoniously fired by […]

Kellie Leitch’s problem now is that you only get one tearful apology

May 29 2017 — Robyn Urback — There were 12 people who didn’t win the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada this past weekend, but arguably only one loser. Kellie Leitch’s once-roaring campaign puttered past the finish line Saturday night with an embarrassing seventh place showing after the first ballot. It managed to hang on until the ninth round, at which […]

The media should know better but we keep falling for Trudeau’s PR

May 25 2017 — Robyn Urback — There’s an adage in politics that nothing happens by accident. While the current White House administration seems to be doing its damnedest to disprove that principle (Hold up — I *wasn’t* supposed to tell the Russians about classified intel we got from Israel?), in normal political ecosystems it is still, by and large, true. Leaks […]