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Ukraine seeks weapons from Ottawa to help fend off Russia-backed rebels

May 19 2017 — Steven Chase — A top Ukrainian politician visited Ottawa Thursday to renew a request for defensive weapons to fend off Russia-backed rebels and ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government for help shoring up support for Kiev both within the Trump administration and among other Group of Seven countries. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, 43, resigned as Ukraine’s prime minister last year […]

Trudeau government calls on Russia to end support for Syria’s al-Assad

Apr 11 2017 — Steven Chase — The Trudeau government is bluntly calling on the Russian government to stop backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in light of a chemical-weapons attack by Damascus against civilians last week, saying Moscow should decide whether it wants to remain aligned with a “murderous regime” that kills its own people. The Liberals are also sharpening their call […]

Liberal green light for Chinese takeover deal a turning point for Canada: experts

Mar 29 2017 — Steven Chase — The Trudeau government’s decision to approve a Chinese takeover deal originally rejected in 2015 as too risky for national security marks a significant shift in Canada’s approach to Beijing, and may encourage China to invest more heavily in cutting-edge Canadian firms that might have been considered off-limits before, experts say. Hong Kong-based O-Net Technology Group […]

Liberals reverse course on Chinese takeover of Montreal high-tech firm

Mar 28 2017 — Steven Chase — The Trudeau government has approved a Chinese takeover of a Montreal high-tech firm, a deal that national-security agencies had warned Ottawa in 2015 would undermine a technological edge that Western militaries have over China. Hong Kong-based O-Net Communications announced on Monday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet had given it the green light to acquire […]

No pledge to create new Canadian health care jobs in Chinese takeover

Feb 23 2017 — Steven Chase — The Trudeau government came under fire on Wednesday for its decision to allow a Beijing conglomerate with ties to powerful families in China to gain a foothold in Canada’s health-care system despite a murky ownership structure. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended letting Anbang Insurance buy a retirement-home chain that is British Columbia’s highest-billing provider of […]

Ottawa approves sale of B.C. retirement-home chain to Chinese group with murky ownership

Feb 22 2017 — Steven Chase — The Trudeau government has green-lighted the sale of one of British Columbia’s biggest retirement home chains to a Beijing-based insurance titan with a murky ownership structure in a deal that gives China a foothold in Canada’s health-care sector. On paper, a majority stake in Vancouver-based Retirement Concepts – believed to exceed $1-billion in value – […]

NDP asks election watchdogs to probe Liberal donation reports

Feb 15 2017 — Steven Chase — The NDP is asking federal watchdogs to investigate a series of individual contributions to the governing Liberal Party where the amounts recorded in quarterly financial filings with Elections Canada exceed donation limits under Canadian law. NDP ethics critic Nathan Cullen has written a letter to Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer and the Commissioner of Canada Elections […]

Ottawa accused of appeasing China with second review of takeover deal

Jan 24 2017 — Steven Chase — The Trudeau government is being accused of bowing to Beijing by cancelling a cabinet order to break up a Chinese takeover of a Montreal high-tech firm despite warnings from national security agencies that the deal would undermine a technological edge Western militaries have over China. The Liberal government recently set aside a Harper government decision […]

CSIS, Defence warned Ottawa on China laser technology deal

Jan 23 2017 — Steven Chase — National-security agencies counselled Ottawa against allowing a Chinese firm to take over a Montreal high-tech company, warning it would undermine a technological edge that Western militaries have over China, The Globe and Mail has learned. “If the technology is transferred, China would be able to domestically-produce advanced-military laser technology to Western standards sooner than would […]

Liberals reverse Harper cabinet order to unwind Chinese takeover deal

Jan 10 2017 — Steven Chase — The Trudeau government has cancelled a cabinet order by the previous Harper government that would have forced a Chinese electronics company to abandon its takeover of a Montreal-based high-tech firm because of concerns the deal could harm national security. Instead, in a decision that suggests a different approach to Chinese investment, the Liberal government has […]

Russia urges Canada keep NATO soldiers out of Latvia

Dec 21 2016 — Steven Chase — Russia’s ambassador to Canada says the upcoming NATO deployment in Latvia – that Canadian soldiers will lead to deter Moscow’s aggression in eastern Europe – will be bad for regional security and an unwise diversion of resources from fighting the biggest menace: terrorism. Alexander Darchiev’s comments follow high-profile terror attacks Monday in which an assassin […]

Saudi arms deal heads to court in test over Dion’s authority

Dec 19 2016 — Steven Chase — The federal government is defending its decision to export combat vehicles to Saudi Arabia by arguing in court that the Canadian Foreign Minister has such broad authority to green-light weapons shipments he could allow deliveries even if there was a real risk they could be used to commit human-rights violations. The government finds itself on […]