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More than a quarter of TV subscribers mulling cable-cutting, study says

Jun 14 2017 — Sophia Harris — Many cable or satellite TV customers are considering canceling their subscriptions, according to a new survey by market research firm J.D. Power. The 2017 survey of 9,308 Canadian TV customers found that 27 per cent are mulling cutting the TV cord. Of those, 19 per cent say they’re on the fence, and eight per cent […]

More TV streaming services join U.S. market, leaving Canada far behind

Mar 26 2017 — Sophia Harris — YouTube’s announcement that it will soon launch an online TV streaming service cut deep for some Canadians. That’s because it’s not coming here. YouTube TV will offer more than 40 live TV channels for only $35 US a month. The service joins a long list of low-cost streaming options available in the U.S. but not […]

Ivanka Trump brand claims sales are booming despite boycott

Mar 9 2017 — Sophia Harris — Despite a widespread boycott of stores carrying Ivanka Trump merchandise, the company in charge of the brand says sales are soaring. “Since the beginning of February, they were some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand,” Abigail Klem, president of the Ivanka Trump collection, said in a statement to CBC News. […]

Trump brand boycott gets louder with plans to protest Ivanka’s line at the Bay

Feb 23 2017 — Sophia Harris — A group of women plan to dress up as caricatures of U.S. President Donald Trump and stage a protest this weekend at two Hudson’s Bay stores in the Toronto area. Their aim is to convince the Canadian-based department store to stop selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories. The protesters call themselves the “Peeved Beavers.” “Beavers” […]

CRTC tells dissatisfied TV customers to ‘demand better’ and shop around

Dec 11 2016 — Sophia Harris — The CRTC wants Canadians to know that they “have choices” when it comes to their TV services. And if they don’t like their current TV plan, they should “demand better” and shop around. To assist consumers, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has posted a series of shopping tips on its website. Advice includes speaking […]

‘Ridiculous’: Customers disappointed by new pick and pay TV

Dec 1 2016 — Sophia Harris — The CRTC-mandated $25 skinny basic TV packages introduced earlier this year didn’t exactly wow Canadians. And it appears Phase 2 of the unbundling of our television offerings — individual pick and pay channels — might also disappoint. “Am I allowed to laugh?” said Gilda Spitz when asked for her reaction to the prices for the […]

Legit ways to save money on your TV, phone and internet bills

Nov 27 2016 — Sophia Harris — The CRTC wants Canadians to know that if they don’t like their cable TV deal, they should shop around. The broadcast regulator is even offering an online guide on how to do so. It also pays to shop around for phone and internet service. There are a growing number of choices out there, including smaller […]

CRTC warns cable companies how to behave following $25 basic TV outrage

Nov 22 2016 — Sophia Harris — After facing numerous complaints about the new $25 skinny basic TV packages, the CRTC has come up with a number of “best practices” for how cable companies “should” behave. And just to make sure they pay attention, the CRTC has also announced it’s renewing most TV providers’ broadcast licences for only one short year rather […]

Netflix hammers cross-border watchers and there may be no way out

Oct 16 2016 — Sophia Harris — Netflix may be emerging victor in its declared war on virtual border hoppers. “I’d say that they have won,” concludes Toronto tech analyst Patrick O’Rourke. He’s making the call because numerous unblocking companies that once declared they would never surrender, now appear to be retreating in defeat. “It seems like most of these companies have […]

Shomi hadn’t much hope with Netflix already in the living room

Sep 28 2016 — Sophia Harris — Streaming services have been touted as the future, the top option for the growing number of disgruntled cable customers who have cut the cord and seek alternatives. So at first glance it may come as a surprise that Canadian streaming service Shomi has already bit the dust. It’s shutting down in late November after a […]