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NGOs tell UN panel Canada is failing on racism

Aug 14 2017 — Shree Paradkar — Every day when I read news from around the world, I have occasion to feel thankful to be in Canada. Yet, I was surprised this weekend to hear many Canadians, revolted by the events unfolding in Charlottesville, Va., say: At least we’re not as bad. In reality, our history, too, involves slavery, indentured labour, brutal […]

The ‘many sides’ of injustice in Charlottesville riot

Aug 13 2017 — Shree Paradkar — This is it, then. We can officially drop the pretence of equality after violent protests by white supremacists, “heritage” groups, neo-Nazis, KKK members and armed white terrorists slammed that charade this weekend. Their deadly brand of racism was effectively endorsed by the United States president when he failed to call out supremacists, anti-Semites, xenophobes and […]

Google manifesto writer should not have been fired

Aug 10 2017 — Shree Paradkar — Google gave its employee James Damore the axe this week. Figuratively speaking, should it have, instead, killed him softly with its love? Damore, whom we will be hearing more about in the coming days as the newest face of white supremacy, is reportedly considering suing the tech giant for wrongful dismissal. An internal memo he […]

From Down Under to Far North, the threads that bind Indigenous peoples

Jul 27 2017 — Shree Paradkar — It’s a celebration, this conference on education, for which some 2,700 Indigenous people from around the world have gathered in Toronto. You might notice them around the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Or, you might not. “There’s no ‘Made on Reserve’ stamp on our forehead,” says Dr. Verna Billy-Minnabarriet, a B.C. educator and vice-president of the […]

I was white until I came to Canada

Jun 30 2017 — Shree Paradkar — They were innovators, scientists and mathematicians. They held a monopoly over knowledge, land ownership, intellectual professions, social institutions and political authority. They dominated society by setting the rules for the default standards of language, of behaviour, of customs and traditions. Sound familiar? They are my ancestors, from where I come as a middle-class, upper-caste Indian, […]

You don’t have to hate police to agree with BLM

Jun 26 2017 — Shree Paradkar — They came. They saw. They disrupted. Black Lives Matter, whose inspired protest against police in uniform last year brought Toronto Pride to a crashing halt and anti-Black racism among police to the forefront, found their message amplified across North America this year. Other chapters of the Black Lives Matter group protested Pride in various cities: […]