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John McCallum ‘excited’ to be next ambassador to China

Jan 11 2017 — Susan Lunn — John McCallum says making the move from immigration minister to ambassador to China isn’t as big a leap as people might think. He pointed to his wife, who is Chinese, and to constituents in his Markham-Thornhill riding, many of whom are also of Chinese descent. “So in my personal life, in my work life, and […]


Andrew Scheer to enter Conservative leadership race tomorrow

Sep 27 2016 — Susan Lunn — Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer will declare his candidacy for the leadership of the Conservative Party tomorrow. The former Speaker of the House of Commons stepped down earlier this month from his role as Opposition House leader in order to get ready for his leadership bid. He’s called a press conference for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in […]


Health minister vows to do more than just ‘open the federal wallet’

Sep 27 2016 — Susan Lunn — Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott says she has an obligation to do more than “simply open up the federal wallet,” as she negotiates a new health care accord with the provinces. Philipott is under pressure from the provinces and territories to increase the annual general health transfer. Next year, the annual increase in that federal […]


Canada’s ambassador to China says some human rights moving backwards

Aug 31 2016 — Susan Lunn — Canada’s ambassador to China says human rights in that country have taken a step backwards in some areas in recent years. Guy Saint-Jacques, Canada’s top diplomat in China for four years, said he’s noticed a change in terms of people’s ability to express themselves freely, and not in a positive way.


Justin Trudeau turns to Weibo and WeChat to reach Chinese audience

Aug 29 2016 — Susan Lunn — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is well-known for his use of social media in Canada, but what will he do in China, where social media services are heavily monitored and censored? Senior Canadian government officials say Trudeau plans plans to use his Weibo and WeChat accounts on this visit, both of which he has had since […]


Trudeau visits China: 6 things to watch

Aug 29 2016 — Susan Lunn — As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau departs for his first official visit to China, Canada’s second-largest trading partner, here are six things to watch. How warm a welcome? When Stephen Harper first went to China in 2009, the prime minister received a frosty reception and was famously chastised by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao for not visiting […]


Parks Canada should focus on environment, not development, says report

Jul 11 2016 — Susan Lunn — Parks Canada is breaking its own legislation and endangering the very ecosystems it is supposed to protect, according to a report from the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. “What we’ve observed is a significant shift, over almost a decade, in how Parks Canada has been managing our national parks,” said Allison Woodley, the national director […]


Missed deadline on medically assisted dying leaves doctors divided

Jun 6 2016 — Susan Lunn — Today is the last day for Parliament to pass legislation governing medically assisted dying before a deadline imposed by the Supreme Court. It won’t happen. On Friday, the Senate sent the bill to its legal affairs committee for study. The committee meets today but won’t be able to report on the bill until the full […]

Pages and staff prepare the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, December 2, 2015. Members of Parliament will vote Thursday for a new Speaker of the House of Commons. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)

MPs expected to vote on assisted-dying bill C-14 in last week of May

May 20 2016 — Susan Lunn — Members of Parliament will vote on the federal government’s physician-assisted dying legislation when Parliament resumes in the last week of May. And while many MPs are struggling with how to vote, people who will ultimately be affected by whatever law is passed, are anxiously watching the bill’s passage through parliament.

Pages and staff prepare the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, December 2, 2015. Members of Parliament will vote Thursday for a new Speaker of the House of Commons. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)

Lawyer who won Carter case in High Court says assisted-dying bill guts ruling

May 5 2016 — Susan Lunn — The lawyer that argued the Carter case before the Supreme Court of Canada told a Senate committee that the Liberal government’s proposed assisted dying legislation was awful and he would rather see it “die” than become law. Joseph Arvay was one of several witnesses that testified before a Senate committee studying C-14, the government’s physician […]


Home care money still to come, health minister Jane Philpott promises

Mar 26 2016 — Susan Lunn — The federal health minister says she’s working on keeping a campaign promise to improve home care, but needs to work out the details with the provinces first. This week’s federal budget made no mention of the Liberal pledge to put $3 billion into home care. But Jane Philpott said changes to home care are part […]