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On Trudeau’s tax reform, the well-heeled kick back

Sep 21 2017 — Tim Harper — On the eve of Parliament’s return, a quick drink with a prominent opponent of Justin Trudeau’s tax reforms brought consensus. It would be one of those political meteors, we decided. Canadians are not paying attention and the tax reforms controversy would burn out in a couple of days. A week later, we both have to […]

The NDP and the road back to relevance

Sep 17 2017 — Tim Harper — For federal New Democrats, this exercise is not about winning. Oh, there were lots of calls about winning in 2019 as leadership candidates delivered their final pitches here Sunday. First, they have to yet again find relevance. Loftier aspirations will have to wait. As online voting begins in the NDP leadership race Monday, it is […]

The long Liberal road to Indigenous reconciliation

Aug 29 2017 — Tim Harper — It was June 2015, and Justin Trudeau, then leader of the third party and struggling in the polls, made what was seen by many at the time as a rather impulsive promise. He quickly pledged to implement all 94 recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that had been released that day by Justice Murray […]

Trump’s NAFTA bluster all about him, not us

Aug 27 2017 — Tim Harper — What do you do if you are the U.S. president and one of your major cities is under water? Well, you’d want to start your day promoting a book by a Milwaukee county sheriff who has called Black Lives Matter a hate group, is a known racial profiler and, naturally, a big Donald Trump supporter. […]

Is this the beginning of the end for Canada’s Rebel Media?

Aug 15 2017 — Tim Harper — These are (again) tough days for the Rebel Commander. But this time it feels different for Ezra Levant and his Rebel Media because the appalling scene which unfolded in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend, threatens to wash away the house of sand his alternative media site is built upon. Levant this week disavowed the alt-right movement […]

Conservative hypocrisy more damaging than the message

Jul 25 2017 — Tim Harper — Let’s cast back a few years, to a long-forgotten episode in the life of the last Stephen Harper government. Tom Mulcair, then the country’s Opposition leader, landed in Washington for meetings, and in the course of his visit he outlined the NDP view of the Keystone XL pipeline. He told an American audience that his […]

Trump huffs and puffs but NAFTA proposals spark no fear

Jul 18 2017 — Tim Harper — I don’t know how most of our U.S. neighbours celebrated Made in America Day, but Donald Trump sure knew how to party. He sat with boyish glee in a big red fire truck. He tried on a cowboy hat. He swung a baseball bat. Then he launched into full bluster and bravado when it came […]

Ten days, two crises in Trudeau’s mid-term summer

Jul 11 2017 — Tim Harper — If we mark the beginning of our summer as Canada Day, Justin Trudeau may look back fondly on that day, realizing forgetting Alberta from the Ottawa stage was the highlight of his summer. This is shaping up as the antithesis of the shirtless selfie summer of 2016 for the prime minister. In the space of […]

Symbols will not meet Trudeau’s goal of Indigenous reconciliation

Jul 5 2017 — Tim Harper — When Indigenous activists symbolically reoccupied traditional Algonquin land by erecting a teepee on Parliament Hill last week, Justin Trudeau paid a visit and spoke with them for about 40 minutes. When Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence began a six-week hunger strike on Victoria Island in the shadow of Parliament Hill in late 2012, the prime minister […]

A time for Canadian pride but also vigilance

Jun 27 2017 — Tim Harper — So we really hate Donald Trump. According to Pew Research, we are a nation of anti-Trumpers. Our virtues are sung on the front page of the New York Times and, worldwide, our diversity, tolerance and openness to new arrivals has given many a case of the Canada warm and fuzzies. But before we revert to […]

A hard NDP shift to the left in the Corbyn, Sanders era

Jun 23 2017 — Tim Harper — One thing for certain, we know they all promise to be bold. “I have put together a bold plan,” says Guy Caron. “I have a bold and unapologetic . . . social democratic vision,” says Jagmeet Singh. Peter Julian is also “bold and unapologetic,” in his social democratic platform. “We must be bold and progressive,” […]