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NDP premiers are the pipeline winners, while Trudeau loses

Jun 11 2017 — Tom Parkin — Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notley and in-coming BC NDP Premier John Horgan disagree. One supports the Trans Mountain pipeline. The other does not. But in holding opposite positions each will be rewarded by their province’s voters. The losers are their provincial opponents and, most of all, Justin Trudeau. For Notley’s Alberta, the pipleline would boost […]

Quebec NDP success requires more than speaking French

May 23 2017 — Tom Parkin — In a province with a strong social democratic impulse, which hosted the Orange Wave, Quebec offers big potential for the New Democrats and they know it. And to win more Quebec seats, the next NDP leader will need to inspire while navigating political currents such as secularism, say Valerie Dufour and Karl Belanger, two former […]

The new independent Senate isn’t all that improved

Apr 24 2017 — Tom Parkin — In 150 years, the Canadian Senate hasn’t done us any good. It’s mostly been a useless sort of place – only really effective as a comfy nest for political insiders, donors and heirs to great fortunes. But, on the other hand, the Senate’s done little real harm. Sure, it has the power to propose and […]

Federal Liberals threaten to repeat Ontario Liberals’ corporate welfare

Apr 10 2017 — Tom Parkin — Every politician wants to talk about infrastructure and be seen as a civic-minded future-builder. The insidious genius of the Ontario Liberals was to put that noble public urge at the service of private greed. And now it seems the federal Liberals’ have the same thoughts. The Trudeau Liberals are proposing to create an Infrastructure Bank […]

Trudeau’s corporate welfare hurts middle class

Apr 3 2017 — Tom Parkin — Just 10% of Canadians believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent budget will help the middle class, according to a recent poll by Forum Research. Meanwhile 41% say it’ll hurt the middle class, 31% say its effects will be neutral, and 19% don’t know. It’s a sign Canadians are coming to see what I’ve been warning […]

Liberal words don’t intend to deceive, they just do

Mar 27 2017 — Tom Parkin — Superclusters™. We can’t describe them. Don’t know how to make them. But whatever they are, last week’s budget says they’ll solve Canada’s economic problems. Last year, your Liberals believed infrastructure was our economic cure-all. But, you see, superclusters create innovation – which is very, very good for the middle class. So good. Better than infrastructure. […]

Ideas for a real change budget

Mar 19 2017 — Tom Parkin — This Wednesday’s federal budget is a chance to support Canadians and lift the economy. But it’ll take some political courage. First – and this is a banned thought in some quarters – we can use the power of government to solve common problems and make life more affordable. That’s what we did with public health […]

It’s time to legally safeguard riding nominations

Mar 12 2017 — Tom Parkin — “Just tell them what you told me,” said Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks to Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary in a recent Miami TV interview. “Explain to all the viewers… what you love about the parliamentary system in Canada.” Furiously backpedaling, O’Leary tried to spin away, telling the American audience a Canadian […]

NDP and Conservative leadership races are a study in contrast

Mar 5 2017 — Tom Parkin — With the Conservative and NDP leadership races now underway, sharp contrasts can be drawn. And out of the two, the NDP may become the serious alternative to the Liberals in 2019. Three NDP competitors – Peter Julian from Burnaby, Charlie Angus from Timmins and Guy Caron from Rimouski – are now vying for their party’s […]

Canada’s strategy needs to constrain Trump, not empower him

Feb 21 2017 — Tom Parkin — Donald Trump is the KKK-endorsed, torture-approving, wall-building, authoritarian protectionist who may be compromised by the Russians. Remember that fact. In contrast, Canada’s Prime Minister has built considerable political currency among US progressives. He calls himself a feminist. And our compassion for Syrian war refugees is a beacon of freedom compared to Trump’s dark and Islamophobic […]

Trudeau enters twilight zone with new electoral reform excuse

Feb 12 2017 — Tom Parkin — Unable to rally any facts to defend his abandonment of electoral reform, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has now descended into a world of fantasy. Ten days ago, Trudeau directed his Minister of Democratic Institutions to share important news with Canadians. He told her to tell you that he’d told her that he wouldn’t go ahead […]

The electoral reform promise was what made Trudeau different

Feb 10 2017 — Tom Parkin — Fifteen months ago Liberal candidates came to your door. Put pamphlets in your mail. Called your phone. Emailed. Facebooked. Advertised. Tweeted. They had one key message: Justin Trudeau is different. Canadians wanted different. Harper was the false majority Prime Minister of 39% support. He was a centralizing micromanager. Devious. His sharp-elbowed watchmen directed Conservative MPs. […]

On electoral reform, Trudeau didn’t just break a promise – he lied

Feb 5 2017 — Tom Parkin — On electoral reform, Trudeau lied. And he ran a strategy designed to sabotage electoral reform and create acceptance of his lie. Specifically, there were two lies. Trudeau lied last Wednesday, saying there was no consensus on electoral reform. And, since at least mid-November, he was lying each time he repeated his election promise of electoral […]

Trudeau deflects and downplays Trump’s danger to Canada

Jan 29 2017 — Tom Parkin — On Trump and trade, are the Trudeau Liberals gripped by wishful thinking? It’s “impossible to imagine,” Trudeau recently said, any trade action by Trump against Canada that “wouldn’t significantly harm jobs in the United States as well as in Canada.” He’s probably right. A recent analysis from the C.D. Howe Institute makes exactly that point. […]