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Comey-Trump: The actors’ commentary track

Jun 9 2017 — Tabatha Southey — Speculation about how future generations will view the current state of American politics grew intense this week as former FBI director James Comey followed up his prepared written statement by testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Thankfully, due to a lucky break in the space-DVD-special-feature-time continuum, I am in possession of portions of the actors’ […]

Enjoy the Rose Garden, before the squid monsters take over

Jun 3 2017 — Tabatha Southey — On Wednesday morning Donald Trump tweeted, “I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Agreement on climate change over the next few days. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” That’s right, America, your President was teasing pulling out of the historic and vital Paris agreement like it was a possible lesbian kiss coming up on a […]

Trump and Duterte: A talk to remember

May 26 2017 — Tabatha Southey — A Filipino Department of Foreign Affairs transcript of a call between U.S. President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was leaked this week. It appears to show Mr. Trump cold-calling the Philippine leader late in the evening to interrupt his dinner and congratulate him, specifically, on having presided over the slaughter of many of […]

The Trump administration would make a fine Russian novel

May 13 2017 — Tabatha Southey — This week, the President of the United States fired James Comey, the director of the FBI, while that agency was in the midst of investigating possible collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian officials. It’s an unexpected plot twist and the letter terminating Mr. Comey’s tenure was delivered by the President’s bodyguard turned director of […]

Ivanka Trump’s new book is a vacuous exercise in branding

May 6 2017 — Tabatha Southey — Move over, Trump Natural Spring Water. When it comes to flavourless, odourless, tasteless and utterly transparent products you really don’t want to get on your e-reader, the arrival this past week of Ivanka Trump’s Women Who Work means you have been replaced. As with the bottled water, Women Who Work is, essentially, a repackaging and […]

Stirring the pot legislation

Apr 21 2017 — Tabatha Southey — It seems there is no task in Canada as thankless as legalizing marijuana. Last week, the Liberals announced their plans to fulfill their campaign promise and do just that – by July 1, 2018, at the latest – and a chorus of complaints went round the country. People opposed to legalization of any kind, public-policy-failure […]

Senator scores Canada a late-game medal in the Wingnut Olympics

Mar 10 2017 — Tabatha Southey — This week, breaking with perceived wisdom on the way to finalizing her bitter divorce from reality, Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak decided to present an emotional defence of Canada’s residential-school system. It’s difficult, times being what they are, for Canada to stand out in the Wingnut Olympics currently in full swing, but Senator Beyak seems determined […]

Trump is bringing conspiracy theories into widescreen Technicolor

Sep 16 2016 — Tabatha Southey — Stories attributing confusing or angering events to clandestine, malevolent forces have been with us forever and have always been of the American tradition, political and otherwise. Some people suckle on a certainty that concrete evidence proving what they feel to be true exists, and is being withheld from them by powerful forces: We cannot be […]