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Dozens of aslyum seekers, baby, cross into Manitoba Sunday

Feb 19 2017 — — Dozens of more asylum seekers, including at least one baby, who fled the United States for Canada made their way into Manitoba early Sunday morning, CBC News has learned. The asylum seekers are at the Emerson, Man. border right now and are waiting to be processed by agents with the Canada Border Services Agency. Jay […]


‘What has he been smoking?’: Swedes mock Trump’s claim of terror attack

Feb 19 2017 — — Swedes have been scratching their heads and ridiculing U.S. President Donald Trump’s remark that suggested a major incident had happened in Sweden. During a rally in Florida on Saturday, Trump said “look what’s happening last night in Sweden” as he alluded to past terror attacks in Europe. The comment has prompted a barrage of social […]

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Malcolm Turnbull and Justin Trudeau grapple with Donald Trump

Feb 19 2017 — — Australians may well have a lot riding on President Donald Trump’s actions influencing the international economy and global security, but no other advanced country in the world will be as heavily affected as Canada. For our like-minded Canadian cousins, the United States is easily their largest trading partner, No.1 security ally and closet neighbour. About […]

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Trudeau has created an opening for the NDP

Feb 19 2017 — — Times have been tough for the federal New Democrats. They entered the 2015 election as contenders for the big prize but, as a result of a series of unfortunate decisions, on election day voters returned them to their traditional third-party role. It didn’t take long for many New Democrats to publicly denounce their leader. The […]


Leaked Trump tape: ‘You are the special people’

Feb 19 2017 — — Exclusive audio shows how Trump lets loose at his clubs — inviting guests to join him on staff interviews. President Donald Trump, living alone inside the White House, often hungers for friendly interaction as he adjusts to the difficult work of governance. At his clubs, he finds what’s missing.


Trump gets what he wants in Florida: Campaign-level adulation

Feb 19 2017 — — President Donald Trump, after a month of arduous and, at times, turbulent governing, got what he came for Saturday during a dusk rally here: Campaign-level adulation. Trump, who just months ago finished campaigning for the office he now holds, was both selling what his administration has done in its first 30 days and trying to […]


McCain: Dictators ‘get started by suppressing free press’

Feb 18 2017 — — Sen. John McCain slammed President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media this week by noting dictators “get started by suppressing free press.” It was a startling observation from a sitting member of Congress against the President of the United States, especially considering McCain is a member of Trump’s party. “I hate the press,” the Arizona […]


Police investigate anti-Muslim rally outside Toronto mosque as possible hate crime

Feb 18 2017 — — Police are investigating whether an anti-Islam rally held on the doorstep of a mosque in the heart of downtown Toronto Friday had any criminal element and whether it could be considered a hate crime. With signs of love and support plastered to its exterior, Masjid Toronto bore little sign on Saturday of the rally held […]


Conservative leadership hopefuls in B.C. for back-to-back debates

Feb 18 2017 — — The travelling Conservative leadership contest heads west this weekend and is expected to draw some big crowds at a pair of back-to-back debates in B.C.’s Lower Mainland. The first, dubbed the ‘Debate in the Valley,’ sold out a week ahead of time. It will be moderated by Senator Yonah Martin and is set for Langley […]


Former NDP, Bloc MP displays membership in far right Quebec group La Meute

Feb 18 2017 — — Former MP Claude Patry appears to be an active member of Quebec’s secretive far right group, La Meute. Patry won the Jonquière-Alma riding as part of the NDP’s “orange wave” in Quebec in the 2011 election. In 2013 he left to join the Bloc Québécois. He only served one term, ending in 2015. Patry posted […]


Warren Frost, beloved ‘Twin Peaks’ actor, dead at 91

Feb 18 2017 — — Warren Frost, the World War II veteran turned actor and playwright, died at his Vermont home on Friday morning. He was 91. Frost, who played the beloved town doctor Will “Doc” Hayward on the legendary 1990s “Twin Peaks” TV show, passed away after suffering from a longtime illness, his son, Mark Frost, told the Hollywood […]


Comedian Larry Wilmore tells ‘alt-right’ troll Milo Yiannopoulos to ‘go f–k’ himself

Feb 18 2017 — — He couldn’t take it anymore. Comedian Larry Wilmore became visibly angry, but remained composed, after alt-right figurehead Milo Yiannopoulos went on a five-minute rant against transgender people during Bill Maher’s “Overtime” on Friday night. But when Yiannopoulos called a decorated counterterrorism official on the late night show’s panel “stupid,” Wilmore couldn’t hold himself back any […]