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Notley notes jobs and new markets to come from Keystone XL approval

Mar 25 2017 — — Premier Rachel Notley says the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline will have an immediate impact on Alberta’s economy, and eventually allow access to new and existing markets. Notley was at the McDougall Centre in Calgary on Friday for a signing ceremony with the Blackfoot Confederacy. But the premier took time to congratulate TransCanada on […]


The price of Ann Coulter’s ‘statehood’ is too high

Mar 22 2017 — Don Braid — Calgary has been rejected by Ann Coulter as the 51st U.S. state. Finally, she says something I agree with. We hadn’t exactly asked for statehood, but never mind. Coulter, the far-right American provocateur, disowns us for being tolerant and helpful. It started with Anna Brooks’s recent story in the Herald about the halal food and […]

chris nelson

Alberta government makes mess of death and taxes

Mar 20 2017 — Chris Nelson — Ben Franklin must be doing the old 360-degree roll in his final Philadelphia resting place at the latest muddle our provincial government has dragged us into. It was old Ben, in discussing the then-recently-signed U.S. Constitution, who declared: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Maybe the premier […]


Barely elected, Kenney revs the pickup for yet another campaign

Mar 20 2017 — Don Braid — After his massive weekend victory, Jason Kenney leaves no doubt about who’s the boss of the Progressive Conservative party. At his first news conference, Kenney was not flanked by any PC MLAs, defeated candidates or party board members. It was just the leader up there, answering questions in great detail for a long time. Kenney […]


Kenney wins – now comes the hard part

Mar 19 2017 — Don Braid — By a huge majority, Alberta Progressive Conservatives voted Saturday to dive into uncertain waters, with Jason Kenney swinging the paddle. The former federal minister campaigned for eight months, grabbed an unfamiliar delegate selection system by the lapels, and finally shook free 1,113 votes of 1,476 ballots cast at the weekend convention. That was good for […]


PCs begin their weirdest convention ever

Mar 18 2017 — Don Braid — A grand old party holds its breath, on the edge of self-extinction. By Saturday evening, Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives will know if they’re to continue as a proud but dilapidated party, or dissolve into attempted union with Wildrose. There’s hardly a soul at the Telus convention centre that doubts Jason Kenney will win, and then try […]


Wildrose leader wants unite-the-right talks to start on Monday

Mar 17 2017 — — Wildrose Leader Brian Jean wants negotiations to create a united conservative party in Alberta to begin as soon as Monday afternoon. In a video message to Wildrose members on Friday, Jean said the invitation is open to whoever the Progressive Conservatives select as leader on Saturday at the party’s leadership convention in Calgary. Jason Kenney, […]

chris nelson

Alberta politics needs to get out of the sewer

Mar 17 2017 — Chris Nelson — Such were the joys of childhood – throwing firecrackers into sewer pipes and anxiously waiting, homemade spear in hand, the resulting exodus of rats. And kids today think some new app is fun? They haven’t lived. So, arriving in Alberta many years ago, it came as a surprise that here was a land where such […]


A budget that gambles with Alberta’s future

Mar 17 2017 — Don Braid — The NDP had better be right, or this province is screwed. Its latest budget is a high-risk balancing act that could, if the assumptions prove wrong, collapse like a cheap tent, leading to unprecedented fiscal bloodshed. The Progressive Conservatives often made optimistic revenue forecasts to justify high spending. This NDP budget raises the tactic to […]


Alberta Tories prepare for a historic and defining leadership vote

Mar 11 2017 — James Wood — They were elected at the same time and served together around the cabinet table, but two former Tory finance minister illustrate the deep split among many long-time Progressive Conservatives as the party heads toward a defining leadership vote. After a bruising and bitter contest dominated by Jason Kenney’s call to unite the PCs with the […]


‘I’ll go to war with her’: Kevin O’Leary vows to battle Notley over carbon tax

Mar 10 2017 — James Wood — Federal Conservative party leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary is vowing to “go to war” with Premier Rachel Notley and other provincial leaders if he doesn’t like their economic policies as prime minister. The outspoken businessman and reality TV personality was speaking Thursday at a town hall event sponsored by the Alberta Prosperity Fund, a conservative political […]