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Senator Grant Mitchell

PHOTO: Greg Kolz

There’s more sober second thought in the Senate

Jan 9 2017 — Grant Mitchell — Those of us pushing reform in the Canadian Senate over the past year or so owe a large debt to this city. It’s here where much thought and energy have been expended in the service of democratic change through the efforts of pioneers like Preston Manning and Bert Brown, and the expertise of organizations like […]


British Columbia shows us what happens when we go to pot

Jan 4 2017 — Barry Cooper — Visiting British Columbia is like going to a foreign land without using your passport. Having spent most of my early life there, it’s always fun to see how much has changed. When I was a kid, for example, there was a major moral panic over marijuana use and another about Vancouver being the heroin gateway […]


Alberta PC leadership race heads into the second half

Dec 31 2016 — James Wood — The Progressive Conservative party is likely the strongest it’s been since the Tory dynasty went down to defeat in the 2015 election, with the race for the PC leadership boosting membership and attracting attention from the media and public. Yet as the campaign heads into the new year — and its climax at March’s leadership […]


Inventory of abandoned oil and gas wells doubles in 2016

Dec 28 2016 — Reid Southwick — The number of oil and gas wells abandoned by industry has expanded dramatically as depressed commodity prices forced operators into bankruptcy. Alberta’s inventory of wells without an owner financially capable of cleaning them up roughly doubled this year to 1,400, a clear indicator of the economic turmoil of 2016. The surge means taxpayers will be […]

chris nelson

Alberta NDP doomed unless they bring back jobs

Dec 26 2016 — Chris Nelson — It’s the jobs, stupid. That variation on James Carville’s wise advice to Bill Clinton during the election fight with George H.W. Bush back in 1992, should double as Rachel Notley’s screensaver in the coming year. Because, make no mistake, the long, hard road to the next provincial election is about to begin here in Alberta. […]


No side deal with Ottawa on health funding, says Notley government

Dec 23 2016 — James Wood — Alberta’s NDP government says it isn’t looking to cut a side deal on health funding with Ottawa. Talks on a new health accord between the federal Liberal government and the provinces and territories broke down on Monday over the issue of funding, with the provinces exiting the meeting presenting a united front in their demands […]


Once again, Canadian and U.S. leaders have conflicting priorities

Dec 21 2016 — Barry Cooper — Relations between Canadian and American leaders are conditioned by a mix of personal relations and policies. Stephen Harper and Barack Obama were not close pals. For Harper, the president embodied much of what he detested in politicians: Obama seemed indirect, a dithering lawyer, a friend of the phonies of Hollywood, a glib preacher of hope. […]


Wildrose and PC leaders look ahead to 2017 with hope and worry

Dec 19 2016 — Emma Graney — Wildrose leader Brian Jean admits he has had a very strange year indeed. Personally, his house and belongings, and those of four family members, were all reduced to ash in the Fort McMurray wildfire in May, yet he married “the most wonderful woman in the world” over the summer. Politically, his party saw a huge […]


NDP ‘will engage with Albertans’ to decide marijuana minimum age: Notley

Dec 17 2016 — — With cannabis legalization coming down the pipe in 2017, Premier Rachel Notley said input from Albertans will help set the minimum age to purchase marijuana. Notley weighed in on weed legalization following a report released by the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation recommending a national minimum age of 18 to purchase marijuana. The […]


Alberta Party calls for investigation of NDP

Dec 17 2016 — James Wood — Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark is asking the province’s ethics commissioner and chief electoral officer to investigate an organization affiliated with the NDP. The Calgary New Democratic House Society, which owns part of a strip mall in Calgary, rents space to the Calgary District and Labour Council. Clark said there’s a potential conflict of interest […]


In Calgary’s time of trouble, Edmonton really is running everything

Dec 17 2016 — Don Braid — Is the NDP government really clueless about Calgary’s economic plight? Premier Rachel Notley hardly thinks so, but she does concede that Edmonton-based bureaucrats can lose the Calgary thread from time to time. “We know that Calgary is — with Fort McMurray, the two together — are the epicentre of the struggles that people are feeling […]