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Wildrose, Tories remain tight-lipped as unification talks progress

Apr 22 2017 — James Wood — Talks on uniting the Wildrose and Progressive Conservatives are moving forward but those around the table aren’t ready to go public. In March, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and PC Leader Jason Kenney announced a unity discussion group with MLAs and other representatives from each party. In a joint release put out by each party, the […]

On dairy system, Trump has us over a barrel of feta

Apr 20 2017 — Don Braid — Everything about trade is suddenly on the table, including that slice of imported cheese that came with a 277 per cent tariff. In Canada, we love to paint ourselves as free traders, but deep down we are not. For many years the country had to be protectionist to foster a small, young economy; and (more […]

Alberta Liberals split over working with other parties

Apr 15 2017 — James Wood — As centrist politicians in Alberta try to find common ground across party lines, the issue is exposing a longstanding divide in the provincial Liberal party. Former Edmonton mayor and Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Stephen Mandel is one of the organizers of a private meeting in Red Deer Saturday to discuss the possibility of unity or […]

NDP government files for intervener status on Kinder Morgan

Apr 13 2017 — James Wood — Alberta’s NDP government is moving forward in its attempt to have a role in the legal battle around the proposed expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. The province formally filed its application for intervener status with the Federal Court of Appeal on Wednesday, as multiple British Columbia municipalities, First Nations and environmental groups seek […]

NDP ministers say one thing in trade deal, another in legislature

Apr 12 2017 — Don Braid — The case of the missing Crown corporation is the oddest farce to play the Alberta legislature in many years. Even Saskatchewan has a bit part. Alberta minsters say they won’t create a Crown corporation to handle construction contracts. A Saskatchewan minister counters that Alberta talked constantly about doing just that at recent talks for the […]

Liberals should have announced an amnesty for pot prosecutions

Apr 11 2017 — Rob Breakenridge — In sharp contrast to last year, marijuana activist Dana Larsen’s latest visit to Calgary ended up being uneventful, at least from a law enforcement perspective. As part of Larsen’s cross-country Overgrow Canada tour, he was handing out marijuana seeds to those in attendance at Friday’s event. Police were briefly present, but left without incident. It’s […]

Stephen Harper honoured at B’nai Brith dinner

Apr 8 2017 — — The Cher lyrics “If I could turn back time” feels an appropriate theme for this column. Or the Boyz Please Come Back hit. Or the South Korean television series Please Come Back, Mister. Insert the name Harper at the end of the latter and you’ll get where I’m going. For the first time since leaving […]

It’s a lonely town as Ottawa plans the death of oil and gas

Apr 7 2017 — Don Braid — It gets lonely here in Calgary, as companies sell out of the oilsands and try to sublet their echoing downtown office space. People do tend to feel that way when they realize that the nation at large, or at least the leadership, doesn’t seem to care, and is even actively working against the province’s economy. […]

Byelection blowouts expected but still sweet for Conservatives

Apr 5 2017 — Don Braid — Byelection victories, even big ones, do not always predict glory for a party or a government. The Alberta PCs led by Jim Prentice won all four byelections in Edmonton and Calgary in the fall of 2014. In spring of 2015, they lost the general election to the NDP. So, Monday’s federal results don’t mean the […]

Kenney should focus more on the economy and less on social issues

Apr 4 2017 — Rob Breakenridge — With recent polls showing widespread dissatisfaction with the NDP’s handling of Alberta’s finances and continued opposition to the carbon tax, it seems strange and pointless for conservatives to veer off into more contentious social issues. Frankly, the NDP would be delighted to have a distraction from economic issues, and newly minted PC Leader Jason Kenney […]

As NDP attacks over gay rights, Kenney goes on defence

Apr 4 2017 — Don Braid — The New Democrats hung PC Leader Jason Kenney from the legislature rafters like a symbolic pinata on Monday, smacking and twisting his image with great delight. Kenney was accused of anti-gay bigotry because of his opposition to the 1998 Supreme Court decision regarding Delwin Vriend. The NDP blasted him even more vigorously for wanting schools […]

West divided while Ontario, Quebec get the gravy

Apr 1 2017 — Don Braid — Here’s my April Fools’ gag for you — another darn column. I wrote my first one on April 1, 1978, from the legislature in Edmonton. So much has changed since those days before cellphones, portable computers, Twitter, Facebook, and online news. Politics in western Canada have gone sharply downhill in style, substance and strategy. Four […]

Notley hints at retaliation after Wall’s business raid

Mar 31 2017 — Don Braid — Albertans have been worried about a trade war lately — with the U.S., not Saskatchewan. But that’s what we might get, after Premier Brad Wall’s startling border-crossing raid. Premier Rachel Notley accuses Wall of violating two trade agreements with his very specific invitation to Greg Fagerheim, CEO of Whitecap Resources Inc., to move the company’s […]