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Canada sees ‘dramatic’ spike in online hate — here’s what you can do about it

Jan 20 2017 — — The internet can be a pretty intolerant place, and it may be getting worse. An analysis of Canada’s online behaviour commissioned by CBC’s Marketplace shows a 600 per cent jump in the past year in how often Canadians use language online that’s racist, Islamophobic, sexist or otherwise intolerant. “That’s a dramatic increase in the number […]


French a major advantage for Conservative leadership contenders

Jan 20 2017 — Eric Grenier — Can a candidate for the Conservative leadership win the party’s top job and become prime minister without speaking French well enough to order a plate of poutine in a brasserie? Kevin O’Leary hopes so — and the poor performances in Tuesday’s French-language debate suggest a few of his leadership rivals do, too. Bilingualism isn’t a […]


Canada cuts $48M in tariffs to boost food manufacturing

Jan 20 2017 — Janyce McGregor — As the incoming Trump administration talks about piling on new tariffs to discourage imports and protect American jobs, the Canadian government quietly moved in the opposite direction over the holidays: eliminating tariffs. Why? To support Canadian jobs. A customs tariff order published Dec. 28 in the Canada Gazette describes how roughly 200 different tariffs on […]


Prior leaks of navy info were on RCMP’s radar prior to vice-admiral’s removal

Jan 20 2017 — Murray Brewster — The RCMP conducted at least two prior investigations into leaks of sensitive information involving naval projects before this week’s suspension of the military’s second-highest ranking officer, sources tell CBC News. The revelation comes at the same time the Trudeau government has quietly moved to reassure allies that no foreign intelligence data was compromised in relation […]


Premier Rachel Notley splits human services department, appoints new cabinet member

Jan 19 2017 — — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley reconfigured her cabinet Thursday and split the human services department into two ministries. The province will now have a department of children’s services and a separate department called community and social services. As part of the shuffle, Shaye Anderson, the MLA for Leduc-Beaumont, was appointed minister of municipal affairs. Two other […]


‘Uncertainty is never a good thing’: MPs, senators reach out to U.S. lawmakers

Jan 19 2017 — Katie Simpson — Canadian MPs and senators plan to stress the importance of trade when they meet with their U.S. counterparts in the weeks following Donald Trump’s inauguration as president. Members of the Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group are expected to gather in Washington sometime before spring for wide-ranging talks on issues important to both countries. But trade will […]


Could the oilsands really be phased out? Here are the possibilities

Jan 19 2017 — — The question of whether Canada should phase out oilsands production seems to have an easy answer, depending on whom you ask. It is either a ridiculous idea, or a ridiculously obvious one. Does Canada care about its economy, or does it care about meeting its Paris climate objectives? Prime Minister Trudeau has walked back his […]


Like all opportunists, Kevin shifts positions when it’s convenient

Jan 19 2017 — Arlene Dickinson — Since announcing his candidacy for the Leader of the Conservative Party, I’ve been inundated with requests to comment on Kevin O’Leary. The question on everyone’s mind is the same: “Is the cold, money-driven person we see on television what we will get as a potential political leader?” It’s the exact same question I’ve received from […]


Inauguration to usher in a ‘ringmaster president’ and much uncertainty

Jan 19 2017 — Chris Hall — Donald Trump is a day removed from becoming the 45th president of the United States, swept to power on a wave of voter disenchantment with politics as usual in Washington and a staunch belief that Trump’s boast of making America great again is something real. The candidate who campaigned as the political outsider, the candidate […]


Kevin O’Leary is way too boring to be called Canada’s Donald Trump

Jan 19 2017 — Robyn Urback — To call Kevin O’Leary “Canada’s Donald Trump” is to grossly overstate how interesting O’Leary is as a candidate, or a person. Apologies to the believers, but O’Leary is an actor. He’s playing the role of the no-nonsense, tough-as-nails businessman, a persona that has gotten him stellar gigs on reality TV shows and financial panels. But […]


Justin Trudeau’s language blunder in Sherbrooke could have political fallout

Jan 18 2017 — — Justin Trudeau’s town hall meeting in Sherbrooke Tuesday night was supposed to be a chance for him to reconnect with voters, to use his charisma to overcome the inevitable disenchantment that comes after more than a year in power. Instead, it turned into a gaffe that could have political consequences for him in the next […]