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Caroline Mulroney hints at future run for federal politics

May 27 2017 — John Paul Tasker — The daughter of one of Canada’s longest-serving Conservative prime ministers says she is considering a run for federal office. Caroline Mulroney was picked by the party to serve as a master of ceremonies for the leadership convention in Toronto this weekend. The prime speaking gig for the scion of former prime minister Brian Mulroney raised […]

Conservative leadership camps scramble for final votes amid ballot snags

May 26 2017 — Janyce McGregor — Dianne Watts may pack more than a change of clothes when she heads to Toronto for the Conservative leadership convention Saturday. Because of issues with the mail-in ballots, the MP from Surrey, B.C., may hand-deliver some votes as well. “If there’re people that haven’t received their ballots yet and they receive them tomorrow … we […]

Malicious hackers say they demanded $50,000 ransom for stolen Bell data

May 26 2017 — — A pair of malicious hackers say they demanded that Bell pay a $50,000 US ransom to prevent stolen customer data from being shared online, according to a person claiming responsibility for the theft. That person — who communicated with CBC News via encrypted chat using the handle “exodus” — says a ransom email was sent […]

NDP now leading in voter support over Sask. Party: poll

May 25 2017 — — The Saskatchewan Party is losing support in the province, according to a new poll that suggests the NDP has taken a nine-point lead over the governing party. The Mainstreet/Postmedia poll released Thursday suggests decided and leaning support for the NDP is at 49 per cent — an increase of seven points — compared to the […]

The media should know better but we keep falling for Trudeau’s PR

May 25 2017 — Robyn Urback — There’s an adage in politics that nothing happens by accident. While the current White House administration seems to be doing its damnedest to disprove that principle (Hold up — I *wasn’t* supposed to tell the Russians about classified intel we got from Israel?), in normal political ecosystems it is still, by and large, true. Leaks […]

More than a million restricted, prohibited guns in Canada

May 25 2017 — Elizabeth Thompson — A year and a half after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government came to office promising to tighten Canada’s gun laws, there are now more than a million restricted and prohibited firearms across the country. The number of restricted firearms in Canada rose 5.5 per cent last year, reaching its highest point in more than a […]

Justin Trudeau faces next Trump test at NATO and G7 meetings

May 25 2017 — David Cochrane — When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Canadian Forces jet touched down in Brussels last night, he landed on a continent poised to host the NATO and G7 summits and bracing for the chaos that flew here on Air Force One. The multi-summit agenda will focus on defence, terrorism, trade and climate change. But much of the […]

B.C. Liberals fall short of majority following final vote count

May 24 2017 — — The final count of the 2017 B.C. election has concluded, and the result leaves the uncertainty the same as it was on election night. With all absentee ballots counted in Courtenay-Comox, NDP candidate Ronna-Rae Leonard has won by 189 votes over B.C. Liberal candidate Jim Benninger.