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Scheer says anti-Khadr campaign in U.S. media is fair game as NDP cry hypocrisy

Jul 20 2017 — Peter Zimonjic — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer brushed off suggestions that his party’s campaign denouncing the Trudeau government’s apology and payout to Omar Khadr in the U.S. media will negatively impact upcoming NAFTA negotiations. The new Conservative leader suggested that if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was concerned about how the reported $10.5 million payout to Khadr would play […]

Andrew Scheer unveils ‘regional, gender diverse’ House leadership team

Jul 20 2017 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer is unveiling his House leadership team in Ottawa today, and at least two familiar faces will assume senior posts, CBC News has learned. Scheer will present a “regionally and gender diverse team,” but he will be partially hampered by the fact the party returned no MPs in either Atlantic Canada […]

‘How’s it going, eh?’ Bob and Doug McKenzie help raise $325K in special show

Jul 20 2017 — — “How’s it going, eh?” With that, the SCTV legends of the Great White North, Bob and Doug McKenzie, brought to life by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, kicked off a star-studded comedy reunion event in Toronto on Tuesday night on the storied Second City stage — in a special fundraiser to help Thomas’s nephew and […]

Trump’s ‘influential’ pick for ambassador to Canada faces Senate hearing

Jul 20 2017 — — U.S. President Donald Trump’s pick for the next ambassador to Canada, a deep-pocketed Republican donor with influential allies in Congress and family ties with a Kentucky coal empire, faces her Senate confirmation hearing Thursday. Kelly Knight Craft will testify before the Senate committee on foreign relations in a joint session with Trump’s nominees for ambassador […]

Trudeau’s silence on Payette’s expunged assault charge shows double standard

Jul 20 2017 — Robyn Urback — Until artificial intelligence progresses to the point where intelligent machines take over our Westminster system (yes, I’m scared, too), we will continue to appoint flawed humans to important government posts. Some of these people will come with pasts more fraught than others, but show me a closet without a skeleton and chances are there’s a […]

Ship that may have sunk admiral’s career to be unveiled in Quebec

Jul 20 2017 — — The ship that may have cost the military’s second-in-command his career will be formally unveiled in an elaborate ceremony Thursday at Quebec’s Chantier Davie Shipyard. The MV Asterix will serve as a temporary naval supply ship, starting early in the new year, after it goes through a series of shakedown trials. The federal government is […]

Supreme Court building to get $1B rehab in 2023, well after systems risk failure

Jul 20 2017 — Dean Beeby — The Liberal government has launched a $1-billion project to rehabilitate the crumbling Supreme Court building, though key systems are at risk of failure long before any repairs begin. A water-damaged section of the parking garage roof could collapse by the end of next year, and mechanical and electrical systems are predicted to fail by 2020 […]

Premiers set to tackle clogged courts and legal cannabis

Jul 19 2017 — Kathleen Harris — Coping with new pot rules, court delays and an escalating opioid crisis are some of the pressing issues premiers will tackle on the final day of their meeting in Edmonton today. As the Council of the Federation turns its focus from trade and economic issues to criminal justice, one premier is proposing a collective demand […]

Ottawa hires consultants to advise on airport sell-offs

Jul 19 2017 — Dean Beeby — A secretive project to generate billions of dollars from the sale of major Canadian airports is pushing ahead with the hiring of consultant firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The firm is to “act as a commercial adviser assisting with additional analytical work with respect to advancing a new governance framework for one or more Canadian airports.” A […]

Buzz kill? Brian Pallister pushes premiers to delay legalization of pot by 1 year

Jul 18 2017 — Kathleen Harris — Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is rallying support among his provincial and territorial counterparts to demand the federal government hit the brakes on its plan to legalize pot. Pallister, who is attending the Council of the Federation meetings in Edmonton, said there are questions that must be answered before the “historic change” is brought into force. […]

Canada’s U.S. ambassador to help premiers strategize in run-up to Trump trade talks

Jul 18 2017 — Kathleen Harris — Canada’s top diplomat in Washington will offer premiers meeting in Edmonton today some strategic advice on dealing with President Donald Trump’s administration after the U.S. unveiled its wish list for a historic overhaul of NAFTA. Ambassador to the U.S. David MacNaughton, who’s on the front lines to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, will […]

‘Come to CRA before we go to you’: International deal designed to expose offshore tax cheats

Jul 18 2017 — Elizabeth Thompson — Canadians with secret overseas bank accounts could soon find themselves at risk of being exposed by a new international agreement designed to help catch tax cheats. Under the Common Reporting Standard, dozens of countries will share information about bank accounts held by non-residents. Beginning in September 2018, the information will be sent to the Canada […]