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Outsiders are making a mark on Conservative, NDP contests

Apr 24 2017 — Dan Leger — When they work right, national party leadership campaigns stimulate serious conversations on politics and the country. And they offer opportunities. The Conservative and New Democratic Party leadership races have the potential to do both. The campaigns have attracted intriguing outsiders who are having an impact. Whether they can win is another matter subject to party […]


Yes, Mr. President, governing is hard

Apr 17 2017 — — So, it turns out that killing health insurance for millions of Americans was a bad idea for Donald Trump, especially without a backup plan. It also turns out that NATO might be useful. Or as the president put it, “I said (NATO) was obsolete; it is no longer obsolete.” It also turns out the Russians […]


Indian navy may be in market for Canada’s Sea Kings

Apr 11 2017 — Andrea Gunn — The Indian navy is considering purchasing several Sea King helicopters from Canada, a New Delhi-based newspaper is reporting. A source told the Financial Express officials plan to discuss the purchase during an official visit by federal defence minister Harjit Sajjan later this month. “At this time Canada is in the process of decommissioning four of […]


‘Scold collectives’ like Fair Vote struggle for relevance

Apr 10 2017 — Dan Leger — Shall we pause for a moment to consider the plight of those little-respected citizens, the perennial scolds? How frustrating must be their outrage in a world unheeding of their sage advice. Seeking affirmation and perhaps company, scolds band together into collectives, hoping to influence government policies or at least “raise public awareness” of society’s wrong-headedness. […]


Irving gets provincial OK for immigration pilot

Apr 3 2017 — Andrea Gunn — Irving has received official designation from the province to recruit internationally under the federal government’s Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Last week Ottawa boasted significant interest in the program and the Nova Scotia department of immigration says about 120 Nova Scotia companies have submitted applications to participate. The pilot, announced in July as part of the Atlantic […]


O’Leary figures he knows the Maritimes — He’s wrong

Mar 27 2017 — Dan Leger — For sheer gall and pretension, it’s hard to beat the leadership campaign of nouveau-Conservative Kevin O’Leary. These are strange times indeed when reality-show actors think they can run whole countries. Whatever syndrome causes that, we know O’Leary as the New England-based TV personality who has generously returned to Canada, part time, to become prime minister. […]


Alt-right agitation won’t work in Canada

Mar 20 2017 — Dan Leger — Will Canada become the next domino to fall to right-wing populism? It’s been successful just across the border. Why not here? The emerging movement of angry populism, the so-called alt-right, has already turned U.S. politics upside down. Its exponents, such as Donald Trump and his adviser Stephen Bannon, are at the top of their game. […]


Health care debate exposes cruelty of Trump-GOP rule

Mar 13 2017 — Dan Leger — U.S. President Donald Trump has figured out that health care is complicated. Good work, Mr. President. After getting elected in a slogan-based campaign attacking this and repealing that and draining something else and banning those people, Trump faces an issue that can’t be reduced to bullet points. Health care in the U.S. isn’t a national […]


NS premier defends Irving hiring practices

Mar 10 2017 — Andrea Gunn — Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil is defending Irving Shipbuilding following criticisms about the hiring of foreign workers for jobs in Halifax. Last month, the Chronicle Herald revealed that Irving was advertising for experienced shipyard positions in Poland. Another story outlined concerns by the shipyard union that Spanish subcontractor Gabadi is bringing in its own workers […]


U.S.-ONLY: The rule for some Irving Shipbuilding jobs

Mar 7 2017 — Andrea Gunn — A subcontractor for Irving Shipbuilding is hiring engineers and specialists in Halifax for work on Canada’s next fleet of warships, but there’s a catch — some applicants must be U.S. citizens. Gibbs & Cox is a U.S. naval architecture and engineering firm that has been retained by Irving to support engineering and design on the […]


O’Leary looks an unlikely saviour for Conservatives

Mar 6 2017 — Dan Leger — Life after politics looks good on Peter Stoffer, who I bumped into recently in the proletarian confines of the Midtown Tavern. The former New Democrat MP is one of the most able politicians I’ve met, respected by peers in all parties. Stoffer eked out his first election win in 1997 by 39 votes, then reeled […]


Minister Hehr blocks vets’ advocate on Facebook

Feb 27 2017 — Andrea Gunn — Nova Scotia activist and caregiver Kim Davis is miffed over what she says was an unfair ban from Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr’s official Facebook page. Davis, of Lawrencetown, is the primary caregiver of her husband, a Bosnia veteran, who suffers from PTSD as a result of his service. After fighting for benefits for her […]