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Canada, Mexico shrug off Trump threat to blow up NAFTA

Aug 23 2017 — — Donald Trump’s sudden threat to blow up NAFTA less than a week into its renegotiation isn’t drawing much of a response from the other North American countries, which are downplaying his remarks. Canada and Mexico are saying it’s a predictable event in the course of a trade negotiation. Adam Austen, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs […]

The Rebel up for a bit of reboot, says outlet founder Ezra Levant

Aug 22 2017 — — The founder of the online news site The Rebel admits its content and management need more oversight in the wake of a string of controversies. One reporter was fired, another founder quit and two other contributors resigned last week after the outlet came under intense criticism for its coverage of deadly protests in Virginia. While […]

NDP leadership contender rejects endorsement from alleged Holocaust denier

Aug 22 2017 — — Federal NDP leadership contender Niki Ashton is rejecting an endorsement from a supporter who’s been accused of holding anti-Semitic views, including denying the atrocities of the Holocaust. Ashton says she “in no way” supports such views and does “not accept support from people who hold such views.” Ashton posed for a photo with Nazih Khatatba […]

Quebec-California cap-and-trade auction sells out

Aug 22 2017 — — The latest auction in Quebec and California’s joint cap-and-trade market has sold out. The sell-out is the second such auction in a row for the market, which Ontario plans to join next year. The Quebec-California market has seen an average of three-quarters of available credits sell at auction since 2014. The system aimed at lowering […]

Manitoba NDP says up to 1,425 delegates to choose new party leader

Aug 22 2017 — — Author, Indigenous activist and rookie politician Wab Kinew says he has the most delegates going into the final weeks of the race to lead Manitoba’s Opposition New Democrats. The party has released figures that show up to 1,425 delegates will be able to vote at the party’s convention Sept. 16 — most were chosen recently […]

Personal, political divisions erupt over ballistic missile defence

Aug 22 2017 — — Personal and political divisions over ballistic missile defence were on clear display Tuesday, as a group of parliamentarians gathered on Parliament Hill to discuss the threat posed by North Korea. Members of the House of Commons’ defence committee agreed during a rare summer meeting to a series of emergency briefings in the coming weeks on […]

British Columbia ends 2016-17 fiscal year with $2.7 billion surplus

Aug 22 2017 — — The B.C. government ended the last fiscal year with a surplus of $2.7 billion, largely in line with an unaudited financial picture released about two months ago by the province’s former Liberal government. Finance Minister Carole James released the 2016-17 public accounts, which also show a $3.4-billion increase in revenue over what was forecast and […]

Nova Scotia government imposes wage package on 75,000 civil servants

Aug 22 2017 — — The Nova Scotia government has moved to impose a labour bill that would establish a wage package for 75,000 public sector employees. Premier Stephen McNeil said Tuesday the proclamation of the Public Services Sustainability Act is being done in the “best interests of Nova Scotians.” The act was passed in December 2015 to ensure third […]

Liberals face calls for transparency on ballistic missile defence

Aug 22 2017 — — Federal opposition parties are demanding the Trudeau government come clean on whether Canada plans to embrace continental ballistic missile defence, as concerns about North Korea’s nuclear arsenal grow. Opposition parties have called for an emergency meeting of the House of Commons defence committee on Tuesday so they can be briefed on how Canada is responding […]

Trudeau to be honoured guest at international-affairs gala in New York

Aug 21 2017 — — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be honoured at a prestigious international-affairs gala in New York City next month. The prime minister is among the honoured guests at this year’s Atlantic Council Global Citizen Awards. Past recipients include former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Burmese democracy activist Aung San Suu […]