National Newswatch

Liberals smart to push ahead with closing the tax loopholes

Sep 14 2017 — Don Martin — It’s time for the T4 taxpayers of the nation to rise up. With professionals rolling out sob stories of proposed changes cramping their ability to hide taxes through incorporation, the most influential group remains silent on the sidelines. I’m referring to the vast majority of us: Millions of Canadians trapped by a single T4 remuneration […]

On the great pipeline divide, PM Trudeau must pick a side

Jun 1 2017 — Don Martin — The Great Divide is a towering mountain range which also serves as the southern boundary between British Columbia and Alberta. A raindrop landing on the eastern face flows to the Atlantic or Arctic oceans. If it lands a few metres west, it runs to the Pacific. Here endeth today’s geology lesson.

Will next CPC leader be a Liberal reign-ending nightmare?

May 26 2017 — Don Martin — It’s easy to ridicule Conservative fortunes as this baker’s dozen of leadership hopefuls prepare to sell themselves as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s worst political nightmare. Half of them have no business being on the stage tonight and their speeches are merely a self-promotional payoff for that $100,000 race entry fee. And there are no Trudeauesque […]

Opposition shadows cloud PM Trudeau’s question period

May 11 2017 — Don Martin — Justin Trudeau hates Question Period. Stephen Harper, no fan of the inquisition either, at least seemed to relish the odd battle of wits and would uncharacteristically grin at his backbench when he gave back better than he got across the aisle. But because this prime minister is fixated on a message track from which no […]

Let’s hope common sense prevails on cross-border booze

May 4 2017 — Don Martin — Almost within sight of Parliament Hill on the Quebec side of the river, there’s a slightly-shabby but always-busy store where a law now headed for the Supreme Court is broken dozens of times every day. Hundreds of cases of cheap suds and wine pour out of Beer King in Gatineau into the open trucks of […]