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As Saskatchewan ponders sales tax hikes, Alberta charts a different course

Mar 22 2017 — — In a video designed to prime people for a rough budget Wednesday, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall couldn’t resist a shot across the border. He warned that resource revenues have fallen dramatically and that, to fill the hole in the province’s balance sheet, there will be cuts and changes to the tax system. “Some other governments […]


Brian Jean playing hard-to-get bride in possible union of conservative parties

Mar 21 2017 — Graham Thomson — Don’t send out the wedding invitations just yet. The possible marriage between Alberta’s conservative parties moved a little closer to fruition Monday afternoon when new Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney met with Wildrose Leader Brian Jean in Edmonton. They talked collegially for half an hour, we are told, but there was no, um, consummation. Not […]


Progressive Conservative-Wildrose merger proposal expected by April: Jason Kenney

Mar 21 2017 — Emma Graney — Alberta conservatives will know by Friday who will draft a unity agreement between the province’s Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties. Official Opposition Leader Brian Jean and newly elected PC Leader Jason Kenney ironed out the first steps in creating a unified political right during a 35-minute meeting Monday in Edmonton’s Federal Building. The chat in […]


Will Brian Jean prove the immovable object to Jason Kenney’s irresistible force?

Mar 20 2017 — Graham Thomson — What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? We’ll find out Monday afternoon when Alberta’s new Progressive Conservative leader, Jason Kenney, meets with Wildrose Leader Brian Jean. Fresh from his decisive victory at Saturday’s PC leadership convention, Kenney is eager to move ahead quickly with his plan for uniting the PCs and Wildrose […]


Jason Kenney’s PC leadership victory just the first step in a long journey to unite the right

Mar 19 2017 — Graham Thomson — Ok, now what? As expected, Jason Kenney won the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party Saturday. And he did it handily, capturing 75 per cent of the votes cast by almost 1,500 delegates at the party’s leadership convention in Calgary. “Today we have chosen the future,” declared Kenney in his victory speech. “Today we have […]


Alberta PC leadership race in danger of becoming a joke

Feb 16 2017 — Graham Thomson — The other day I likened Alberta’s Progressive Conservative leadership race to a runaway train. I was wrong. It’s a runaway clown car. It has become such a joke that during the next election the party’s campaign buttons should be plastic flowers that squirt water. Not that the PC party is likely to be a party […]


Jason Kenney faces another move to disqualify him from PC leadership bid

Feb 15 2017 — James Wood — Jason Kenney could once again face disqualification from the Progressive Conservative leadership race as a party vice-president has called an emergency meeting of the PC board to hear a complaint against the former MP and his campaign. On Sunday, the party’s leadership election committee (LEC) dismissed a complaint filed by Calgary lawyer Jeff Rath seeking […]


Statistics show Rachel Notley has been the most threatened Alberta premier

Feb 13 2017 — Keith Gerein — Premier Rachel Notley has been subjected to more frequent threats of harm than her recent predecessors, show newly released provincial statistics that confirm a disturbing escalation of security concerns over the last two years. The rarely seen numbers from the protection services unit were obtained by Postmedia through an access to information request that took […]


Jason Kenney reacts to Trump executive order

Jan 29 2017 — Catherine Griwkowsky — Former Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism and current PC leadership candidate Jason Kenney wrote a Twitter essay on U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order issuing a 90-day travel ban on citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The executive order also suspended the U.S. refugee program for 120 days. Following the […]