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CD Howe report gives Alberta an A+ for financial reporting

Apr 27 2017 — — Despite a yawning deficit and debt projections topping $71 billion by 2019, Alberta can at least boast an A+ rating on how it reports those scary numbers. Alberta topped the charts in a fiscal accountability study by the CD Howe Institute, a Toronto-based policy research organization. The study focuses on the quality of financial information […]


Alberta privacy commissioner investigates deleted government emails

Apr 21 2017 — — The province’s privacy commissioner has launched an investigation into deleted emails related to the cancelling of power purchase agreements with Alberta power companies. Wildrose MLA Don MacIntyre sent the request to the commissioner in November regarding an email from James Allen, who was assistant deputy minister in the department of energy, to Balancing Pool CEO […]


One Alberta MLA raises fist at another, Legislature Speaker investigating

Apr 20 2017 — Emma Graney — An apparent threatening motion made Tuesday by one politician to another inside the legislative building is being investigated by the Speaker. It all started after Calgary-Hawkwood NDP MLA Michael Connolly exchanged words with Strathmore-Brooks Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt as the two men left the chamber. After the verbal altercation, Connolly allegedly raised his fist at […]


Jason Kenney pops back to the surface

Apr 15 2017 — Graham Thomson — He’s back. Not that he was really ever away. But for more than two weeks Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney was, as far as the legislature and mainstream media were concerned, missing in action. It got to the point this week where the NDP caucus issued a news release with the needling headline: “Where’s Kenney […]


Maxime Bernier unites the right in Alberta with MLA endorsements for his Conservative leadership campaign

Apr 12 2017 — — Federal Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier revealed MLA endorsements from both of Alberta’s right-of-centre parties Tuesday. Seven MLAs from the Wildrose Party and one from the Progressive Conservative party assembled with Bernier at the Matrix Hotel in downtown Edmonton to throw their support behind the Quebecker, who has been polling close to frontrunner Kevin O’Leary. […]


Alberta not reversing course on climate change to match Donald Trump’s backward march

Mar 30 2017 — Graham Thomson — The ink hadn’t even dried on U.S. President Donald Trump’s coal-friendly, environment-busting executive order Tuesday when the hand wringing began in Canada. “Trump’s bid to reverse climate agenda puts pressure on Ottawa,” declared the Globe and Mail headline, as talk shows across the country put pundits in chairs to debate the question: Should Trudeau slow […]


Mystery of the PC-Wildrose discussion group solved — sort of

Mar 28 2017 — Graham Thomson — If the makers of Trivial Pursuit ever get around to releasing an Alberta Politics Edition, here is the perfect trivia question: Who is Zoe Addington? It’s a perfect question because only a true political nerd will know the answer. Addington was named in a joint news release last Friday to a 10-member “discussion group” helping […]


Kevin O’Leary’s ‘vicious poisonous toxic’ attack on Alberta self-determination should offend us all

Mar 25 2017 — Paula Simons — Would-be federal Conservative leader Kevin O’Leary didn’t exactly mince words Thursday, when he went on the attack against Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. “She’s a vicious, poisonous, toxic cocktail of mediocrity (and) incompetence, put together,” O’Leary, dressed in a leather bomber jacket and tie, told a group in St. John’s, N.L. — while a CBC camera […]


Wildrose and PC party inch closer to a merger, maybe

Mar 25 2017 — Graham Thomson — I’m afraid this column might be a little too much inside baseball. OK, it is. This column is so much inside baseball it should come with a beer and a hot dog. It’s a column about the 10-member “discussion group” named Friday afternoon to plot the next step forward in uniting Alberta’s two conservative parties […]


As Saskatchewan ponders sales tax hikes, Alberta charts a different course

Mar 22 2017 — — In a video designed to prime people for a rough budget Wednesday, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall couldn’t resist a shot across the border. He warned that resource revenues have fallen dramatically and that, to fill the hole in the province’s balance sheet, there will be cuts and changes to the tax system. “Some other governments […]


Brian Jean playing hard-to-get bride in possible union of conservative parties

Mar 21 2017 — Graham Thomson — Don’t send out the wedding invitations just yet. The possible marriage between Alberta’s conservative parties moved a little closer to fruition Monday afternoon when new Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney met with Wildrose Leader Brian Jean in Edmonton. They talked collegially for half an hour, we are told, but there was no, um, consummation. Not […]