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Alberta NDP MLA pays back $457 after double-claiming expenses

Aug 22 2017 — Clare Clancy — NDP MLA Debbie Jabbour is the latest politician to explain how overbilling on expenses led her to reimburse taxpayers around $450. “In March of this year, I reimbursed $457 in expenses, an amount that corrected some double-filings for meals and per diems, as well as some mistakenly filed expenses,” said the Peace River MLA in […]

UCP MLA Derek Fildebrandt to be in court on hit and run charge

Aug 15 2017 — Emma Graney — United Conservative Party MLA Derek Fildebrandt is facing charges over an alleged hit and run. It’s the latest in a string of controversies tied to the MLA for Strathmore-Brooks, who is in hot water for renting out his taxpayer-funded apartment on Airbnb and double-claiming meals on the public dime. According to court documents, Fildebrandt is […]

Thirty one MLAs claimed maximum accommodation allowance for Edmonton stays in 2016-17

Aug 13 2017 — Janet French — United Conservative Party MLA Derek Fildebrandt came under fire this week when the Journal revealed he claimed a taxpayer-funded housing allowance from government while renting out his Edmonton apartment on Airbnb. Last year, 45 of 87 Alberta MLAs claimed that same housing allowance, which helps them pay costs associated with hotels or a temporary residence […]

Alberta Party leader, taxpayers group slam Fildebrandt’s Airbnb apartment, demand investigation

Aug 10 2017 — Emma Graney — The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is unimpressed with United Conservative Party MLA Derek Fildebrandt renting out his taxpayer-subsidized apartment. Alberta director Colin Craig told the Journal Thursday it was wrong, and points to the need for a full review of the rules that govern MLA expenses. “The public gives MLAs money to cover off their accommodation […]

Finance critic Derek Fildebrandt rents his government-subsidized apartment while claiming housing allowance

Aug 10 2017 — Emma Graney — A United Conservative Party MLA says there’s nothing wrong with him subletting his downtown Edmonton apartment while claiming thousands of dollars in rent from the public purse. Derek Fildebrandt, MLA for Strathmore-Brooks, advertises his downtown bachelor suite for rent online as “newly renovated, modernly furnished and very well-kept.” “It has a sweeping view of the […]

Jean, in UCP leadership bid, talks tough-on-crime policies

Aug 4 2017 — Emma Graney — Former Wildrose leader Brian Jean pledged a series of tough-on-crime policies Thursday as he continued his bid for the United Conservative Party leadership. Jean was in Grande Prairie to unveil his latest policy planks, including tougher penalties for people who commit violent crimes, more resources for sexual assault victims and tackling the opioid crisis.

Wildrose 2.0 gets OK for new name

Aug 3 2017 — — Albertans may see yet another new party on their ballots when the 2019 provincial election rolls around. Late Wednesday afternoon, Elections Alberta gave the group that wants to resurrect the Wildrose Party the go-ahead to call itself the Alberta Advantage Party. That’s despite the fact there is already an established Alberta Party with a sitting […]

UCP leadership poll finds Brian Jean in the driver’s seat

Aug 2 2017 — Shawn Logan — Former Wildrose Party boss Brian Jean has edged past his United Conservative Party leadership opponents as the one with the best chance of toppling Alberta’s ruling NDP, a Mainstreet Research poll has found. The Postmedia-commissioned survey, which queried 2,100 Albertans July 27-28, days after the new right-wing party was forged, suggested any of the four […]

Brian Jean supports interim leader, says ‘no’ to mudslinging in leadership race

Jul 28 2017 — Emma Graney — Brian Jean isn’t interested in mudslinging during the United Conservative Party leadership race. During his campaign launch and policy announcements early this week, and again when speaking with the Journal Thursday, the former Wildrose Party leader’s language has tended towards sunshine and positivity — aside from when he talks about the NDP. “I’m a unifier, […]

Thoughts turn to leadership after conservatives vote to unite

Jul 24 2017 — Emma Graney — The NDP will face a single united conservative force in the next election after Alberta’s Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties voted overwhelmingly on the weekend to merge forces. Both secured more than 95 per cent pro-unity votes from their members, setting into motion a monumental shift in provincial politics and sounding the death knell for […]

United Conservative Party: The next steps

Jul 23 2017 — — After declaring a resounding, 95-per-cent “yes” to unity Saturday, Alberta’s Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties are well and truly on the path to creating a single conservative political force. But there is a vast expanse of legislative, political and financial territory to navigate before the United Conservative Party morphs from a nine-page agreement in principle […]