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O’Leary taught us (seriously) to confront unpleasant truths about Canadian politics

Mar 25 2017 — Adam Radwanski — The reflex was to laugh off Kevin O’Leary’s recent complaint of “widespread vote rigging” in the Conservative leadership contest. When the President of the United States is vilifying minority groups with false claims of electoral fraud, there is healthy skepticism about any such allegation – not least one that, when it emerged, was itself directed […]


McGill under fire after Andrew Potter resigns over Quebec column flap

Mar 23 2017 — — Pressure is intensifying on McGill University to explain why a high-profile academic administrator stepped down after writing a controversial opinion piece, with the school releasing a statement on Thursday aiming to assure its community it upholds academic freedom. Professors at McGill and elsewhere have said the university’s handling of Andrew Potter’s resignation as director of […]


Liberals take wait-and-see approach with federal budget

Mar 22 2017 — Campbell Clark — The unprecedented ratio of words to numbers in Bill Morneau’s second budget speech was a good hint about what was in this year’s blueprint. The Finance Minister’s whole 3,300-word speech had only two numbers that came with dollar signs. Mr. Morneau mustered the verbiage to reassure and to conjure nifty ideas about the economic future, […]


Liberals fall short with first gender-based federal budget

Mar 22 2017 — Erin Anderssen — coffee but can’t find cash when the check comes: It falls short, but means well. This was to be a first-of-its-kind budget, and to be fair, women are all over it. Countries around the world have been doing gender-based budgeting for years, so Canada is just catching up. The best examples contain real analysis and […]


Ottawa has rejected majority of Canada 150 projects

Mar 22 2017 — — Getting federal funds to organize community celebrations for Canada’s 150th anniversary is proving to be a hard task. New numbers show that the federal government has rejected a majority of the 3,285 applications it has received from artists, community groups and entrepreneurs looking for money for Canada 150 ideas. To this point, 365 projects have […]


Can Alberta handle a taxing truth?

Mar 22 2017 — Gary Mason — There is a day of reckoning coming in Alberta if it hasn’t arrived already. The ugly state of the province’s economic condition was once again laid bare in the NDP government’s latest budget. The debt numbers seemed to catch most off-guard; projected accumulated arrears of $71-billion by 2019-20. By pan-national standards it isn’t that extraordinary, […]


Liberal MP Iqra Khalid addresses critics of anti-Islamophobia motion

Mar 22 2017 — Laura Stone — The Liberal MP whose private member’s motion condemning Islamophobia has divided the House of Commons used her final submission on Tuesday to address what she called “outrageous” arguments being made about her proposal. During the final debate in the Commons, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid said her motion, M-103, does not give one religion or community […]


Liberals to address women’s concerns in first gender-based federal budget

Mar 21 2017 — — The Trudeau government’s second budget will include a host of measures specifically aimed at improving the lives of women, including a plan to fund new child-care spaces, extend maternity and paternity benefits and address sexual assault. The budget will also increase defence spending, The Globe and Mail has learned, but details won’t be released until […]


Bernier campaign says vote-rigging complaints will be sent to party, not media

Mar 21 2017 — Laura Stone — Maxime Bernier’s campaign says it will now forward any complaints about membership violations to the Conservative Party and no longer publicly discuss them, including allegations of vote-buying against fellow leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary. Kory Teneycke, the former vice-president of Sun News and communications director to Stephen Harper who is advising Mr. Bernier on his leadership […]


Canada mulls joining U.S., U.K. electronics ban on flights: source

Mar 21 2017 — — Transport Canada is studying restrictions the United States has just placed on electronic devices being carried by travellers coming from 10 primarily Middle Eastern airports, and is reviewing the possibility of joining the ban, an industry source has told The Globe and Mail. For the time being, a spokesperson from the Canadian Air Transport Security […]

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No plans for airport sales in Liberals’ federal budget

Mar 21 2017 — Bill Curry — Wednesday’s federal Liberal budget won’t announce plans to sell off Canada’s major airports, even though such a move could raise billions in one-time revenue for a government that has little room left for new spending. The Globe and Mail has learned that, while the the issue of airport privatization will continue to be debated inside […]


Mud thrown during the Conservative spring cleaning

Mar 20 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — Nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of a hanging, and right now Conservative Party leadership candidates are checking their necks for the presence of a noose following allegations of membership vote-rigging. These kinds of allegations, while extremely serious, are sadly nothing new; dodgy party membership sales are as old as leadership races. And it’s […]