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Quebec Liberal caucus faces corruption crisis after political interference allegations

Apr 28 2017 — Les Perreaux — The head of Montreal’s police union has thrown Philippe Couillard’s government into another Quebec corruption crisis after he alleged political interference blocked criminal charges against a current Liberal caucus member. Yves Francoeur, president of the Montreal police union, alleged law-enforcement officials asked him “to do something” after a person he did not identify blocked some […]

Toronto Pearson international airport departures

Most Canadians think privatizing airports is a bad idea: poll

Apr 26 2017 — Bill Curry — Canadians aren’t sold on airport privatization, according to a new poll that found most people think it’s a bad idea. The federal Liberals continue to study options for privatizing Canada’s largest airports, based on the advice of two government panels that urged Ottawa to consider the idea as a way to raise billions in revenue […]


Why the Telefilm debate is a red herring

Apr 25 2017 — Kate Taylor — As Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly prepares the culture file for its digital future, some observers wonder if a splashy new Crown corporation will be her legacy. Speculation that the Liberals are planning a super-agency that would bring together film, television, new media and publishing under one roof roared into life last week when […]


Why are we talking about cupping and the Prime Minister?

Apr 25 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — A good politician goes into every interview with a message they’d like their audience to take away. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard or soft news opportunity; politicians don’t open their traps unless it’s to get a point across they think will make them more electable the next time around. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau […]


Steelworkers union paying salaries of top BC NDP campaign staffers

Apr 25 2017 — — The New Democrats are relying on the help of more than a dozen United Steelworkers employees to shape and deliver the party’s message during the B.C. election campaign, with the salaries of its most senior campaign staff being paid by the union. The revelation put the NDP on the defensive on Monday. It immediately released […]


Don’t exhale just yet. France is still deeply divided

Apr 24 2017 — Margaret Wente — France has dodged a bullet. A fresh, young, pro-European Union candidate has beaten off the forces of reaction and will almost certainly win the election for the presidency. What a relief! The stock markets are happy. The Eurocrats are happy. The EU is safe, for now. Well, don’t relax just yet. The real news is […]


Ontario to roll out basic income in three cities

Apr 24 2017 — — Ontario will provide 4,000 residents in Hamilton, Thunder Bay and Lindsay with free income, part of the government’s plan to test whether the extra funds will help improve their job prospects and quality of life. The idea is to give the province’s working poor, unemployed and homeless residents a so-called basic income to pay for […]


Populism is bad for business

Apr 24 2017 — Bessma Momani and Jillian Stirk — Over the past year, we have all witnessed the politics of fear, division, and uncertainty rise to unprecedented prominence, and take root in governments around the world. Donald Trump`s America and various slivers of Europe, provide prime examples of this trend, and it’s a dangerous draw for populations once captivated with a different type of […]