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RCMP investigation into alleged leaks prompts Canadian Forces vice-chief’s removal

Jan 16 2017 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — An RCMP investigation into the leak of top-secret defence information led to the removal on Monday of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman from his duties as the Canadian military’s second-highest-ranking officer, sources have told The Globe and Mail. A source said General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff, ordered the temporary relief of Vice-Adm. Norman’s command […]


We can end homelessness in Canada

Jan 16 2017 — Alex Himelfarb and Roy Romanow — Homelessness has been an issue for so long many view it as a natural fixture of our world. Inevitable. Unfixable. Quite simply, that’s not the case. Mass homelessness is the result of choices we have made. It’s time to make better ones. The federal government has just finished a consultation on what to include in […]


Note to Conservatives: There is no future in Donald Trump Lite

Jan 16 2017 — John Ibbitson — To varying degrees, several candidates for the Conservative leadership seek to unravel the conservative coalition forged by Stephen Harper, hoping to replace it with a populist, nativist movement similar to the one that elected Donald Trump. Either they will fail and a Harper Conservative will win the leadership, or one will succeed, condemning the Conservative […]


Why Andrew Scheer could be the next Conservative Party leader

Jan 13 2017 — Laura Stone — Conservative leadership candidate Andrew Scheer often gets a piece of unsolicited advice: Don’t smile so much. “The trouble is, I genuinely enjoy what I’m doing,” the 37-year-old Saskatchewan MP acknowledges, somewhat sheepishly, during a recent lunch in the parliamentary dining room. “When I was Speaker, I had one of these Twitter trolls … someone referred […]


Morneau vows prudent budget as Canada awaits U.S. policy changes

Jan 13 2017 — Bill Curry — Finance Minister Bill Morneau is signalling that his 2017 budget will show a preference for “prudent” new spending over tax cuts as the Liberal government braces for major policy change from Canada’s top trading partner. Mr. Morneau met Friday morning with private-sector economists to hear their expectations for the Canadian economy, including the potential ramifications […]


Liberal MPs tweet non-partisan government job ads with party logo

Jan 12 2017 — Chris Hannay — Liberal members of Parliament, including cabinet ministers, advertised non-partisan government jobs on Twitter Thursday using Liberal-Party-branded images. One tweet, from Liberal MP Francesco Sorbara, was retweeted by Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly and the Canadian Heritage department. Others who sent out virtually identical tweets include Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna. It, […]


Ottawa ignored calls to probe veteran suicides despite troubling 2014 audit

Jan 12 2017 — Renata D'Aliesio — Veterans Affairs is not yet routinely reviewing suicides of former soldiers to identify lessons that might protect other vulnerable vets, despite an internal audit of cases that found troubling gaps at the department responsible for Canada’s most chronically ill and injured veterans. Government documents obtained by The Globe and Mail through access-to-information legislation show that […]


Russia hints it could lift Freeland ban

Jan 11 2017 — Robert Fife — Russia has opened the door to lifting a travel ban on Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland if Canada removes economic sanctions and visa bans against Moscow over its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. The Russian news agency Sputnik quoted an unidentified Russian Foreign Ministry official as saying the travel ban on Ms. Freeland will remain […]


Head to head: How Trudeau’s new cabinet stacks up against Trump’s

Jan 11 2017 — Barrie McKenna — Justin Trudeau’s cabinet makeover establishes a front line of key cabinet ministers tasked with stickhandling the vital Canada-U.S. relationship in the Donald Trump era. Job No. 1 for these ministers will be to quickly get to know their counterparts on Team Trump, while seeking common ground on a range of potentially fractious files, including refugees, […]