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Ontario municipalities call for sales-tax hike to fund local projects

Aug 15 2017 — Bill Curry — Ontario municipal leaders are calling for a 1-per-cent hike in the HST that would raise $2.5-billion a year for local infrastructure. After several months of internal debate, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario officially launched a campaign Monday in favour of the idea at a convention in Ottawa. The proposal would see Ontario raise its […]

Ontario judge frees refugee claimant, calls detention Kafkaesque

Aug 15 2017 — Sean Fine — A judge has called the legality of Canada’s immigration-detention system into question in a case in which he set free a refugee claimant who had done nothing wrong, yet was detained in a maximum-security prison for 17 months. Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Morgan said the adjudicators who preside at detention hearings and review detentions […]

The fascists are mobilizing in Donald Trump’s name

Aug 14 2017 — John Ibbitson — Almost lost in the tumult of the last few weeks – the collapse of the effort to repeal Obamacare, chaotic hirings and firings in the White House, cascading revelations over Russiagate, the escalating crisis with North Korea, and now the horror of white supremacists injuring and allegedly killing people in Charlottesville – was news that […]

How many more Saudi videos does Ottawa need to see?

Aug 13 2017 — Shenaz Kermalli — How many more harrowing photos and videos do we need to see before Ottawa decides to stop arming a terrorist state? Will the death of a three-year-old boy fired at by Saudi police – whereby a bullet penetrated his waist and exited his body – be the deal breaker? What about the fact that 30 […]

Kinder Morgan: Let’s move from battleground to common ground

Aug 13 2017 — Dominique Nouvet — The B.C. government’s recently announced support for Indigenous litigants challenging the Kinder Morgan pipeline project is pleasantly surreal. To my knowledge, there is no precedent for the Crown intervening in court to support breach-of-consultation claims. Ultimately though, this court intervention and the Kinder Morgan debacle point to the need for even bolder action, beyond the […]

In the popular-premier sweepstakes, Brad Wall leaves a winner

Aug 11 2017 — Shachi Kurl — Bye bye, Brad. The people of Saskatchewan will miss you, but maybe not as much as they might have before. With Thursday’s announcement that he’s retiring from politics, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall ends a remarkable run. He seemed to defy the kind of political gravity that pulls politicians down the longer they stay in. For […]

The White House rock band needs some new tunes

Aug 11 2017 — Tabatha Southey — Everything about Donald Trump’s administration has been less “steady hand at the tiller of a great country” and more “newly formed garage band.” From the non-stop bombastic declarations of unique and immortal greatness to the ever-changing lineup, it’s all very White-House-as-epic-rehearsal-space in those parts – though actual output suggests they mostly just smoke weed in […]

Nerdy guy writes memo; world has nervous breakdown

Aug 11 2017 — Margaret Wente — A few months ago, a nerdy young Google engineer went to one of the company’s diversity workshops, where he was skeptical about what he heard. So he gave himself a crash course in the science of sex differences, and wrote a 10-page memo that set out his thoughts. Last week, someone sent it to the […]

Canadian officials mum on release of Toronto pastor from North Korea

Aug 9 2017 — — A Toronto pastor serving a life sentence in North Korea has been freed on humanitarian grounds, the country’s state media reported Wednesday, but Canadian officials remain mum on the whereabouts and condition of Hyeon Soo Lim. Mr. Lim’s apparent release comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national security adviser Daniel Jean travelled to Pyongyang this […]

How 354 bottles of beer could crack open Canada’s internal trade barriers

Aug 8 2017 — Karen Graham — Perhaps as an early nod to Canada’s 150th birthday, Canada’s Premiers released the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) in April, setting new arrangements for inter-provincial treatment and recognition of goods, services and credentials. Unfortunately, the provinces have again failed to incorporate liquor: It is expressly excluded from the CFTA, as it was from the preceding […]