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Don’t exhale just yet. France is still deeply divided

Apr 24 2017 — Margaret Wente — France has dodged a bullet. A fresh, young, pro-European Union candidate has beaten off the forces of reaction and will almost certainly win the election for the presidency. What a relief! The stock markets are happy. The Eurocrats are happy. The EU is safe, for now. Well, don’t relax just yet. The real news is […]


Ontario to roll out basic income in three cities

Apr 24 2017 — — Ontario will provide 4,000 residents in Hamilton, Thunder Bay and Lindsay with free income, part of the government’s plan to test whether the extra funds will help improve their job prospects and quality of life. The idea is to give the province’s working poor, unemployed and homeless residents a so-called basic income to pay for […]


Populism is bad for business

Apr 24 2017 — Bessma Momani and Jillian Stirk — Over the past year, we have all witnessed the politics of fear, division, and uncertainty rise to unprecedented prominence, and take root in governments around the world. Donald Trump`s America and various slivers of Europe, provide prime examples of this trend, and it’s a dangerous draw for populations once captivated with a different type of […]

Tabatha Southey

Stirring the pot legislation

Apr 21 2017 — Tabatha Southey — It seems there is no task in Canada as thankless as legalizing marijuana. Last week, the Liberals announced their plans to fulfill their campaign promise and do just that – by July 1, 2018, at the latest – and a chorus of complaints went round the country. People opposed to legalization of any kind, public-policy-failure […]


Chrystia Freeland renews call for Russia to withdraw support for Syria

Apr 20 2017 — — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland issued a renewed challenge to Russia on Thursday, suggesting that the country will be on the wrong side of history if it continues to back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the wake of a chemical-weapons attack against civilians earlier this month. Ms. Freeland said the attack, which prompted U.S. missile […]


Former veterans watchdog launches bid for NDP leadership

Apr 20 2017 — Gloria Galloway — Pat Stogran, a retired army colonel who was Canada’s first veterans ombudsman, is joining the race to succeed Tom Mulcair as leader of the federal New Democrats. Mr. Stogran launched his campaign Thursday at a hotel in downtown Ottawa where he said Canadians can count on him to be straight-talking and honest with them. In […]

Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier holds a press conference in Ottawa on Monday, Oct. 17, 2016. iPolitics/Matthew Usherwood

Mr. President, you’re right: Supply management is unfair

Apr 19 2017 — Maxime Bernier — Dear Mr. President, You may have heard about me during one of your State Department briefings. I am running to lead my party and replace Justin Trudeau as Canada’s Prime Minister after the next election. My whole platform is based on four principles: freedom, fairness, responsibility and respect. So I was very pleased when I […]

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O’Leary backs marijuana legalization; other candidates split

Apr 19 2017 — — Conservative leadership candidates are split over marijuana policy, with Kevin O’Leary the only serious contender voicing support for legalization and Maxime Bernier refusing to say whether he’ll vote in favour of the Liberal legislation to lift the prohibition on the recreational use of cannabis. Mr. O’Leary said up to 30 per cent of the population […]

lawrence martin

The big files save Trudeau from a sophomore slump

Apr 18 2017 — Lawrence Martin — After a first year in which Justin Trudeau’s Liberals gained a lot of plaudits, the consensus was that Year Two would be more difficult. Tough hurdles awaited them. How would they deliver on pipelines and, at the same time, climate change? Carbon taxes were opposed on the right, pipelines stirred protests on the left. How […]