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No plans for airport sales in Liberals’ federal budget

Mar 21 2017 — Bill Curry — Wednesday’s federal Liberal budget won’t announce plans to sell off Canada’s major airports, even though such a move could raise billions in one-time revenue for a government that has little room left for new spending. The Globe and Mail has learned that, while the the issue of airport privatization will continue to be debated inside […]


Mud thrown during the Conservative spring cleaning

Mar 20 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — Nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of a hanging, and right now Conservative Party leadership candidates are checking their necks for the presence of a noose following allegations of membership vote-rigging. These kinds of allegations, while extremely serious, are sadly nothing new; dodgy party membership sales are as old as leadership races. And it’s […]


Is Maxime Bernier too principled to win Tory race?

Mar 20 2017 — Konrad Yakabuski — You’ve got to hand it to Maxime Bernier. The Quebec MP became a laughingstock after his premature turn as foreign affairs minister under Stephen Harper ended because his then-girlfriend turned out to have ties to a motorcycle gang and access to his classified briefing notes. By Canadian standards, that should have been the end of […]


Federal budget expected to flesh out infrastructure bank plans

Mar 20 2017 — Bill Curry — This week’s federal budget is expected to include new details on the government’s planned Canada Infrastructure Bank as debate heats up over the merits of Ottawa’s efforts to attract billions in private capital. Two reports to be released Monday outline conflicting visions of what the bank will mean for Canadians. TD Bank economists say it […]


Kevin O’Leary campaign organizer accused of vote buying

Mar 19 2017 — Robert Fife — A signed affidavit provided to The Globe and Mail alleges that one of Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary’s key organizers in the Sikh-Canadian community in Brampton, Ont., offered to pay for party membership – a clear breach of party rules. The affidavit is being used by leadership candidate Maxime Bernier’s camp to target the reality-TV […]


Alberta PC candidate Kenney owes a debt of gratitude to Notley

Mar 18 2017 — Gary Mason — Whether it was intended or not, the budget tabled this week by Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP government may have helped change the course of Alberta political history. It gave her opponents a huge stick with which to beat the New Democrats from now until the next election. Budgets are always analyzed in terms of winners […]


Can Kenney unite Alberta’s right?

Mar 18 2017 — Justin Giovannetti — Jason Kenney is widely expected to win the leadership of Alberta’s storied Progressive Conservative Party on March 18. That will be the easy part. The tougher fight starts the next day as the former federal cabinet minister faces his promise to unite the province’s long-quarreling right wing.


Freeland condemns Russian aggression in Crimea, prompting Kremlin counterattack

Mar 16 2017 — Robert Fife — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland strongly condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “severe repression of human rights” in occupied Crimea on Thursday, spurring a toughly worded counterattack from the Russian embassy in Ottawa. Ms. Freeland issued a statement Thursday on the third anniversary of Russian forces annexing Crimea, saying Canada unreservedly denounces what she called “this […]