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Feds spent $33-million on ads, axed stimulus promotion in first year under Liberals

Feb 22 2017 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Liberal government won’t be buying ads to promote its multibillion-dollar infrastructure program, says a spokesperson for Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi. After promising to end partisan-tilted government advertising campaigns in the run-up to the 2015 election, the Liberals in their first year in power slashed government spending on promotion of a stimulus program started under […]


The good and bad of family dynasties in politics

Feb 22 2017 — Tim Powers — While elements of the American and British electorate seem repulsed by elites in politics and empowered by their rejection the Canadian environment is still different. If anything, political dynasties remain very much alive in Canada. A second Trudeau is our prime minister and another man named LeBlanc is a senior minister in his government. We […]


‘We look like amateur hour’: ex-diplomats, opposition decry Stéphane Dion’s dual appointment

Feb 22 2017 — Chelsea Nash — Former Canadian diplomats and the official opposition Conservatives are critical of the government’s decision to appoint former foreign minister Stéphane Dion as ambassador to both the European Union and Germany. “We look like amateur hour,” Jeremy Kinsman wrote in an email to The Hill Times last week. Mr. Kinsman was in the foreign service for […]


Feds set aside $545-million to finance new contracts reached with big unions

Feb 22 2017 — Marco Vigliotti — After more than a year in office, the Liberal government has reached tentative agreements with several large bargaining units representing thousands of civil servants, though those without deals are signalling they won’t settle until they get exactly what they want. Alain Belle-Isle, a spokesperson for the Treasury Board Secretariat, said in an emailed response to […]


Potential candidates question fairness of Markham-Thornhill Liberal nomination as Trudeau aide runs

Feb 20 2017 — Abbas Rana — Concerned that a top political aide to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is running for the Liberal nomination in the federal riding of Markham-Thornhill, Ont., some potential candidates are reconsidering their plans and questioning if the contest is going to be a fair fight. Liberal sources told The Hill Times that potential candidates are hoping to […]


Liberal MP Murray quietly recruiting other Grit MPs to ensure $6.8-billion Kinder Morgan pipeline follows all conditions

Feb 20 2017 — Abbas Rana — A senior British Columbia Liberal MP, who did not want the government to approve the $6.8-billion Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan pipeline, is holding discussions with other Liberal MPs from the province to put in place a monitoring system to ensure that all 157 conditions required by the government in the construction of the pipeline are […]

Jenn Jefferys

Monsef, Gould fell off the glass cliff

Feb 16 2017 — Jenn Jefferys — The electoral reform fiasco has been met by furious criticism, and rightly so. Millions of Canadians cast their ballots in 2015 expecting democratic reform to happen sometime before 2019. With one swift and cynical move, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke that promise, enraging electors of all political stripes. Sadly, in that decision, more was lost […]


Government attempting to ‘gut’ genetic discrimination bill once again

Feb 15 2017 — Rachel Aiello — The government, undeterred by the will of the House Justice Committee and members of its own caucus to move forward with Bill S-201, is taking another crack at trying to amend it, while essentially gutting the legislation. The Senate private member’s bill from now-retired senator James Cowan is seeking to introduce first-ever nationwide penalties against […]


Look who’s going to Washington: MPs planning blitz to meet and greet new Congress

Feb 15 2017 — Peter Mazereeuw — Dozens of MPs will descend upon Washington over the next few months to get face time with members of Congress and be briefed by government and non-government institutions, as Canada’s federal politicians try to build ties with the new American government. The House defence, foreign affairs, trade, agriculture, industry, and environment committees, a House Subcommittee […]


The perils of political hypocrisy

Feb 15 2017 — Tim Powers — Hypocrisy is alive and well in our body politic. Is it any wonder carnival-barking outsiders like Kevin O’Leary get so much attention? By simply purporting not to be a standard politician, you can come across as a winner. In the past week we have seen some great displays of false moralizing: 1) the Liberals placing […]


Trudeau’s a ‘truck art icon’ in Pakistan, PM’s image painted onto trucks, lauded for pro-diversity stance

Feb 13 2017 — Abbas Rana — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may be losing some of his edge in public opinion polls at home, but in Pakistan he’s so popular that some freight truckers have painted his picture on their vehicles, an honour usually reserved for Pakistani or Muslim war heroes, respected politicians, religious figures, poets, athletes, some royalty, and movie stars. […]