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‘Shocked,’ ‘profoundly disappointed’: Ex-clerks pan appointment process after Bosc passed over for House clerk

Jun 21 2017 — Peter Mazereeuw — Another Liberal government appointment has current and former Hill-goers bristling, after longtime acting House clerk Marc Bosc was passed over for the permanent position, which instead went to his counterpart in the Senate this week. A pair of former House clerks blasted the government’s decision to hold what it said was an open competition for […]

Reporter complains of restricted access at Liberal ‘open fundraising’ event

Jun 21 2017 — — A Hill journalist is calling into question the Liberal Party’s promise to make its fundraising events more open and transparent, after party staff restricted media access at a June 19 Ottawa event for the party’s top donors. It was the first such event in Ottawa under the party’s new “open fundraising” format, introduced earlier this […]

Meet the three MPs who want to turn Parliament ‘inside out’

Jun 19 2017 — — Liberal MP Scott Simms, Conservative MP Michael Chong, and NDP MP Kennedy Stewart want to fix Question Period, empower backbench MPs, reform House committees, and overhaul their own political parties, once and for all. So they wrote a book about it. Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Chong has been independent-minded for most of the 13 […]

Conservative MP Trost almost expelled from party over alleged membership leak, says campaign manager

Jun 19 2017 — Abbas Rana — A key individual in Brad Trost’s leadership campaign says some “rogue elements” in the Conservative Party Leadership Election Organizing Committee “don’t like” the Saskatchewan MP or social conservatives, and considered throwing him out of the Conservative Party for allegedly leaking the party membership list to a gun-advocacy group—an allegation his camp denies. In the end, […]

Feds promise regional balance on Supreme Court, with western seat up for grabs in December

Jun 14 2017 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Liberal government has pledged to “emphasize” the importance of regional representation on Canada’s top bench, with its top judge set to retire in December and open up a spot traditionally filled by a western Canadian. The government “commits to clarifying the qualifications and assessment criteria to emphasize the importance of maintaining regional representation over […]

Ex-languages commissioner Fraser says Liberals waited a year to begin search for his replacement

Jun 14 2017 — Marco Vigliotti — Graham Fraser says the Liberal government waited until 2017, after he’d already left his extended term as languages commissioner, to really begin the search to replace him, despite being reminded of the impending vacancy a year before, raising renewed concerns about the sluggish pace of governor-in-council appointments under the Liberals. Mr. Fraser, who left the […]

Conservatives, NDP threaten government with more than 30 hours of votes if it pushes unilaterally on House rule changes

Jun 13 2017 — Rachel Aiello — The Conservatives are threatening to force the House into more than 30 hours of votes tomorrow on the government’s main estimates if it doesn’t back down on using its majority in the Commons to unilaterally change some of the House rules. Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen (Portage-Lisgar, Man.) placed hundreds of votes on today’s Notice […]

Top Conservatives brief caucus on Scheer’s leadership vote numbers, MPs say they’re now satisfied, Bernier didn’t ask any questions

Jun 12 2017 — Abbas Rana — Conservative MPs say last week’s potentially explosive controversy around newly elected leader Andrew Scheer’s leadership vote numbers is no longer a problem after two top Conservatives briefed the national Conservative caucus on June 7. Conservative MPs also say Dustin Van Vugt, executive director of the Conservative Party, and Derek Vanstone, deputy chief returning officer for […]

Goodale calls C-22 ‘major piece’ of feds’ national security agenda, says amendments to Conservatives’ Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51 coming soon

Jun 7 2017 — Rachel Aiello — Canada’s Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale signalled Monday he’s hoping to bring in further national security legislation as he looks to the Senate to pass the Liberals’ first “major piece” of the government public safety and security agenda, Bill C-22, the legislation to establish the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians. “Bill C-22 is […]