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Conservative Party must be transparent about fraudulent memberships or it will ‘undercut credibility of outcome,’ says Kent

Mar 27 2017 — Abbas Rana — The Conservative Party has to be transparent to Canadians and to its more than 100,000 members about the process it’s undertaking to scrub fraudulent memberships from the party list or it will undermine the outcome of the leadership race, says Conservative MP Peter Kent. “That will undercut the credibility of the outcome. It is incumbent […]


Opposition parties say their ongoing filibuster a protest against Liberals’ ‘political thuggery’

Mar 27 2017 — Rachel Aiello — Four days of filibustering the Liberals’ attempt to expedite House rule changes was a product of Conservative and New Democrat backroom collaborative efforts to present a “unified front” in the face of what the opposition called “political thuggery” from the Liberal government. In interviews with The Hill Times during and proceeding the initial four days […]


Opposition MPs declare ‘war’ over feds’ efforts to ram through sweeping changes to House rules, ‘we’re filibustering to protect the right to filibuster’

Mar 22 2017 — Rachel Aiello — Opposition MPs spent nearly 15 hours in the basement of Centre Block on Tuesday, holed-up in a committee meeting room filibustering the Liberal government’s attempt to expedite a study on possible sweeping changes to how the House of Commons rules, and the saga is set to continue on Wednesday too. After going through much of […]


Coast Guard ship that underwent $9-million in repairs in 2009 sells for $373,000

Mar 22 2017 — Marco Vigliotti — A decommissioned Coast Guard ship that underwent $9-million in repairs in 2009 only to be permanently docked four years later has been sold for $373,000 after being offered for sale on the government’s surplus website. “It’s outrageous,” NDP MP and party procurement critic Erin Weir (Regina-Lewvan, Sask.) told The Hill Times. “The current Liberal government […]


Don’t blame Trump for asylum-seekers, says immigration minister

Mar 22 2017 — Peter Mazereeuw — The wave of asylum-seekers crossing from the United States into Canada was not spurred by the immigration policies of the Donald Trump government in the U.S., says Canada’s immigration minister. Asylum claims began rising in 2015. Mr. Trump won the presidential election late last year and was inaugurated earlier this year. A survey of those […]


Bernier’s national membership chair MP Nuttall was accused of membership fraud in 2010

Mar 22 2017 — Chelsea Nash — Amid unproven allegations that Maxime Bernier’s leadership campaign fraudulently signed up members, which Mr. Bernier denies, The Hill Times has learned his membership chair was accused of using similar tactics in 2010. Conservative MP Alex Nuttall (Barrie-Springwater-Oro Medonte, Ont.) was one of the first MPs to support Mr. Bernier’s (Beauce, Que.) leadership for the Conservative […]


Raitt willing to serve in an O’Leary-led Conservative caucus

Mar 20 2017 — Derek Abma — Conservative MP and leadership candidate Lisa Raitt has a website dedicated to telling people that Kevin O’Leary is “wrong for the Conservative Party and wrong for Canada,” but says she’s willing to put all that aside and support him if he becomes leader. And that support includes serving as a critic in an O’Leary-led Conservative […]


Senate Liberal, MPs slamming feds for not living up to transparency promises

Mar 15 2017 — Peter Mazereeuw — The government isn’t living up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to make its information “open by default,” say a handful of Parliamentarians from different parties. MPs and a Senate Liberal are crying foul after being denied information they had requested from Global Affairs Canada; the Canada Revenue Agency; Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada; and […]


CNN, Daily Caller seek press gallery membership amid growing global interest in Canadian politics

Mar 15 2017 — Marco Vigliotti — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s global advocacy for liberal pluralism in an era of growing right-wing populism is sparking renewed interest among international news outlets in covering Canadian politics, says columnist Andrew Cohen, as CNN rejoins the Parliamentary Press Gallery for the first time in two decades. “In a world in which some would say trends […]