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No northerners in cabinet, no problem for veteran Yukon MP

Jan 18 2017 — Chelsea Nash — Liberal MP Larry Bagnell was once invited to speak at a high school graduation in his riding, as most MPs are. However, for most MPs the journey to a high school in their riding would not consist of flying in a small plane, being grounded due to fog, and hitchhiking the rest of the way […]


Of politicians, vacations, and helicopters

Jan 18 2017 — Tim Powers — Politicians, vacations, and helicopters do not make a comfortable threesome. Now get your mind out of the gutter if somehow you ventured there. Justin Trudeau’s vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas is causing the prime minister and his government lots of grief. Most of it seems to be of their own […]


Commons okays $2.4-million in committee travel over past year

Jan 18 2017 — Tim Naumetz — The House of Commons and a panel of MPs that reviews travel budgets for standing committees has approved a total of $2.4-million for committee trips in Canada and abroad since the Liberals formed government, a record of the expenses shows. The bulk of the budgets and expenditures were approved from February to October 2016—a total […]


Some CPC opponents to Leitch’s divisive leadership campaign praise her, others say ‘who does she think she’s kidding?’

Jan 16 2017 — Derek Abma — Despite running a Conservative leadership campaign labelled by some intra-party opponents as “irresponsible populism,” Trump-like, and negative, other caucus colleagues of Kellie Leitch—even those opposed to her in the leadership race—say she remains a respected member of the party. Yet, one Conservative insider who asked not to be identified said Mr. Leitch (Simcoe-Grey, Ont.) has […]


Parliamentary secretary shuffle coming before House returns, insiders predict big changes

Jan 16 2017 — Rachel Aiello — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is preparing to shuffle his parliamentary secretaries following a cabinet shakeup last week and insiders say the changes coming could impact a majority of the PS positions. Right now there are 33 parliamentary secretaries, with two vacancies to be filled: parliamentary secretary for International Development and La Francophonie, and parliamentary secretary […]


Trudeau willing to make tough decisions to achieve his agenda, but Dion treated ‘disrespectfully’

Jan 16 2017 — Abbas Rana — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau injected new energy into his government when he shuffled his cabinet last week in an effort to deal with upcoming U.S. president Donald Trump’s administration, but some insiders say the prime minister treated former federal party leader Stéphane Dion “disrespectfully” by giving him the boot from cabinet and offering him a […]


Deputy minister Lemay predicts ‘multiple points of failure’ on Phoenix with 8,000 cases remaining

Jan 11 2017 — Rachel Aiello — The deputy minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada is predicting that once investigated, the implementation of the Phoenix pay system will have “multiple points of failure,” as months after the initial deadline, thousands of employees are still waiting for their pay issues to be resolved. “In any big large transformation project, there’s multiple points […]


Last-minute wave of Syrian refugees lets Liberals keep their promise

Jan 11 2017 — Peter Mazereeuw — A trickle of incoming Syrian refugees turned to a stream late last year, helping the federal government to check off one of the key targets from its 2015 election campaign. Nearly 2,000 government-supported Syrian refugees arrived in Canada in mid-December, bringing the total to more than 25,000 since the Liberal government took power in 2015 […]


Raitt risks blood in her quest to sink the big fish

Jan 11 2017 — Tim Powers — Lisa Raitt has gone shark fishing! As someone who grew up in the era of the epic Jaws films, she knows it can be a pretty bloody endeavour to catch the big fish, but well worth the glory if you do. Last week, Raitt, who to date has had generally a quite uneventful Conservative leadership […]


Ex-Senate Liberal leader Cowan says Trudeau’s changes could radically transform Upper Chamber into passive advisory panel

Jan 11 2017 — Marco Vigliotti — As former Senate leader James Cowan prepares to leave the Upper Chamber, he’s warning that major reforms introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to lessen partisanship threaten to transform the legislative body into a passive advisory panel. Sen. Cowan (Nova Scotia), who will step down on Jan. 22 upon reaching the mandatory retirement age for […]


Liberals look to edge out Conservatives in fundraising after failing to overtake Tories for most of 2016

Jan 11 2017 — Marco Vigliotti — The Liberals and NDP start 2017 looking to gain ground on the Conservatives in the race for donations, as the Tories’ well-oiled fundraising machine continues to outpace its rivals despite being relegated to the opposition ranks and lacking a permanent leader. In a year dominated by stories of high-priced, exclusive Liberal fundraisers, and allegations of […]


Scheer’s Conservative caucus support gives him the advantage, but leadership win not in the bag

Jan 9 2017 — Chelsea Nash — Conservative MP and leadership candidate Andrew Scheer may have the most endorsements from his caucus colleagues on the Hill, but that doesn’t mean he’s got the leadership in the bag. The member for Regina-Qu’Appelle, Sask. has 19 endorsements, according to his website, followed by MP Erin O’Toole (Durham, Ont.) with the backing of 13 MPs. […]


‘I think 2017 will be her true test as a minister,’ Freeland moves into the spotlight

Jan 9 2017 — Peter Mazereeuw — You can expect to see a lot more Chrystia Freeland in 2017. Barring a cabinet shuffle, the 48-year-old trade minister and MP for University-Rosedale will lead Canada’s defence against the onslaught of trade reforms promised by U.S. president-elect Donald Trump in the coming year. Mr. Trump campaigned on promises to renegotiate the North American Free […]


Several Toronto-Danforth Liberal riding association executive members threatening to resign, won’t seek another term

Jan 9 2017 — Abbas Rana — Several members of the federal Toronto-Danforth Liberal riding association executive are threatening to resign or won’t seek another term because of how they’re being treated by rookie Grit MP Julie Dabrusin’s office staff, Liberal sources told The Hill Times. “The president of the riding association [Lianne Doucet], who we have a deep admiration for, was […]