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Could a cornered Trump kill NAFTA on his own?

Aug 23 2017 — L. Ian MacDonald — The best thing you can say about the first round of NAFTA talks is also the least thing you can say about them: Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted about them. Yet. He was too busy on other fronts — for instance, abdicating the moral authority of the American presidency in the aftermath of white supremacist rioting […]

Not what the Donald ordered

Aug 17 2017 — Peter Clark — I’m off to Washington for round one of the NAFTA 2.0 negotiations. There may be some minimal harvesting of low-hanging fruit this week. President Trump wants more, of course. He needs something to distract from the daily disintegration of his administration. NAFTA must be demolished and rebuilt to his design — or perhaps just scrapped […]

Is this the beginning of the end of Rebel Media?

Aug 15 2017 — Michael Coren — I’m in London, England right now on my annual trip to the homeland, and it’s easy to become detached from Canadian politics. It’s also liberating to not give a second thought to the latest shrieks from the Canadian hard right, which always fades into deserved obscurity when viewed from Europe or the United States. The […]

Trump’s desperate for an easy NAFTA win. Let’s give him one.

Aug 8 2017 — — “Canada is no problem. We have had a very fair relationship with Canada. It has been much more balanced and much more fair. So we do not have to worry about Canada, we do not even think about Canada.” That’s U.S. President Donald J. Trump, of course, talking about us in a conversation with Mexican […]

Suddenly, everyone wants to be Canadian

Aug 8 2017 — Susan Delacourt — If Canada were a theme park, we’d be jacking up ticket prices right now. Requests to enter Canada — by both would-be immigrants and refugees — are on the upswing. Parks Canada is reporting an increase of nearly 10 per cent in traffic through national parks, thanks to the free passes in honour of the […]

Trudeau’s Scaramucci moment — and what it says about him now

Aug 1 2017 — Susan Delacourt — Justin Trudeau is — appropriately — sorry for how he talked to Rolling Stone magazine about that famous boxing match with Senator Patrick Brazeau. Trudeau said his choice of words had eroded his goals of reconciliation with Indigenous Canadians, which requires “changing approaches and changing mindsets.” Actually, it’s the changed story that may be the […]

Mad Max is still mad. Can Andrew Scheer trust him?

Jul 28 2017 — Alan Freeman — Andrew Scheer should probably seek out some tips on how to avoid drowning. The rookie Conservative leader has been visiting Quebec’s Saguenay region on one of those summer recess, get-to-know-the voters tours — taking a tipple at a local beer festival, visiting the St-Félicien zoo, meeting farmers. On Saturday, he’ll be the guest of honour […]

When did the CPC become the party of permanent outrage?

Jul 27 2017 — Michael Coren — Until around four years ago, I was a relatively prominent voice on Canada’s political right. I hosted a prime-time television show for 16 years, three of them on Sun News. I wrote a syndicated column for the Sun newspaper group for more than a decade, hosted various shows on talk radio, wrote books with a […]

Trudeau is rapidly running short of allies in the West

Jul 25 2017 — Susan Delacourt — Ousting a woman premier now seems to be a two-man job in the West. In Alberta over the weekend, Jason Kenney and Brian Jean joined their parties to form the new, United Conservative Party, its sights firmly trained on getting rid of Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP government. In British Columbia, meanwhile, Christy Clark lost […]