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Parliament Hill pictured in Ottawa on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. iPolitics/Matthew Usherwood

A bluffer’s guide to the House rules debate

Mar 24 2017 — Kady O'Malley — Okay, so what’s the issue here? Why is everyone so angry all of a sudden? In a nutshell: The Liberal government’s apparent readiness to proceed with a major rewrite of the House of Commons rulebook, even if it means using its majority power to do so over the explicit, abject objections of the opposition parties, […]


A budget built for the 2019 election

Mar 22 2017 — Stephen Maher — There are a lot of words — but not a lot of numbers — in the 2017 budget. In the lockup in downtown Ottawa on Wednesday, where hundreds of reporters, experts, spinners and hangers-on hunched over their budget books and laptops, everyone shrugged. “Not much in it,” they said. After years of Stephen Harper budgets […]


Budget 2017: Morneau rags the puck

Mar 22 2017 — L. Ian MacDonald — Sometimes you really can tell a book by its cover. Bill Morneau’s first budget in 2016 featured a cover image of a mother and daughter holding hands as they walked down a yellow brick road on their way to prosperity. The title of the book was “Growing the Middle Class”. The message was clean and […]

Susan Delacourt new

This isn’t the anti-Trump budget

Mar 22 2017 — Susan Delacourt — Nearly five weeks ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that citizens around the world were looking for leaders to “step up” and address their economic anxiety before it turned into populist anger. Budget 2017 is not the sequel to that speech. Though the forces that elected Donald Trump in the United States are acknowledged in […]

Susan Delacourt new

Trudeau and Ottawa’s culture of secrecy

Mar 21 2017 — Susan Delacourt — He likes to talk about being ‘open’ and ‘transparent’ — but his backbench isn’t buying it. Budget day is like a big surprise party for politicos and finance geeks. The media is complicit in the surprise plotting beforehand — huddling for hours in the ‘lockup’, poring over the soon-to-be-announced numbers before the finance minister does […]

Tasha Kheiriddin

One law for border-hoppers, another for everyone else?

Mar 20 2017 — Tasha Kheiriddin — What should Canada do about our Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States? Part of the U.S.-Canada Smart Border Action Plan, the agreement states that refugee claimants must request protection in the first ‘safe’ country in which they arrive, unless they qualify for an exception (for family members, unaccompanied minors, certain document holders, and […]


Don Meredith would like your sympathy now

Mar 20 2017 — Martin Patriquin — By claiming to be the victim of racial persecution, he’s insulting the actual victims. Senator Don Meredith (Don Meredith would like you to know) is a victim of Canada’s prevailing and overwhelming racism. As a 52-year-old black man, he is seen as a predator, sexual and otherwise, who has risen too high in life for […]


Leitch campaign says Rebel commentator wouldn’t pass values test as Chris Alexander boycotts Rebel Media events

Mar 17 2017 — Janice Dickson — Chris Alexander boycotts Rebel Media events. Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch’s campaign says Rebel Media commentator Gavin McInnes wouldn’t pass her values test. McInnes said in a video after a recent trip to Israel, which he calls a “brainwashing” trip, that he’s “becoming anti-Semitic.” The video was praised by Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke […]

Leadership candidates Kellie Leitch, left, and Maxime Bernier greet each other at the beginning of the Conservative Party French language leadership debate, Tuesday, January 17, 2017 in Quebec City. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot

Leitch climbs, O’Leary and Bernier hold steady lead in CPC race

Mar 17 2017 — Janice Dickson — Kevin O’Leary and Maxime Bernier continue to maintain a steady lead in the Conservative leadership race, according to the latest iPolitics CPC Leadership Tracker, powered by Mainstreet Research. From February March 6 to March 11, Mainstreet reached 1607 members and found — with a margin of error of +/- 2.26 per cent, 19 times out […]


Maxime Bernier says he’s been ready to run for years

Mar 15 2017 — Janice Dickson — The one silver lining from Maxime Bernier’s abrupt 2008 cabinet resignation is that the move gave him more time to prepare to lead the Conservative party. He’s delivered a lot of speeches since then and has based his leadership platform on them, so it was easy for him to enter the leadership race and bring […]


A day to remember in the House

Mar 15 2017 — L. Ian MacDonald — Write down the date — March 8, 2017. It will be remembered in the annals of the House of Commons as one of the most progressive and productive days in the modern era of Canadian politics. First came the Daughters of the Vote, 338 young women aged 18-23 occupying the seats of MPs from their […]

Susan Delacourt new

Phoenix failure eroding faith in system

Mar 14 2017 — Susan Delacourt — The Canadian government’s biggest enemy on the high-tech front isn’t some foreign power, many would argue — it’s a domestic, sleeper agent that goes by the name of Phoenix. While Russian intervention in the U.S. election keeps feeding the headlines south of the border, Canada’s largest, computer-borne threat is more home-grown — and sitting right […]


Snatching defeat – Marc and Jodie Emery are winning the battles in the war to legalize pot, but have lost the moral high ground

Mar 13 2017 — Martin Patriquin — Those who follow the often-fraught politics of marijuana in Canada are familiar with a few enduring realities. There are the ‘slippery slope’ politicians — step right up, Tony Clement! — who conflate the stuff with hard drugs, saying that legalizing it is akin to giving your child heroin, meth or whatever boogeyman narcotic is currently […]