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Harper tried to build a big tent party. His successors are burning it down.

Feb 17 2017 — Alan Freeman — In 2006, several months after becoming prime minister, Stephen Harper traveled to Washington to meet President George W. Bush. At a private dinner hosted by Canada’s newly-appointed ambassador, Michael Wilson, the subject of diversity and immigration came up. There, in the presence of Bush’s campaign guru Karl Rove and several U.S. cabinet ministers (Bush didn’t […]


Conservatives may pay a price for M-103 hysteria

Feb 17 2017 — Stephen Maher — On Wednesday night, hundreds of people gathered at the Canada Christian College in Toronto for a rally against M-103, a motion to deplore “Islamophobia,” the irrational fear or hatred of Muslims. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid tabled the motion after the murder of six men at prayer in Quebec City, which has badly rattled Canadian Muslims. […]


Leitch surges in latest Mainstreet Tory leadership poll

Feb 17 2017 — BJ Siekierski — Kellie Leitch is now the first choice for over one-fifth of Conservative party members, passing Maxime Bernier and nipping at the heels of an increasingly polarizing Kevin O’Leary campaign, according to the latest iPolitics CPC Leadership Tracker — powered by Mainstreet Research. Mainstreet reached 804 members between February 9 and 12 and found — with […]

Michael Harris

Is Donald Trump losing it?

Feb 17 2017 — Michael Harris — The White House is now at war with the intelligence community, the media — and reality. There is forgetting, and then there is forgetting. Sir Mick Jagger apparently forgot that he wrote an entire autobiography of 75,000 words and handed it to publisher John Blake in 2014. Jagger was keen to have it published, according […]


What the right keeps getting wrong about free speech

Feb 17 2017 — Michael Coren — On Wednesday night, a rally against the federal Liberals’ Motion M-103 was held in Toronto. The motion is moderate and largely exploratory, and is in part a response to the grotesque slaughter of Muslim worshipers in Quebec City in January. Frankly, it would be shocking if Ottawa had not initiated some sort of response to […]

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CPC leadership contenders rile crowd at Rebel event opposing M-103

Feb 16 2017 — Ainslie Cruickshank — As most members of Parliament debated a Liberal MP’s motion denouncing Islamophobia in the House of Commons Wednesday evening, four Conservative leadership contenders took their opposition on the road to Toronto. There they riled a hundreds-strong crowd gathered at the Canada Christian College. The majority in attendance were middle aged, but there were a number […]


Reading between the lines of the Trudeau-Trump encounter

Feb 14 2017 — L. Ian MacDonald — Media outlets have been measuring the degree to which Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump hit it off by the duration of their handshakes at the entrance to the White House and again in the Oval Office. Leaving body language aside, the more significant message was in the joint communiqué that was drafted ahead of the […]

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The centre cannot hold: Canada faces a populist eruption

Feb 14 2017 — Susan Delacourt — Now that Justin Trudeau has taken the first steps into President Donald Trump’s circle of trust, he may want to turn his attention back to serious trust issues back here in Canada. A new, international “trust index” released today contained some troubling news for the prime minister and his Liberal brand: Canadians’ trust in government […]


O’Leary edging out Bernier to take on Trudeau in 2019: poll

Feb 13 2017 — Janice Dickson — Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary may have been late to the gate, but he’s already leading the race to succeed Stephen Harper, edging out Maxime Bernier and opening a significant lead over Kellie Leitch, according to a new poll conducted by Mainstreet Research. The first poll from the iPolitics CPC Leadership Tracker, powered by Mainstreet […]


Trudeau gets ready to walk a Trump tightrope

Feb 11 2017 — Stephen Maher — At some point in Washington on Monday, after his meeting with Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau will stand in front of a microphone and a reporter will ask him what he thinks about Trump’s Muslim ban. There is no good answer to that question. Trudeau can’t say that the ban is a malevolent political gesture — […]

Tasha Kheiriddin

Time to let Bombardier crash and burn

Feb 10 2017 — Tasha Kheiriddin — Sometimes you can’t make anyone happy. This week, Ottawa announced that it will provide Bombardier Inc. interest-free loans amounting to $372.5 million to prop up its jet business — the latest installment in a billion-dollar stream of federal disbursements to the company dating back to 1966. Still, the news hit like a lead balloon in […]


Trump badly needs a drama-free meeting with Trudeau

Feb 8 2017 — L. Ian MacDonald — If you’re wondering when Justin Trudeau will have his first meeting with Donald Trump, you might look at the week of February 27. For one thing, it’s a break week in the House, making it easier for the prime minister to travel to Washington. For another, it would give Team Trump three weeks to settle […]

Tasha Kheiriddin

Fake news or state news? It’s a false choice.

Feb 6 2017 — Tasha Kheiriddin — “Any negative polls are fake news.” That’s how Donald Trump reacted after CNN published a survey showing he now has the lowest approval rating of any newly-elected president in polling history. Just weeks into his presidency, only 44 per cent of Americans said they approve of the job he has done — making him the […]

Minister of Veterans Affairs Erin O'Toole speaks to guests after announcing improved benefits for veterans and their families, during a news conference in Vancouver, B.C., on Tuesday March 17, 2015. A plan to enhance support for seriously injured veterans under the New Veterans Charter and proposed new support for informal caregivers such as family members was announced. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

NS PC Leader Jamie Baillie endorses Erin O’Toole for CPC leadership

Feb 6 2017 — Janice Dickson — Just two days after Conservative leadership candidates took the stage in Halifax for an unofficial debate held by the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives, PC leader Jamie Baillie picked his favourite — Erin O’Toole. In a release issued by O’Toole’s campaign Monday morning, Baillie says he’s endorsing O’Toole for leader, citing his ability to advocate for […]