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Andrew Scheer learns his job’s no fun

Sep 21 2017 — Paul Wells — There comes a time in every new opposition leader’s career when he discovers it’s a horrible job. This usually happens early. The reasons why it seems like it shouldn’t be a horrible job are: (a) All you have to do is make fun of the government; (b) Being an opposition leader, and therefore hating the […]

Hyper parliamentarians are back in the House of Commons

Sep 19 2017 — Meagan Campbell — Majority, schplajority; the Opposition made its side heard. Andrew Scheer warned new tax rules will force farmers to sell their land and rent it back from foreign owners, to tend their fields as mere tenants, clarified when Scheer’s colleague cried, “serfs!” Parliament made a rambunctious return on Monday, when members chirped and guffawed their way […]

Justin Trudeau: Look for the union label

Sep 14 2017 — — Since the Liberals won the election, Trudeau has taken care to reward Canada’s big unions for their support. Canada’s unions are welcoming the federal government’s plan to close tax loopholes for very high-income earners, saying it’s an important first step toward bringing more fairness to Canada’s tax system.

Dean Del Mastro fought the law and the law won

Sep 13 2017 — Stephen Maher — Dean Del Mastro, the former Conservative MP for Peterborough, former ethics spokesman for Stephen Harper, lost his second appeal at the Ontario Court of Appeal on Wednesday, which means he can no longer avoid his 30-day sentence for election crimes. Del Mastro is now waiting in the chow line with other inmates, likely at the […]

Lost and broken – Canada’s inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women is crumbling into chaos. Can it be saved?

Sep 13 2017 — — The inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women is crumbling amid defections, bureaucratic chaos and personal conflict. Inside the meltdown—and the desperate bid to turn things around. Cabinet ministers Carolyn Bennett, Jody Wilson-Raybould, and Patty Hajdu were all on hand that day at an emotional event in Gatineau, Que., at the Canadian Museum of History. […]

Women in the real world, not Angelina Jolie, give meaning to summits

Sep 12 2017 — Anne Kingston — On the 16th anniversary of 9/11, Tina Brown brought her highly successful, corporate-branded, feminist Coachella—“The Women in the World Summit”—to Toronto for a day-long event. The former Vanity Fair and New Yorker editor always rustles up marquee names, and did so Monday, with a list that included Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Angelina […]

Should Canada help in North Korean standoff?

Sep 3 2017 — Evan Solomon — The Sunday morning tremors, measuring a magnitude of 6.3, signalled a major escalation in North Korea’s nuclear program. Pyongyang claims to have tested its first hydrogen bomb, one that could be placed on the head of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. Though the size and scope of what happened still has to be verified at time […]

Fighting in Afghanistan: ‘You have the watches. We have the time’

Sep 3 2017 — Evan Solomon — Donald Trump has now officially made Afghanistan his war. How ironic. The man who portrays himself as the great isolationist, who threatens to build walls around the U.S. both literally and, in the case of trade, figuratively, is proving to be all bluster and no border. “A hasty withdrawal [from Afghanistan] would create a vacuum […]

Darshan Kang and the arithmetic of sexual assault

Sep 2 2017 — Anne Kingston — On Thursday night, we were provided with an instructive glimpse into the arithmetic of sexual violence when Liberal MP Darshan Kang resigned from caucus. Kang stepped down 21 days after the Hill Times revealed on Aug. 11 that the Calgary Skyview MP was under House of Commons investigation for sexual harassment; an unnamed female staffer […]

How Donald Trump is poisoning conservative politics

Aug 20 2017 — Evan Solomon — It’s gut-check time for conservatives in the U.S. The obscene trifecta of Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and the KKK used the Charlottesville violence to re-vivify their putrid ideas, feeding like a parasitic oxpecker on the host body of the Republican elephant. It should be the most obvious ploy to condemn—there is no more basic political rule […]

A lesson for Canadians in Trump’s failure

Aug 3 2017 — Evan Solomon — It was only in political theatres for 11 days, but “The Mooch,” an R-rated comedy starring the preening, inept Wall Street cockalorum Anthony Scaramucci as the White House communication director was pure box-office gold. As a follow-up to Sean Spicer, the original gabbler who was equally maladroit but somehow more likable—Spicey at least had the […]

Caroline Mulroney, the anti-Trudeau, enters the political fray

Aug 2 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — Caroline Mulroney’s resume is so blinding, the biography section of her freshly launched campaign website can afford to ignore the very thing Ontarians are most likely to know about her: that she’s Ben Mulroney’s sister. All kidding aside, Mulroney’s campaign site—launched in support of her just-announced run for the Ontario PC nomination in York-Simcoe—also forgoes […]

The Tory MP who made his peace with Pride Week

Jul 27 2017 — Jason Markusoff — Jim Eglinski shrugs off his participation in the flag-raising to kick off Pride Week in Jasper, Alta., as no different from a French school’s Franco-Albertan flag ceremony in Hinton, an hour’s drive east. “They invite me just like hundreds of other organizations around the riding, and I treat them the same as others. If I […]