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Why Canadians are closer to losing their news than they think

Jun 22 2017 — Colin Horgan — The results of an Abacus poll published last week confirmed what most probably already suspected: if Canadian local newspapers were to disappear, few would care. When Abacus asked a cross-section of Canadians whether they’d still be able to get “the news you need” if their local paper were to go under, 86 per cent said […]

Is everything we thought about online political campaigns wrong?

Jun 14 2017 — Colin Horgan — On Saturday, Nick Timothy stepped down from his position as co-chief of staff to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, and made his resignation letter public. His contrite message maintained that, as he saw it, May remains the best leader to address the frustrations Britons have about austerity, Brexit and a lack of opportunities to get […]

The ‘honest and unfiltered’ Donald Trump

Jun 7 2017 — Evan Solomon — Of all the bizarre things about the Donald Trump presidency—and the list is growing as long as a Tolstoy novel, from the tectonic shift towards American isolationism to the investigations into the alleged Russian penetration of his campaign—perhaps the most peculiar is the orchestrated attempt of his closest surrogates to convince the world not to […]

Prime Minister Ella-Grace Trudeau?

Jun 5 2017 — Paul Wells — Who’s up for a third-generation Trudeau prime minister? Anyone? Bueller? Always one to think ahead, the current Prime Minister Trudeau, Justin, was on the TV this morning from Niagara Falls, where two visiting American daytime TV hosts, Kelly and Ryan—or as I still call them, Regis and Kathy Lee—asked him which of his three children […]

How the B.C. Liberals squandered their chance to keep power

Jun 3 2017 — Nancy Macdonald — Imagine the Pittsburgh Penguins had left Sidney Crosby home for the Stanley Cup finals. The guy who told his teammates “We can win this again,” before the champagne had even run dry during last summer’s Stanley Cup celebrations. Their best offensive force, now entering the legacy-building stage of his career, who some nights seems to […]

Justin Trudeau, Christy Clark and a high-stakes Game of Pipelines

Jun 2 2017 — Evan Solomon — Pierre Trudeau once said, “the essential ingredient in politics is timing” and right now his son Justin must appreciate that wisdom more than he ever wanted. Just months ago Prime Minister J. Trudeau’s green version of the New Deal, his great Carbon Pact, was all set to go. A national price on carbon in exchange […]

Inside Andrew Scheer’s unlikely triumph

May 31 2017 — Paul Wells — It’s an eternal truth of politics that every victory is only the start of a new fight. “There is renewed hope for Canada, starting today,” Andrew Scheer told thousands of Conservatives on Saturday at a rental hall near Toronto’s Pearson Airport. “I’m here to tell you that the pain and hardship the Trudeau Liberals are […]

Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party’s future

May 27 2017 — Paul Wells — These things used to happen on the floor of delegated conventions: a party’s accredited delegates would seem to be heading in one direction, only to stop, stare one another in the eye, and pivot. The Progressive Conservatives in 1976, putting the old-school populist Claude Wagner on top of three ballots only to crown an unsteady […]

Andrew Scheer’s victory speech takes aim at Trudeau

May 27 2017 — John Geddes — Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer used his victory speech at the Conservative leadership convention in Toronto this evening to implore his party to unite behind him, while painting a dark vision of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government bringing “pain and hardship to Canadians.”

What happens next in B.C.

May 25 2017 — Paul Wells — So the recounts are over in the super-tight British Columbia provincial election, with no changes to the seat count: 43 Liberals, 41 NDP, 3 Green. It’s obvious that (Greens + anybody else) = viable majority in the 87-seat legislature. So now what? Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, no fool, is speaking to both parties, trying […]

As it’s laid out, Bernier’s health-care plan may be electoral poison

May 25 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — How many Conservative Party members cast their ballots for Maxime Bernier ahead of this weekend’s leadership convention without knowing his central health care policy would render the cherished Canada Health Act unenforceable? I don’t know, but I imagine it’s more than nought, and the headline “Could Maxime Bernier kill universal health care?”—which appeared last week […]

What Donald Trump’s bad budget math means for the Tories

May 24 2017 — Evan Solomon — The timing could not be worse. Four days before Conservatives in Canada are set to choose a new leader, Donald Trump released his huge budget proposal, or, to use a phrase that more accurately describes the phantasmagoric document, his grand budget magic trick. Suddenly, an enormous amount of attention is on one of the foundational […]

Are the Conservatives about to elect their own Stéphane Dion?

May 24 2017 — Scott Reid — The Conservative Party is about to pull a Dion. In selecting Maxime Bernier as their next leader this weekend at the party’s leadership convention—an outcome that the pitiful withdrawal of carpetbagger Kevin O’Leary has made all but inevitable—the Conservatives risk repeating history. It just won’t be their own. In 2006, the federal Liberals gathered in […]