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The anatomy of Harjit Sajjan’s Afghanistan operation apology

Apr 29 2017 — Evan Solomon — A day before he backtracked from his false claim that he was the “architect” of Operation Medusa, one of the biggest and most dangerous missions of the war in Afghanistan, Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan inexplicably and stubbornly stood by them in a correspondence with me. What happened over the last five days might […]

bruce anderson

If push comes to shove with Donald Trump, Canadians are ready

Apr 28 2017 — Bruce Anderson — Forever it seems, Canadians have had jitters about our relationship with the United States. Pierre Trudeau likened it to sleeping beside an elephant. “No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast…one is affected by every twitch and grunt.” Watching Donald Trump run America—words like “friendly and even tempered” don’t come to mind. Words like […]


Clown down: The post-O’Leary Conservatives

Apr 26 2017 — Paul Wells — Perhaps now (he said with no real hope), we will stop pretending success in other fields transfers effortlessly to politics. Ken Dryden was a great goalie. He got nowhere as a leadership candidate—and that was in 2006, when, as it turned out, the Liberals could have used a good leader. Marc Garneau was an astronaut. […]


Softwood lumber: Well, that escalated quickly

Apr 25 2017 — Paul Wells — Wells: On Monday, Fox News carried an interview with a Wisconsin dairy farmer who has hit hard times and blames Canada. The President was watching. “It has been a bad week for U.S.-Canada trade relations [US trade secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement this evening]. Last Monday, it became apparent that Canada intends to […]


For a troubled Trump, Canada is easy pickings

Apr 25 2017 — Evan Solomon — In the wasteland of Washington’s political swamp April may not be the cruellest month, but it is turning out to be the craziest, especially for Canada, as President Trump desperately hunts for some cheap political wins. In trying to validate his shambolic first 100 days in office, a time where palace intrigue has over-shadowed his […]


Is the Trump-Trudeau women’s council real or fake?

Apr 22 2017 — Anne Kingston — In February, the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders—let’s call it CUSCFAOWEABL for short—was launched amid much fanfare during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House. Ten CEOs and business leaders—five from the US, five from the Canada—gathered in the Cabinet Room to […]


The Liberals’ infrastructure bank takes shape

Apr 21 2017 — Paul Wells — The bill to enable the Trudeau government’s proposed infrastructure bank has been introduced in the House of Commons. It must be one of the Liberals’ biggest and most poorly understood projects: $35 billion from Ottawa as seed money, to attract potentially hundreds of billions from large investors for major new infrastructure projects.


Good luck with Days 93-100, Mr. President

Apr 21 2017 — Paul Wells — Trump has so far proven that he can’t accomplish much and isn’t particularly worth worrying about—good news for Canada. Donald Trump is tweeting about “the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days,” so let’s apply it. Our standard, of course, should be Donald Trump’s. Before the election, he was super-interested in being held to account […]


How a new Tory leader can beat Justin Trudeau

Apr 17 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — The memberships have been sold, the ballots are about to be mailed out, and the Conservative faithful are only weeks away from knowing their new leader. If polling is to be believed, it’s a two-man race between political neophyte Kevin O’Leary and Maxime Bernier, a former cabinet minister. Depending on how the preferred ballots fall, […]


A bad trip: Legalizing pot is about race

Apr 14 2017 — Evan Solomon — Since 1908, when the Canadian government passed the Opium Act prohibiting the “the importation, manufacture and sale of opium for other than medicinal purposes,” race has been a key aspect of Canada’s drug laws. It was impossible to separate the government’s thinly developed health concerns about opium from its much more deeply developed racist views […]


Scowly Liberals legalize the demon weed

Apr 13 2017 — Paul Wells — And now, an edited but faithful reproduction of the background documents the Liberals released with their marijuana bill on Thursday: “…strictly… strictly… restrict… strict… significant penalties… strictly… zero tolerance… dangers… restrict… strictly… restrict… stop criminals… strictly… restrict… punish more severely… tougher… deaths and accidents… risk every day… dangers… punish more severely… oral fluid.” This sets […]


Bombs don’t make you president

Apr 7 2017 — Paul Wells — There’s a cottage industry constantly calling on U.S. presidents to bomb something because that will make them seem serious. Unfortunately the use of heavy ordnance, when it comes, does not seem to impose a concomitant obligation on the rest of us to be serious too. We get to say whatever the hell we want, apparently.


Syria is gassing children to death. What should Canada do?

Apr 6 2017 — Evan Solomon — The perversity is, the usual headlines, as disturbing as they might be, are almost a welcome distraction. There is the priapic pastor, Senator Don Meredith, accused of having sex with a teenager he mentored, clinging to his Red Chamber appointment with more devotion than he has to his own dignity. Another Senator, Lynn Beyak, has […]


Justin Trudeau takes questions—all of them

Apr 6 2017 — Paul Wells — Good for the prime minister for taking questions from every MP who had one in Question Period on Wednesday. He has proposed a single weekly PM’s Questions during which he’d be the only person to take questions from the Opposition. It’s modelled on the way the Brits do it. The opposition understands the unspoken rest […]