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John Milloy

The next stage of the assisted dying debate is underway. Who knew?

Jan 18 2017 — John Milloy — Are there circumstances where assisted suicide should be among the range of options available to someone dealing with serious mental health issues? Should we routinely euthanize people with diseases like Alzheimer’s based upon their advance wishes? Are there times when mature kids and teenagers should be able to get a doctor’s help to die? No, […]


MacAulay pitches importance of Canada-U.S. agrifood trade

Jan 17 2017 — Alex Binkley — In addition to high level meetings with the Trump takeover team, the Trudeau government intends to use cabinet ministers to pitch the importance of Canada-U.S. trade relations to American audiences. The basic message will be that the current system works fairly well. Improvements are always possible but no need for major changes. An example of […]

Glen Pearson

Shape Shifters

Jan 17 2017 — Glen Pearson — There’s “nothing orderly” about Donald Trump’s presidency process, wrote the Washington Post’s Dan Balz, going on to add, “Trump always said he liked to be unpredictable.”  It’s fitting in its own strange way, since so much of politics globally remains in a state of flux.  Citizens, too, remain uncertain in their sentiments – a trait […]

John Ivison
National Post

Trudeau should be at action stations, not calling radio stations

Jan 12 2017 — John Ivison — “Is that coffee I smell, or Liberal arrogance?” The words of legendary Toronto Star reporter, Richard “The Badger” Brennan, as he mounted the bus on some long-forgotten election campaign, elicited chuckles from his colleagues but horror from Liberal staffers. Arrogance is kryptonite to the members of Canada’s self-appointed natural governing party. Justin Trudeau has enjoyed […]

Conservative MP Ted Menzies responds during question period in Ottawa on June 12, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Heart issue forces Menzies out of CropLife

Jan 11 2017 — Alex Binkley — Heart problems have forced Ted Menzies, veteran farm leader and former federal cabinet minister, to resign as President and CEO of CropLife Canada after just three years in the post. While his appointment in 2014 was controversial coming months after leaving the Harper cabinet, he carefully avoided any conflict of interest between his new job […]


How Polls, the News Media, and Putin gave Trump the Presidency

Jan 9 2017 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — Did the Putin-inspired hacks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) tilt the voting results in Trump’s favor? Seventeen US intelligence agencies believe Russia and in particular Putin interfered in the elections.  Republicans are careful to say there is no direct evidence proving it is the reason why Trump won. That may be true. However, from […]


Garneau will be under plenty of scrutiny in 2017

Jan 4 2017 — Alex Binkley — Transport Minister Marc Garneau has laid out an ambitious agenda in his Transportation 2030 strategy and turning the initial cross country praise for it into ongoing support will be no easy task. While legislation to improve air travel drew a lot of media attention, for business groups the focus was on a bill the minister […]

Glen Pearson

2016 – The End of History – As We Knew It

Jan 3 2017 — Glen Pearson — Francis Fukayama’s book The End of History and the Last Man emerged in 1992 – a well-crafted reasoning as to why liberal democracy of the Western variety had become the greatest form of human government. Though a fascinating read, for many who had travelled extensively there was the sense that the author’s predictions weren’t matching […]


Changes to foreign worker program crucial for rural Canada

Dec 27 2016 — Alex Binkley — Agrifood organizations have the support for the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses in hoping that initial changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) are the first steps to more sweeping reforms. CFIB President Dan Kelly said, “The artificial caps on the percentage of foreign labour may make sense in parts of Canada, but for […]