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Don Lenihan

Five big ideas for Canada, but one is the biggest

Feb 28 2015 — Don Lenihan — Last Thursday, Canada 2020 invited five thought leaders to Ottawa to give TED Talks on a Big Idea for Canada’s future. While I loved them all, for my money, one speaker stood out. No, it wasn’t astronaut Chris Hadfield, but a retired bureaucrat named Morris Rosenberg. Rosenberg is a highly respected, former deputy minister of […]


Western weakness won’t help Ontario’s budget woes

Feb 26 2015 — Mark Milke — With the plunge in oil prices over the last six months (and already soft natural gas prices), it’s not headline news to note that provinces heavily dependent on energy-related revenues are suffering.  The decline in the resource sector has also contributed to a decline in the value of the Canadian dollar against the greenback. That […]

Brian Rotenberg22

Getting a grip on the risks of vaccination

Feb 26 2015 — Brian Rotenberg — Every day when I see patients in my surgical clinic, some are offered a procedure to help them feel better. Whether it is a minor surgery like a tonsillectomy, or something larger scale such as tumor resection, I have a full discussion with the patient regarding the benefits and risks of doing “something.” Each time […]


Four things needed to make pharmacare work for Canadians

Feb 25 2015 — Steve Morgan — A growing number of health professionals, patients, community groups and even politicians are calling for national pharmacare. But many Canadians likely wonder what pharmacare is and whether Canada is ready for it. Let’s start at the beginning. Affordable access to safe and properly prescribed prescription medicines is so critical to patient health that the World […]


Dying badly in Canada

Feb 23 2015 — Harvey Max Chochinov — Canadians now have a right to medically hastened death, but no right to quality palliative care. A few days after the Supreme Court of Canada overturned the prohibition against doctor-assisted suicide, I received a note from a wonderful colleague of mine saying that her closest friend’s 53 year old son had just died of spinal […]

Don Lenihan

Terrorism is no place for wedge politics

Feb 21 2015 — Don Lenihan — Progressives keep calling for a coalition to defeat Stephen Harper. That’s not going to happen—certainly not before the election. In the meantime, however, the NDP, Liberals and Greens could unite behind a plan to oppose the use of terrorism as a wedge issue to divide Canadians. True, these three parties have quite different views on […]


We need to have an adult conversation about security

Feb 20 2015 — Kent Roach — Our failure to respond to a series of reviews over the past decade is coming back to haunt us in the rush to enact legislation to respond to the perceived emergency of the October attacks and the rise of ISIL. In the wake of the Prime Minister’s rollout of Bill C-51, a massive antiterrorism bill, […]

Frances Russell

Canada’s Crime Rate is Plunging but the Harper Government’s Incarceration Rate is Skyrocketing: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Feb 18 2015 — Frances Russell — “The 2011 Canadian rate of 1.73 homicides per 100,000 population is the lowest of all the Americas, 14 times lower than in Mexico and about one-third of the rate in the United States. The homicide rate in Canada is more comparable to many European countries and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), but remains much higher […]