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Wally Smith

Supply management provides stability in uncertain economic seas

Dec 16 2014 — Wally Smith — There has been debate in recent days about the prices of Canada-US consumer goods, and, inevitably, some discussion about food and dairy prices. It’s important to ensure Canadians have the facts. Things generally cost more in Canada – from toys, to sports equipment to books to food. Sometimes dairy products cost more, but not always! […]


“Outing” the Global Agricultural Trade Cheats

Dec 12 2014 — Peter Clark — Free trade in agriculture is a Holy Grail often espoused by those who do not understand the complexities of agricultural production or the extent of rules-breaking in global markets for farm products.  It was not an accident that trade in agriculture was largely outside the GATT rules-based global trading system until 1994. The brave experiment […]

Frances Russell

Where you stand depends on where you sit in Harper’s new – and meaner – Canada

Dec 10 2014 — Frances Russell — Back in the days when Canada’s current prime minister was president of the secretive, far-right National Citizens Coalition and waging bitter wars against Medicare and so-called “anti-democratic” gag laws limiting the amount of money private deep pockets could use to buy elections, Stephen Harper sued the Attorney General of Canada. He sought a declaration that […]

David Lindsay

The forest industry’s vision for the future

Dec 8 2014 — David Lindsay — The next federal election will feature a useful debate about the role of natural resources in Canada’s economic future. Canada’s forest products industry offers a story of the innate potential of Canadians to make better products, create good jobs and improve our environment too. An international survey earlier this year reported that Canada’s forest products […]

Frances Russell

CBC’s Perilous Future as Half Public and Half State Broadcaster

Dec 3 2014 — Frances Russell — “‘Well, first we’re going to get them on their knees and then we’re going to restructure them,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reported to have said recently about the future of the CBC. Ian Morrison of Friends of Canadian Broadcasting warns Canadians that “his (Harper’s) idea of restructuring…would be something along the lines of American […]


What business do we have in the bedrooms of state?

Dec 2 2014 — Alice Funke — No-one else knew for sure what went on in that room, but the two MPs who were there. She provided contraception, and no-one said no. But consent, along with the power relationship between the two of them, remained at issue. How could that be? Well, if you watched the scene I just described from the […]