National Newswatch
Glen Pearson

Better Understanding Ourselves

Nov 29 2016 — Glen Pearson — When New York Times contributing journalist Ben Judah asked on the night of the American presidential election, “What is collapsing right now?” his befuddlement represented the sudden confusion enveloping the world.  There were thousands of opinions, naturally, none of which had any sense of certainty to it.  Three weeks later, we still don’t have a […]

John Milloy

Police and politics can be a dangerous mix

Nov 25 2016 — John Milloy — Elected officials love when people say “politics is a blood sport.” As a group we tend to be soft and unathletic and this description makes us sound rugged and mysterious. Politics can be mean, but is it truly a “blood sport?” Although partisanship has increased of late, most political attacks tend to be more theatre […]

Peter Clark

Softwood Lumber – The Other Shoe Drops

Nov 25 2016 — Peter Clark — International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland’s office has confirmed that the U.S. Lumber Coalition will file petitions in the fifth round of anti-dumping/countervailing duty today (November 25). Lumber V is moving from threat to reality. The Coalition was pleased to see the end of the 2006 SLA. It did not work well for them. Cross border lumber […]

Adil Sayeed

Voting Reform To Stop A Canadian Trump

Nov 23 2016 — Adil Sayeed — Hillary Clinton won over 2 million more votes than Donald Trump. But, Trump is President-elect because he won 57% of Electoral College delegates. Delegates are awarded to the candidate who wins the most votes in each state. Trump’s 47% of the national vote was distributed state-by-state more effectively than Clinton’s 48%. Meanwhile, back in Canada the […]

John Milloy

Canadians need to avoid the US election’s “us and them” narrative

Nov 23 2016 — John Milloy — Remember when Hilary Clinton labelled many of Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorables”? Many Americans were delighted with this move. Until that moment Clinton had run a low-key campaign and she seemed to be finally taking on all those racist, homophobic, climate change-denying, misogynistic Trump supporters who wanted to turn back time.   Here at home, I imagine […]

Glen Pearson

Then We Take Berlin

Nov 18 2016 — Glen Pearson — “If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution,” Emma Goldman stated.  At the moment, millions are gyrating across various electoral maps in response to Donald Trump’s election win.  In countries around the world, people are seeing something in it that gives their radical tendencies a new rhythm. It is these movements – National […]

Brian Innes

Harvesting prosperity from seven years of negotiation

Nov 16 2016 — Brian Innes — Threats to rip up NAFTA and trash the TPP send a chill down the spines of Canadians whose livelihoods depend on trade. And while the Trump administration’s action plan is not yet clear, it is crystal clear that Canada’s past and future depend on trade. Prime Minister Trudeau can warm things up by promoting the […]


Canada needs a training plan

Nov 16 2016 — Christopher Smillie — Over the course of the past ten years, Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) have been consistent in our message about the need to improve Canada’s training system. This past March the federal government heard us and provided $85.4 million over the next 5 years to support our affiliated unions’ ability to train the Canadian workforce […]

Glen Pearson

Democracy Reset

Nov 15 2016 — Glen Pearson — In his book At Home, bestselling author Bill Bryson tells of walking through Norfolk, England, with an archeologist friend.  Every church they looked at was depressed three feet into the ground – like “a weight sitting on a cushion,” he writes.  Bryson assumed it was because of the weight of the structures over the centuries.  […]

Eugene Lang

What Trump Means for Canada

Nov 14 2016 — Eugene Lang — Nearly half a century ago Republican Presidential candidate Richard Nixon appropriated the phrase “silent majority” to characterize a broad swath of Americans who were white, worked hard, were not that well-educated, raised their families diligently, went to church on Sundays, and tried to live the post-war American dream.  But Richard Nixon’s silent majority was also […]