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Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Encounters with authenticity: Mulcair vs. Trudeau

Oct 7 2015 — Don Lenihan — This election is about change. Some 70% of us say we want it. But Canadians have been up and down on who they trust to deliver it. It’s made the last year a wild ride, but the end is in sight and I think some important lessons are emerging for progressives of all stripes. Let’s […]


NDP misread voters, squander lead

Oct 2 2015 — Deveryn Ross — They have committed a series of unforced tactical errors, underestimated the resilience of their opponents, misread the public mood and ignored important lessons from past elections. By adopting centrist policies to better challenge for power, they have compromised party doctrine, their position as the nation’s social conscience and their credibility with voters. One month ago, […]

Steve Chase

Shake Hands with the Devil

Oct 1 2015 — Peter Clark — Ministers in Atlanta seem determined to close the unending negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement by Saturday this week. The odds are now 60/40 that Ministers will not need to reconvene in November.

John Milloy

Pope’s message isn’t that the left is right

Sep 30 2015 — John Milloy — Mixing religion and politics is always a delicate undertaking. Persons of faith always have to be careful when they enter public debate. As far as we know, God is not in the habit of endorsing political platforms or parties. Not everyone seems to realize this. In the United States the Republic party, by hi-lighting certain […]

MediaStyle election panel

LIVE BLOG: Munk Debate Panel

Sep 28 2015 — — National Newswatch and MediaStyle are pleased to co-present a pre-debate panel of political strategists who will dissect the campaign to date and forecast where it’s headed. Together with political strategist Kate Harrison, MediaStyle’s Ian Capstick will examine important election issues. They will be joined by Renée Filiatrault who has served overseas in Afghanistan with Task […]


Why affordable housing should be a federal election issue

Sep 28 2015 — Art Eggleton — It’s time to make affordable housing an issue in the federal election campaign. Four million people are struggling to find affordable housing in Canada today.  By affordable, I’m using the Canada Mortgage and Housing (CMHC) standard rule of thumb of about 30 percent of income going to housing that is adequate and in suitable condition. […]


It’s time for Canada to stop sleepwalking across the global stage

Sep 28 2015 — Colin Robertson — Canada’s international brand needs a make-over. It starts with a strategic plan, focused priorities and specific initiatives for international re-engagement. In preparing for Monday’s foreign policy debate, our party leaders should read Roland Paris’ letter to the next prime minister, Ian Brodie’s After America and a recent study by Robert Greenhill and Meg McQuillan assessing Canada’s […]

Marc Lee

Memo from Washington: The Pope’s Call for Climate Action

Sep 24 2015 — Marc Lee — To start his US tour, the Pope stated that “climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation. When it comes to the care of our ‘common home,’ we are living at a critical moment of history.” Speaking on behalf the poorest people – those who will be most adversely affected […]

Mark Dance

Will a hunger for real democracy be key outcome of 2015 Election?

Sep 24 2015 — Mark Dance — When Justin Trudeau announced this week that “there are no circumstances in which I would support Stephen Harper to continue being prime minister of this country,” he confirmed that the democratic drama in which we’ve all been cast mightn’t end on October 19th. Canadians are in the midst of their longest period of substantial democracy […]


Making molehills out of mountains

Sep 23 2015 — Rick Smith — Pity the poor pundits this ridiculously long election season. The election-industrial complex has never revved this hot for so long, and some of its practitioners are starting to show the strain from feeding the 24-hour news beast. As time wears on two conflicting and equally erroneous themes are front and centre, each making their own […]


Atlantic Federal Government Job Losses are Ottawa’s Gain

Sep 22 2015 — Percy Downe — Between 2008 and 2014, over 1,784 federal government jobs have been eliminated in Atlantic Canada. During the exact same time period, the Ottawa area had their federal government job employment increase by 1,835 positions. These figures from the Public Service Commission of Canada tell a disturbing story. In a region suffering high unemployment and a […]