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John Milloy

We Sometimes Need to Have Messy Conversations During Elections

Sep 2 2015 — John Milloy — “The sanctity of life is one of our most fundamental societal values.” Although these may sound like the words of Pope Benedict or some right wing Conservative backbencher, they actually come from the February Supreme Court Judgement on assisted dying. Laws are a reflection of our society’s values. And in the case of assisted dying, […]

Frances Russell

On October 19 stand up for Canada

Sep 2 2015 — Frances Russell — The story goes that British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was once asked what the most challenging part of his job was. “’Events, my dear boy, events’” he supposedly replied. Macmillan’s quote – fictional or not – is certainly an apt description of Canada’s current marathon 2015 federal election. At 143 years, it’s the longest Canadian […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Did Trudeau just change the campaign?

Aug 29 2015 — Don Lenihan — Justin Trudeau’s infrastructure announcement may have changed the campaign. It places two potentially powerful themes side by side: the economy and trust. The question now is whether he can cement the link between them in voters’ minds. Let’s start with the economy, then turn to trust. Until now, the discussion on the economy looked quite […]


How the West (unwittingly) aids Russian propaganda

Aug 27 2015 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — It’s disappointing when Western news media promulgate Russian polls touting the unbelievably high popularity of President Putin as if it was a true reflection of Russian sentiment.  But to see one of the most respected US pollsters add credibility to such questionable results is perverse. Why should we in the West promote Russian propaganda? The […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Would Liberals prop up a Harper minority?

Aug 20 2015 — Don Lenihan — The polls say we’re heading for a minority government, possibly Conservative. A question raised over the last few days is whether the Conservatives could govern. While iPolitics columnist Susan Delacourt (my spouse) thinks they can’t, Stephen Harper’s former Chief of Staff, Tom Flanagan, thinks they’ve got a good shot at it. Who’s right? Regarding the […]

John Milloy

Let’s follow Britain’s lead: Ban political TV and radio ads

Aug 19 2015 — John Milloy — Attention political junkies: When was the last time you watched a YouTube clip of a clever political television commercial from Britain? The answer is probably never, because the U.K. bans paid political advertising on television and radio. Isn’t it about time Canada followed suit? Think about it. Being able to turn on your TV without having to […]

Colleen Fuller

The Facts on Canadian health Care Can’t be Trumped

Aug 18 2015 — Colleen Fuller — Of all the outrageous things U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said this summer, trust the Fraser Institute to single out his only accurate observation, that “single payer [health care] works in Canada.” In an August 11 op-ed in National Newswatch, the institute’s Jason Clemens and Baccus Barua argue Trump got it wrong. Canada’s […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Harper’s legacy

Aug 17 2015 — Don Lenihan — Suppose the Conservatives lose this election. Will the Harper Government have a legacy piece? A legacy is usually some legislative or institutional achievement that will continue to shape politics, the economy or society long after the government is gone. Examples include the CPR, our national health care system, the Charter of Rights, and the Canada-US […]


The truth about Clarity

Aug 15 2015 — Robert Asselin — Some observers, namely a few political scientists sympathetic to the NDP, have wondered in the last few days why the Leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, decided to raise the issue of national unity at the Maclean’s debate last week. While campaigning in Québec on the eve of la Fête nationale du Québec on […]

Jason Clemens and Bacchus Barua

Sorry Mr. Trump, Canadian Health Care is Not Working

Aug 11 2015 — Jason Clemens and Bacchus Barua — As is often the case in U.S. politics—though normally on the Democratic side of the aisle—Canada’s health care system was raised as a functioning alternative to the American model. Specifically, GOP front-runner Donald Trump described Canada’s health care system as working just fine. The facts are markedly different from Mr. Trump’s description. Canada suffers from […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Should you vote for a leader who doesn’t trust the public?

Aug 10 2015 — Don Lenihan — Pundits often debate whether the public trusts their leader, but here’s a question they rarely ask: Does the leader trust the public? For Stephen Harper, the answer is an unambiguous no. Harper’s campaign is casting him as the leader who will make the right choices for Canadians; not just because of his conservative views, but […]

Peter Clark

Trouble in Paradise

Aug 9 2015 — Peter Clark — Trade expert Peter Clark was in Lahaina, Hawaii, for the recent talks at the Trans Pacific Partnership Ministerial meeting.  As the clock ticks toward the ‘deadline’ for an agreement and as pressure to conclude a deal continues, he is continuing to provide updates on the state of negotiations.  The extreme secrecy of the Trans‑Pacific Partnership (TPP) […]

Linda Silas

Health care is not a back burner issue for Canadians

Aug 8 2015 — Linda Silas — The first federal leaders’ debate was supposed to cover ‘the key issues’ on the minds of voters, and it could be the only English debate that voters will have the opportunity to hear from all national party leaders. Canada’s nurses were disappointed that health care was not on the agenda. It’s a good thing we […]

Peter Clark

TPP success will require more give, less take

Aug 6 2015 — Peter Clark — Trade expert Peter Clark was in Lahaina, Hawaii, for the recent talks at the Trans Pacific Partnership Ministerial meeting.  He is continuing to provide updates on the state of negotiations as the clock ticks toward the ‘deadline’ for an agreement.  Canada is playing an important role in the TPP negotiations.  I never doubted this, but the […]