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Colleen M. Flood

Why medical tourism is not the answer

Apr 14 2014 — Colleen M. Flood — Medical tourism is not a ‘cash cow’ but a ‘many-headed Hydra’ So it looks like the ‘magic bullet’ solution has been found at last to cure Canada’s health care woes: medical tourism.  Last week, Toronto’s Sunnybrook hospital defended its position to court affluent medical patients from other countries who can afford to pay generously for […]

Frances Russell

The Fair Elections Act Is Unconstitutional, Legal Experts Say

Apr 9 2014 — Frances Russell — Three constitutional lawyers say the Conservatives’ proposed Fair Election Act is unconstitutional because it weakens public trust and confidence in the integrity of the electoral process. They predict it will face a constitutional challenge in court. Steven Schrybman, lawyer for the six voters representing the hundreds, if not thousands, of voters disenfranchised in the 2011 […]

Livio Di Matteo

The failure to transform public health care spending is a missed opportunity

Apr 7 2014 — Livio Di Matteo — Federal government pulls away from active role in healthcare spending  Expenditures on public health care in Canada appear to be slowing raising the possibility that the health care cost curve is finally being bent and the system transformed.  Numbers from the Canadian Institute for Health Information show that real per capita public sector health spending […]


Where will health leadership come from now?

Apr 7 2014 — Ryan Meili — Mourning the demise of federal-provincial cooperation in health care Amid the clamour and confusion around the end of the multi-billion dollar Canada Health Accord and the future of health transfers from federal to provincial governments, there has occurred a quieter, and perhaps more significant, certainty. The Health Council of Canada is officially no more. Now […]

Oleh Iwanyshyn

Putin’s Invasion Plan for Ukraine

Apr 7 2014 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — While there has been a huge amount of conjecture on what motivated Putin to invade Crimea and where his expansionist ambitions will take Russia, precious little evidence to support such conjecture is offered.  Was this a strategic action planned long in advance, or was it an opportunistic, tactical decision capitalizing on the turmoil of the […]