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Danyaal Raza

Canadian doctors tackle the relationship between climate change, extreme heat and patient health

Aug 22 2016 — Danyaal Raza — This week, Canadian physicians are gathering for the annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Often called Canada’s ‘Parliament of Medicine,’ one of the meeting’s strategic sessions is zeroing in on the health consequences of climate change. Slated to start with a keynote address from Dr. James Orbinski, past president of Doctors Without Borders, […]


Premiers pledge to make energy poverty worse in Atlantic Canada

Aug 20 2016 — Kenneth Green — Last week, the premiers of Atlantic Canada met with federal Environment Minister Katherine McKenna to discuss energy planning for the region’s future. Things discussed included the building of a “clean electricity future,” and a “national price on carbon,” which was described as “impending” in a news article covering the meeting. Atlantic Canada is, indeed, a […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Goodale’s foray into crime prevention – a trend-setter for Trudeau government?

Aug 18 2016 — Don Lenihan — Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has been making the rounds to talk about an anti-radicalization program. This should be a no-brainer. Who really believes that building ever-larger police forces is the solution to home-grown terrorism? Surely, a better strategy is to prevent radicalization from happening in the first place. But if prevention is a seductively […]

Glen Pearson

Canada’s Kind of World

Aug 17 2016 — Glen Pearson — Perhaps the greatest temptation in the world of government is the politics of the urgent, and in a world of bad news the pressure to “do something” becomes endless.  The recent incident in Strathroy, Ontario, of a man suspected of plotting a terrorist attack only provides further fodder for those concerned over the presently precarious […]

John Milloy

How to make politics a little more family friendly

Aug 17 2016 — John Milloy — Family life and political life are a toxic mix. After over a decade as a member of the Ontario legislature, including seven as a cabinet minister, I retired from politics in 2014 because I couldn’t take it any more.  I had two young kids that I simply never saw. Don’t get me wrong. I was there […]

Glen Pearson

No “Team” in “I” – The Donald Trump Credo

Aug 9 2016 — Glen Pearson — With the final nominees settled and three months of campaigning ahead, this American election season is likely to be one of the most tumultuous in recent memory.  That’s okay; political contests, especially south of the border, have ever been tumultuous affairs. Yet there has never been anything like the showdown that has been building for […]