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Glen Pearson

When Accepting Refugees Is No Longer Enough

Sep 29 2016 — Glen Pearson — Somewhere along the line, citizens and their leaders around the world are going to have to admit that the present plan for dealing with the burgeoning refugee problem isn’t going to work. It’s not all about the math, although that’s not a bad place to start. When Filippo Grandi, head of the United Nations High […]

John Milloy

What is missing from the Canadian values debate

Sep 14 2016 — John Milloy — Kellie Leitch seems to be having the time of her life. Her cockamamie idea to screen potential immigrants for “anti-Canadian” values has put this relatively unknown Conservative leadership candidate on the front pages of major newspapers.  If you subscribe to the old “any publicity is good publicity” adage, it doesn’t really matter that much of the […]


The disappearance of Tom Mulcair

Sep 7 2016 — Kelly McParland — Anyone out there seen Thomas Mulcair? You know the guy. Male, age 61, prefers a beard. Once viewed as a serious contender to become prime minister. Last seen … well, it was quite a while ago. The New Democratic Party leader — yes, he is still the leader — has managed to evade the public […]