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Harper’s coming election strategy

Jul 30 2014 — Don Lenihan — Last winter/spring, as Stephen Harper sat sullenly in the Commons getting grilled on the Senate, there was growing speculation he’d be gone by the fall. Not anymore. These days he is being fêted at home and abroad for his “principled stand” against thugs and terrorists, and the question now is whether this will pay off […]

Frances Russell

Corporate “Citizens” Damage Democracy

Jul 30 2014 — Frances Russell — Corporate personhood is an American legal concept created by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1819. First, under U.S. and increasingly, international law, corporate “persons“ enjoy many of the same rights as actual citizens under both British common law and the U.S. Constitution. Corporate personhood is at the root of the global proliferation of U.S.-style corporate […]

Don Lenihan's Public Voice(s)

Are political parties in decline?

Jul 26 2014 — Don Lenihan — In a provocative piece, The Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt recently asked whether political parties still have a useful role to play in our democratic future. I think they do, but she puts her finger on an issue we would all be wise to consider. Delacourt (who is also my spouse) thinks parties served us well in the […]


Why Canadian medicare should neither ‘go Dutch’ or ‘to the dogs’

Jul 24 2014 — Ryan Meili — Canada’s health care system faced some provocative comparisons recently. First was Sarah Boston’s new book, Lucky Dog, in which she details her personal experience with thyroid cancer and navigating the Canadian health system. Boston, a veterinary oncologist, claims that Canadian dogs often have better access to health care than their human counterparts. The next round […]

Frances Russell

Canada’s Elected Dictatorship

Jul 23 2014 — Frances Russell — “L’etat, c’est moi,” declared France’s King Louis XIV. Throughout their eight years in office, the Harper Conservatives have devoted much of their electoral mandate to denigrating and diminishing Parliament, beginning with their blatantly unconstitutional parliamentary prorogation in December, 2008 to avoid defeat on a non-confidence vote. As a result of that unparalleled assault, Canada’s parliament […]

Don Lenihan's Public Voice(s)

Feds vs. Provs: Who speaks for Canada now?

Jul 18 2014 — Don Lenihan — When the premiers banded together to gang up on Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau—as they often did—he had a great way of putting them back in their place: ‘Who speaks for Canada?’ he’d growl. Well, there is a case to be made that it is no longer Ottawa that speaks for Canada, but the provinces—and, indeed, […]


Statement by Mike Duffy’s legal counsel

Jul 17 2014 — Staff — “This has been a difficult year for Mike and Heather Duffy, financially, emotionally and for Mike, health wise. He has had to undergo a second open-heart surgery; required serious follow-up (invasive) medical procedures at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, and he still has serious heart problems. Nevertheless, Sen. Duffy is thankful that the awful 16 months of waiting through […]