National Newswatch

Climate change plan another blow to Ontario’s competitiveness and consumers

Jun 25 2016 — Kenneth P. Green and Taylor Jackson — Over the past decade, Ontario’s economy has underperformed compared to the rest of Canada. Misguided policy choices, including tax increases and significant debt growth due to unsustainable spending increases, have contributed significantly to the province’s underperformance. The latest policy blow to Ontario’s economy comes from its recently-released Climate Change Action Plan, which contains almost 80 […]

zach paikin

The Brexit referendum has damaged the West’s global influence

Jun 23 2016 — Zach Paikin — Perhaps Charles de Gaulle was right. Perhaps Britain never should have joined the European Union in the first place. The French president twice vetoed the United Kingdom’s application to join what was then called the European Economic Community, fearing that British membership would result in undue American influence in a European organization. But more importantly, […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Senators were right to yield to the Commons on C-14

Jun 18 2016 — Don Lenihan — Following a succession of anni horribili, senators have finally caught a break. C-14 on medically assisted dying was a golden opportunity to reaffirm their purpose. They responded admirably; and now they’ve done the right thing again by yielding to the Commons and letting the legislative process take its path. Not everyone agrees. Some senators are having a […]

Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre

Case for the expanding CPP based on myths—not facts

Jun 17 2016 — Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre — The upcoming meeting of Canada’s finance ministers in Vancouver has sparked speculation of major changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). The federal government wants an agreement with the provinces to expand the program—a move that would involve increasing mandatory contributions on working Canadians. However, the arguments in favour of CPP expansion are largely based […]

Glen Pearson

A valiant voice silenced by the plague of hatred

Jun 17 2016 — Glen Pearson — “Maybe when we face a tragedy,” wrote Kamand Kojouri, “someone, somewhere is preventing a bigger tragedy from happening.”  We recently saw an inspiring example of this hope on a bloodied street in Birstall, England.  It served as a powerful reminder that merely observing a world in turmoil will never save it. Jo Cox was only […]

Senator Art Eggleton

Canada has Fallen Behind, Panel on Mental Health in Prisons Says

Jun 16 2016 — Art Eggleton — Underfunded, under resourced, unseen, and inadequately supported. These were the words panellists at Wednesday’s Senate Liberal Open Caucus used to describe investments in mental health at Canadian correctional facilities. “Canada has fallen behind,” said Gary Chaimowitz, Professor at McMaster University and Chair of the Psychiatry Section of the Ontario Medical Association. Reflecting on the fact […]