National Newswatch

Canada’s tax system requires swift simplification

Apr 27 2015 — Charles Lammam — Filed your taxes yet? You’ve got until Thursday at midnight. After that, according to the federal government, you’re officially in arrears. Unfortunately, due to Canada’s increasingly complex tax system, Canadians today face greater challenges filing their taxes than they did just 20 years ago. Things have gotten a lot more complicated. For instance, consider the […]

Jaime Watt

Election Issue Monitor says Oliver’s Budget is a Balancing Act

Apr 24 2015 — Jaime Watt — Crafting a pre-election budget is a lot like juggling knives: The challenge of keeping so many sharp objects simultaneously aloft requires focus, precision and nerves of steel. Against the backdrop of a fall election, Finance Minister Joe Oliver appears to have done a commendable job of balancing both economic and political realities in the 2015/16 […]

Daryl Copeland and Colin Robertson

Rebuilding Canada’s international capacity: Diplomatic reform in the age of globalization

Apr 24 2015 — Daryl Copeland and Colin Robertson — The world is an ever more complicated place and diplomacy, the world’s second oldest profession, matters more than ever before. But it is a different form of diplomacy – embracing the tools of technology and recognizing that globalization has both flattened the old hierarchies and added new complexities. For Canada, diplomacy is more than a […]


Four things you should know about the pending Charter challenge against medicare

Apr 23 2015 — Colleen M. Flood and Kathleen O’Grady — A long-running dispute between Dr. Brian Day, the co-owner of Cambie Surgeries Corporation and the British Columbia government may finally be resolved in the BC Supreme Court this year – and the ruling could transform the Canadian health system from coast to coast. The case emerged in response to an audit of Cambie Surgeries, a […]


Canada’s federal budget lacks big picture thinking

Apr 22 2015 — Charles Lammam and Milagros Palacios — In many ways Tuesday’s federal budget wasn’t all that surprising. Many of the government’s key initiatives were already announced (the so-called “Family Tax Cut” package) or telegraphed as part of the Conservatives 2011 platform (raising the TFSA annual contribution ceiling to $10,000). The remainder included a smattering of relatively smaller initiatives to satisfy various interest […]

Bacchus Barua

Wait times in Canada longer than health report suggests

Apr 20 2015 — Bacchus Barua — You know things are bad when the best you can say is “at least it hasn’t gotten any worse.” That, essentially, is the main takeaway from the Canadian Institute for Health Information’s updated report on wait times for healthcare in Canada. The media seems to have taken the bait, though, seemingly content with CIHI’s news […]


Entrepreneurship, Demographics and Capital Gains Tax Reform in Canada

Apr 15 2015 — Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis — A number of prominent Canadians, including Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz, have raised concerns about the state of business start-ups and entrepreneurship in Canada. There is no question that entrepreneurship is critical to a well-functioning, prosperous economy. New firms are the lifeblood of innovation, creativity, and economic progress. While the decline in business start-ups […]

Frances Russell

Sound rules to starve by

Apr 15 2015 — Frances Russell — Sing a song of plenty, a planet full of fools Everybody starving by sound financial rules. This sardonic spoof of the childrens’ nursery song, Sing a Song of Sixpence, was published in a Canadian newspaper in 1934, the pit of the Great Depression. Driven by the Harper Conservatives’ sudden embrace of federal balanced budget laws […]


Money kept by Canadian taxpayers is not a “loss”

Apr 14 2015 — Mark Milke — With tax season at hand, here’s a useful tip for any tax-weary Canadian. When some people refer to income or other money not taxed as a “loss” to government, remember that they may merely be using technical language. In contrast, others really do lament any reduction or “omission” in possible taxes that flow to governments. […]