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Mark Crawford

A Referendum if Necessary — But Not Necessarily a Referendum

Jul 27 2016 — Mark Crawford — Opinion is divided on the question of whether Canada should have a national referendum on electoral reform.  Supporters of the idea correctly suspect that the Liberal Government, and indeed all political parties, are inherently in a conflict of interest and should not be blindly trusted to design the rules by which they are elected.  The […]


Why are so many Canadians using food banks?

Jul 26 2016 — Jino Distasio — Canada plagued by “food mirages” – available nutritious food sources many can’t afford. Canadian households are paying more for a nutritious basket of food with rising prices hitting low-income households hardest — especially those receiving government assistance. To put this in perspective, Food Banks Canada estimates that just over 850,000 Canadians use a food bank […]

Barrie Kirk

Ten Things Canada Needs to Do to Prepare for Self-Driving Cars

Jul 5 2016 — Barrie Kirk — Automated Vehicles (AVs) will be here much sooner than most people realize. Unfortunately, among G7 countries, Canada is last in its preparations for AVs. Partially-autonomous cars are already commercially available with features such as intelligent cruise control, lane centering, pedestrian detection and automatic braking, and self-parking. In addition, special purpose, fully-autonomous vehicles are already commercially […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Messaging is a two-way street where Send includes Reply

Jul 5 2016 — Don Lenihan — Electoral reform, a renewed Senate, more open government—Canadians have some big plans to strengthen their democracy. But sometimes it’s the little things that count. Take messages: Is there any connection between the state of our democracy and a willingness to return phone calls or e-mails? An impressive body of evidence suggests there is. Over the […]

Lawson Hunter

Donald Trump’s dangerous campaign of blurring lines

Jul 3 2016 — Lawson Hunter — Amidst all of the criticisms levelled at Donald Trump, there is one aspect of his campaign that has largely gone unnoticed: his tendency to blur the line between the public and private spheres. When the PGA announced that it was moving its World Championship Golf tournament from the Trump-owned Doral golf course in Florida to […]