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Eugene Lang

Barton Report Could Chart a Policy Revolution for Ottawa

Feb 25 2017 — Eugene Lang — “The need for a focused, sector approach to economic development is particularly acute for Canada.” This assertion, buried in one of the recently released reports of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth—chaired by Dominic Barton of McKinsey and including a who’s who of Canadian business and academia—might seem innocuous or even banal.  […]

John Barrett

Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage: Low-cost electricity, jobs & growth, health & clean air

Feb 23 2017 — John Barrett — Ontario has a nuclear advantage.  Unfortunately, many in the province don’t realize it — or how much it benefits them.  The Ontario Government’s Long-Term Energy Plan, expected to be released shortly, provides a timely opportunity for some fresh thinking about nuclear energy. When we flick on the lights, turn on the computer, or charge electric […]

John Milloy

Trudeau must try to push Trump on climate change

Feb 22 2017 — John Milloy — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed to handle his recent visit with President Donald Trump extremely well.  Friendly, but not effusive, he focused on trade and avoided controversial issues. He skated around Trump’s travel ban, refrained from mentioning Nordstrom and certainly avoided subjects like climate change. Remember climate change? Remember the simple fact that our planet […]

Rick Smith

Trudeau’s Electoral Reform Mess: An International View

Feb 21 2017 — Rick Smith — I had to watch Prime Minister Trudeau’s epic electoral reform meltdown from a distance over the past couple of weeks given my attendance at an international meeting of progressive policy leaders in South Africa.  Being surrounded by politically attuned people from countries that have long used a proportional representation (PR) voting system provided some useful […]

Colin Kenny

Courage in Communication

Feb 20 2017 — Colin Kenny — When it comes to retail politics, Justin Trudeau and his father are not cut from the same cloth. Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s public persona was self-contained, enigmatic and, at times, abrasively combative.  In private, he was sensitive, caring and thoughtful, but the public did not often see that side of him. When he toured, we made […]


Finally some recognition for agriculture and food

Feb 16 2017 — Alex Binkley — Although it provides one in eight jobs in Canada and earns about 7% of the GDP, the agriculture and food sector gets little recognition from politicians and the public for its economic importance. It also has to contend with a public awareness that’s about on the level of the kid’s story Old MacDonald had a […]

Glen Pearson

Making America Grate Again

Feb 14 2017 — Glen Pearson — Depending on how one looks at it, the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the office of President could be one of the best things to happen to the United States and beyond in some time.  Call it “Making America Grate Again,” or “Mourning in America,” but the dynamic nation just to the south of us […]

Senator Colin Kenny

Smoot-Hawley’s Misguided Folly

Feb 14 2017 — Colin Kenny — In June 1930, the Congress of the United States passed the “Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act”, named for its Republican sponsors, Utah Senator Reed Smoot and Oregon Representative Willis Hawley. The original piece of legislation was designed to protect American agriculture but within days, other industries began storming Washington demanding similar protections. The thinking was that tariffs […]


Four Keys to a Successful Housing Strategy

Feb 12 2017 — Rosanne Haggerty — This is an exciting time to be working in housing and homelessness in Canada. Over the last year and a half, my team and I have had the honour to support a growing movement of communities in Canada working to house 20,000 of Canada’s most vulnerable homeless people.  It has been wonderful to witness communities […]

John Milloy

Note to Patrick Brown: Religion and Politics Can Mix

Feb 8 2017 — John Milloy — Do religion and politics ever mix well? Does the current civil war within the Ontario PC Party, between social conservatives and everyone else, not demonstrate that faith should be checked at the door before entering the political arena? There certainly seems a lot of evidence to support that view. On the one side, you have […]

Gord Miller (Wikimedia)

Defending biofuels pits Miller against economic heavyweights

Feb 6 2017 — Alex Binkley — Former Ontario Environment Commissioner Gord Miller is taking on some financial heavyweights in his ongoing defence of government support for biofuels. In a report called Staying the Course, Miller blasts the Ecofiscal Commission for calling for an end to the federal and provincial biofuel mandates that require blending regular gas and ethanol because they’re too […]

conservative-leadership-debate-20170204 (1)

Maxime Bernier says opponents are ‘afraid’ of his policies on equalization and supply management

Feb 5 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Conservative leadership frontrunner Maxime Bernier says other candidates, including Kevin O’Leary, are “afraid” of free market policies that some regions or special interests won’t like. Despite the perceived opposition, he’ll still put them in his cabinet if he becomes prime minister, he told the National Post on Sunday. While opponents were attacking O’Leary for spending […]