National Newswatch
Blake Goldring

Financial Wake Up Call

Nov 25 2015 — Blake Goldring — As Canada’s 5th annual Financial Literacy Month draws to a close, it’s an ideal time to reflect on transforming good will and awareness into action. For many Canadians, one of the greatest financial risks remains their own misperceptions about investing and saving. A national survey of investor attitudes recently conducted for AGF Management Limited, reveals […]

John Milloy

Open government is not always so simple

Nov 25 2015 — John Milloy — Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision to make the usually confidential ministerial mandate letters public marked a new era of openness in Ottawa. Ministers were advised to follow an accompanying reference guide entitled Open and Accountable Government. Unfortunately, when I requested a copy from the Privy Council Office, I was told that it was not publicly available. […]

Ben Eisen and Jason Clemens

Think-tanker ascends to minister of finance

Nov 23 2015 — Ben Eisen and Jason Clemens — Earlier this month, Bill Morneau, the former chair of the C.D. Howe Institute, was appointed Canada’s minister of finance. In the coming months, Morneau will be tasked with one of the government’s most important responsibilities: crafting and delivering its first budget. We hope the research and ideas Morneau was exposed to during his time in […]


Fair Taxes Need to Fill Budget Hole

Nov 20 2015 — Andrew Jackson — The Economic and Fiscal Update released Friday shows that the status quo deficit in the next fiscal year of 2016-17 will likely be $3.9 Billion compared to the surplus of $600 Million assumed by the Liberals when they calculated their fiscal plan. That means that the new government has a big hole to fill, some […]

Jeff Cyr and Stephen Huddar

Building a Reconciliation Nation

Nov 19 2015 — Jeff Cyr and Stephen Huddart — Almost a year ago, a cover article in Maclean’s singled out Winnipeg as Canada’s most racist city. It looked at the troubling relationship between settlers — everyone from the earliest European arrivals onward — and the city’s Indigenous residents. The message touched a nerve, and prompted Mayor Bowman and local leaders to take action. We […]

Jim Grey

Biofuels Are Part of The Solution to Ontario’s Transportation Emissions

Nov 18 2015 — Jim Grey — Governments around the world will leave the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) with aggressive greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. These governments, including Canada’s federal government and provincial governments that have made emission reductions a key part of their mandate, will need to be seen delivering quick results. It is a highly complex issue with no […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Mandate letters send Liberals into uncharted waters

Nov 17 2015 — Don Lenihan — Liberals have always believed that government can be a force for good in our society. And, as fate would have it, this government comes to power at a time when openness to some kind of government activism is back in fashion. But what kind of activism? The clue lies in the past. Following the near […]

Matthew Lombardi

In wake of Paris attacks, PM Trudeau must not succumb to allies’ pressure on ISIS bombing mission

Nov 16 2015 — Matthew Lombardi — Fresh on the heels of an electoral performance for the record books, Prime Minister Trudeau’s undeniable star power instantly created that rarest of Canadian commodities: a genuine source of interest to the global community, setting opinion columnists on high alert in capitals from Europe to Asia. But what should have been a get-to-know-you first month […]

Bruce Anderson

“Thanks Peter, Chantal, Andrew and viewers”

Nov 10 2015 — Bruce Anderson — For the last few years, it’s been my good fortune to sit down most Thursday nights and talk politics with some very thoughtful people. The At Issue Panel on CBC’s The National has long been a well regarded hot stove session for many people who love politics. It was an honour to be asked to […]