National Newswatch

Alberta’s budget: $11.4 billion in extra taxes

Mar 27 2015 — Mark Milke — Premier Jim Prentice dropped hints for months that the 2015 provincial budget was a once-in-a-generation chance to “fix” Alberta’s finances. That didn’t happen. Instead, the province raised taxes on Albertans in a manner akin to the worst of the late-1980s budgets. That was the last time Alberta faced chronically high per capita program spending and […]

Frances Russell

The low, dishonest decade redux

Mar 25 2015 — Frances Russell — In his famous poem titled September 1, 1939, British poet W.H. Auden described the 1930s as “a low, dishonest decade.” There are eerie similarities between the third decade of the 20th Century and the second decade of the 21st Century.  The third decade of the 20th Century gave the world Nazism and fascism and the […]


Online polling methodology is often misunderstood and unfairly maligned

Mar 24 2015 — Angus Reid — I read with great interest the recent Canadian Press (Bruce Cheadle) article A voter’s guide to political polling in this 2015 federal election year, published by National Newswatch on March 14th, 2015. I also read it with great concern. While it outlined why some individuals think telephone polling is the so-called “gold-standard” of survey research, I […]


Cheer up, western prosperity will return

Mar 23 2015 — Mark Milke — As everyone from the Manitoba-Ontario border to Tofino knows, the local and provincial economies, which depend on resource extraction, have slowed. So this is a critical time to get some perspective on the past. If governments panic and enact poor policy (higher taxes, the wrong type of taxes, forced “diversification” efforts, rescuing companies about to […]


Putting healthcare on the federal election agenda

Mar 23 2015 — Robert McMurtry — A federal election could be called any time in the next few months, judging by the media coverage and the ramping up of political activity. Many issues have been crowding into the media headlines in anticipation of the election — but with a notable absence of any consideration of healthcare by our political parties. Apparently […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Renewing the Iraq mission: Liberals caught in the squeeze?

Mar 23 2015 — Don Lenihan — Last Saturday on CBC’s The House Tom Mulcair argued that the key consideration around support for the Iraq mission is the clarity of its objectives. The Liberals seem to be making a different argument, which, so far, has earned them little more than ridicule. It’s worth contrasting the two views. We know Canadians are divided […]

Ravina Bains and Taylor Jackson

Saskatchewan attracts mining investment while land-claims disputes damage Ontario and B.C.

Mar 18 2015 — Ravina Bains and Taylor Jackson — The mining industry contributes mightily to Canada’s economic prosperity, adding $54 billion to Canada’s GDP and employing roughly 383,000 Canadians at an average annual salary of more than $110,000 in 2013. But Canada has a serious problem with land-use certainty that may threaten future investment in the sector. Across the country, uncertainty surrounding disputed land […]


Growing income gap poses a health risk to all

Mar 18 2015 — Ryan Meili — Certain Canadian commentators are bringing forth a strange critique of public health, suggesting that physicians and public health experts, charged with caring for the health of Canadians, should not concern themselves with the root causes of illness and stick to a narrow range of health interventions. Fortunately, Canadian health experts have a broader and more […]