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Rob Anders Requests “Waiver” to run for Wildrose Party Leadership

Jan 28 2015 — Staff — I write to present myself as a potential candidate for Leader of the Wildrose Alliance Party, and to ask you to extend a “waiver,” if necessary. Like you, I have long supported the principle of democratic accountability and believed in “the common sense of the common people.” In my experience, voters bring uncommon sense in […]

Gerry Nicholls

Liberals Need a Cardboard Strategy

Jan 26 2015 — Gerry Nicholls — In case you haven’t noticed, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s entire strategy can be summed up in two simple words: photo op. OK, that’s more like one and a half words, but you get my point. Rather than focusing on hard to explain stuff like policies and platforms, Trudeau is using charming photo ops to convince […]


Ontario’s PCs and American Republicans Blinded by the Right

Jan 26 2015 — Andrew Perez — Ontario’s PCs and American Republicans have more in common than meets the eye. Ten days ago Rob Ford resurfaced to endorse the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership bid of Monte McNaughton – a little known ultra-conservative MPP from Southwestern Ontario who wants to lead the PC party into the next provincial election. Here was a Tory […]

Senator Colin Kenny

On Terrorism, Harper Is All Talk, No Walk

Jan 23 2015 — Colin Kenny — They say politics is show business for ugly people. And with only nine months or so until the writ is dropped, Canadians can only expect the theatrics from their government to reach new heights. No issue, it seems, will be spared the prime minister’s play-acting, not even when it comes to Canada’s national security. The […]

Don Lenihan

Could the 2015 election be a replay of Ontario in 2014?

Jan 23 2015 — Don Lenihan — Stephen Harper is hoping the election will come down to a single question: Whose hands do you want on the tiller of state? But Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has other plans. If things go her way, the campaign will be a replay of the last Ontario election—and that would be good news for Justin Trudeau. […]

Frances Russell

NAFTA’s Pioneering Investor-State Rules Force Democratically-Elected Governments to Pay to Govern

Jan 21 2015 — Frances Russell — The year was 1994. Corporate Capital was King. Canada’s Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, America’s Ronald Reagan and Mexico’s Carlos Salinas sat down together to draft what was dubbed a North American New World Order. Henceforth, at least in North America, the rights and interests of multinational business took precedence over the rights of citizens. More […]


How to eliminate MRI wait lists in the public health system – and save Alberta millions of dollars a year in the process

Jan 19 2015 — Nick Mohtadi — Value for money appears to be finally getting the attention it merits as Alberta’s new health minister, Stephen Mandel, takes the reins of the portfolio that is close to consuming 50% of the province’s operating budget. This is an area of magnificent opportunity. Public health care offers many examples of value waiting to be tapped. […]