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John Milloy

Ontario’s Sex-ed Battle Enters a Dangerous Phase

May 26 2015 — John Milloy — The debate around Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum is entering a dangerous phase. As media coverage moves on, myths have started to solidify and a convenient narrative has taken hold about a secular society trampling over the rights of people of faith. A narrative that the federal Conservatives plan to use to win key GTA seats […]


Grasping Alberta’s budget problems

May 25 2015 — Mark Milke — The new Alberta government has delayed introducing a budget until the fall, so MLAs will have plenty of time to think about how they’ll collect and spend Albertans’ money. Thus, to properly manage the estimated $48.4 billion in provincial budget expenditures, it helps to become familiar with where the money is spent. First, one should […]


The other drug problem in Canada’s cities

May 19 2015 — Steve Morgan — How Canada’s piecemeal pharmaceutical drug insurance coverage costs Canadian cities – and taxpayers — plenty. Canada’s cities face a number of problems: traffic, housing, crime, infrastructure – the list goes on. Prescription drugs are one of these problems – one that is costing local governments as much as $500-million every year. How so? Municipalities, like […]


Overseas Tax Evasion: Fairness can only come from The FACTs

May 19 2015 — Percy Downe — We are living in tight fiscal times, where every dollar counts and many Canadians have had to suffer the effects of the numerous cutbacks of government programs. And yet, did you know that there are billions of dollars in taxable assets illegally hidden by some Canadians in overseas tax havens? However, the most unbelievable fact […]


The provinces are lousy at controlling spending

May 19 2015 — Mark Milke — Provincial cries for more federal money are as old as Confederation, and rarely have any substance to them. After all, it’s easier to demand that Ottawa ante up federal cash—to cry about some mythical “fiscal imbalance” rather than examine how provinces already spend taxpayer money. It’s also easier than raising provincial taxes and risking justifiable […]


Canada has mixed wait time results in healthcare

May 15 2015 — Robert McMurtry — We need governments to promote best practices across the country and improve patient outcomes. Wait times have long been a source of concern for Canadians, and in some jurisdictions, remain a significant problem. Recently the Canadian Institutes of Health Information (CIHI) released their report for 2015. There is both encouraging news and areas in need […]


Canada needs an independent, non-partisan body to plan leaders debates

May 13 2015 — — Is it too much to ask that leaders debates become part of an exercise in democracy rather than political gamesmanship? Between elections there is an inherent advantage for any prime minister over his political opponents: the levers of power bring with it great resources, including access to privileged information and near unlimited (albeit sometimes unwelcome) media attention. […]

Frances Russell

The New Feudalism

May 13 2015 — Frances Russell — When the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) issues a report entitled Power From the People, it’s time for governments to sit up and take heed. “Inequality has risen in many advanced economies since the 1980s largely because of the concentration of incomes at the top of the distribution, “OECD economists Florence Jaumotte and […]