National Newswatch

Agrifood receives plenty of attention in the federal budget

Mar 24 2017 — Alex Binkley — The moment Ron Bonnett read in the federal budget the government wants to boost agrifood exports to $75 billion by 2025, he knew his sector was finally in line for serious attention in Ottawa. “It told me the door was open to talking to government departments about the factors holding back our sector’s growth,” says […]


Anatomy of a Fox fake news story

Mar 23 2017 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — How does a patently false claim from the lips (or tweet) of Donald Trump get legitimized to the point where many Americans think it’s true? In one word–Television. Television is how most Americans get their news. Six out of every 10 Americans say it’s their main source of news. Perhaps more relevant, for those over […]

Lev Marder

There Is No Silver Bullet For Fake News

Mar 22 2017 — Lev Marder — The adverse effects of fake news and “alternative” facts south of the border have raised alarm here in Canada. There were parliamentary committee hearings and now Facebook is set to introduce to Canada tools that crack down on fake news.  A technological filter is necessary, but it cannot be the only or even primary solution for fake news. […]

Glen Pearson

The Dangers of Coping

Mar 14 2017 — Glen Pearson — They arrived in a manila package at our Calgary home one day, sometime in 1956. Our family gathered around as Dad pulled out the architectural drawings and laid them on the table. They were plans for how to construct and stock a bomb shelter in case of an atomic war. A large silver siren located […]

Eugene Lang

The Trump Bump and Wall Street Chumps

Mar 7 2017 — Eugene Lang — The verdict is in.  Donald Trump is good for American business and the US economy.  That is the judgment of the stock market. Since Trump’s election last November, the S&P 500 is up 6%, or US $3 trillion dollars.  This is known as the “Trump Bump”. It’s hard to imagine the markets are impressed with […]


Right idea, wrong messenger, for education reform in Ontario

Mar 7 2017 — Deani Van Pelt — The long drought of policy attention for independent schools and homeschools in Ontario is over. Andrew Sheer, a candidate for the federal Conservative leadership, recently announced a policy proposal that would see independent school parents receive an annual tax deduction of up to $4,000 per child attending an independent school. Homeschool parents would have access […]

Peter Clark

Mutually Assured Trade Devastation

Mar 2 2017 — Peter Clark — Yesterday, President Trump tabled his 2017 Trade Agenda.  If it is put into effect, Canada may find it more difficult to exercise our WTO rights. The United States’ determination to change its tax system — in ways which could seriously impact Canada — makes the WTO challenge system more important than ever. I am frequently […]

Eugene Lang

Barton Report Could Chart a Policy Revolution for Ottawa

Feb 25 2017 — Eugene Lang — “The need for a focused, sector approach to economic development is particularly acute for Canada.” This assertion, buried in one of the recently released reports of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth—chaired by Dominic Barton of McKinsey and including a who’s who of Canadian business and academia—might seem innocuous or even banal.  […]

John Barrett

Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage: Low-cost electricity, jobs & growth, health & clean air

Feb 23 2017 — John Barrett — Ontario has a nuclear advantage.  Unfortunately, many in the province don’t realize it — or how much it benefits them.  The Ontario Government’s Long-Term Energy Plan, expected to be released shortly, provides a timely opportunity for some fresh thinking about nuclear energy. When we flick on the lights, turn on the computer, or charge electric […]