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Is “Open Dialogue” the Answer to “Post-Fact” Populism?

Jun 22 2017 — Don Lenihan — If populism has made a comeback in Europe and North America, it’s because so many people feel they have no meaningful voice in government or any control over what it does. Globalization, income inequality, and terrorism are well-known causes of this sense of powerlessness, but public debate and consultation should be added to the list. […]

The sesquicentennial challenge

Jun 21 2017 — John Milloy — Being only a toddler in 1967, I have no direct memories of our centennial. As I grew up, however, I frequently heard what a remarkable year it had been for Canada.  The constant playing of my parents’ copy of Bobby Gimby’s Canada song, with its earworm-inducing tune and lyrics, only helped to reinforce the fact […]

The Real Strength of Canada’s Global Influence

Jun 12 2017 — Glen Pearson — So, Canada is bulking up, and with Foreign Affairs Minister Christia Freeland’s unfolding of a new global agenda in the House of Commons last week, there appears to be a serious amount of political capital, not to mention funding, going into the effort. It was substantial enough that columnist Susan Delacourt termed it a “manifesto” […]

To improve value and spur innovation, we need to change the way we pay for health care

Jun 9 2017 — Alexis Wise — Health care costs the public sector about $160 billion a year in Canada, a higher per capita cost than most industrialized nations.  Yet Canadians are not markedly healthier nor do we receive better care.    The Commonwealth Fund has ranked Canada 10th out of 11 developed nations for the efficiency of our healthcare system (only the United States was worse). […]

Hey Jagmeet, are you sure you really want to try this?

Jun 7 2017 — John Milloy — I didn’t know Jagmeet Singh very well when we sat together in the Ontario Legislature but it is quite apparent that he is a thoughtful and talented politician who will add much to the federal NDP leadership race. It’s hard, however, not to feel a little sorry for anyone wanting to leave the relative straightforwardness of Queen’s […]

MacAulay launches online consultation on food policy

May 30 2017 — Alex Binkley — More than a year and a half after Prime Minister Trudeau assigned him the task of developing a national food policy, Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay has launched a public consultation on the issue. The 2015 mandate letter to the minister from Trudeau instructs him to “develop a food policy that promotes healthy living and safe […]

Nigel Wright deserves better than this

May 25 2017 — Christie Blatchford — It is in the finest traditions of the state to punish harshly those on the periphery of a thing while the main players skate. I think here of how Ontario went after both an author (Stephen Williams) and a lawyer (Ken Murray) who were on the fringes of the sordid Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka murder case, […]

Food inspection reaches 20 with little notice

May 24 2017 — Alex Binkley — In this year of celebrating Canadian anniversaries, one has passed by with almost no notice. Well until Ron Doering pointed out that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which he helped create, passed its 20th anniversary in April. Doering led the team of federal officials who drafted the plan in 1995 to extract food safety duties […]

Democracy In A Box

May 24 2017 — Glen Pearson — Those of us in the affluent West hold to the belief that certain political realities remain sacrosanct. Rule of law, political representation, will of the people, elections, civic duty – these have become so entrenched in our thoughts that we believe them immutable.  And situated at the peak is that one great word that encompasses […]