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Time for a grown-up conversation on candidate nominations (without calling the police)

Sep 23 2017 — John Milloy — Have you noticed a common theme around what passes as “scandal” in Ontario politics these days? The majority of political shenanigans seem to relate to the selection of local candidates by political parties. The Ontario PCs seem particularly vulnerable on this issue. There seems to be an endless stream of media reports about controversial nomination […]

NDP needs jolt of energy, new voters, Singh can bring

Sep 18 2017 — Alice Funke — How do you choose from among your friends? It’s the most painful part of a leadership contest in a political party, an organization that depends on volunteers for so much of its basic governance and organizing work. The friendships and personal loyalties forged through shared ideals and endeavours, wins, and as often painful losses, are […]

Wanted: Party Leader with a listicle of qualities

Sep 17 2017 — Alice Funke — As an exercise, I tried to draft a job description for a federal party leader. That is one daunting job. A political party has two main jobs in our democracy: to recruit, train and elect candidates, and to develop and promote a nationally-balanced, coherent platform for government according to that party’s political philosophy and membership […]

Bill C-49 rates an Incomplete

Sep 16 2017 — Massimo Bergamini — September is when kids go back to the classroom. It’s also when parliament resumes sitting after the summer recess, typically the third week in September. This year is no different. But some MPs were back at work early getting their respective committees to consider pressing matters. That was the case with the Standing Committee on […]

Another blow to pipeline projects in Canada

Sep 15 2017 — Kenneth P. Green — It seems that hardly a week goes by without some new announced barrier to the construction of oil pipelines that would allow Canadian oil flow to markets other than the glutted United States. For example, the National Energy Board (NEB) recently issued a news release announcing the topics to be considered in its assessments of […]

A Unique Commitment With A Powerful Champion

Sep 14 2017 — Glen Pearson — Yesterday’s story by Toronto Star’s Tonda McCharles on the possibility of Canada’s peacekeeping future being tied with the demilitarization of child soldiers could represent a clear departure for this country’s foreign agenda. Two key influencers have come together to move Canada in that direction.  The first is the UN Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial forum to be […]

Note to NDP Leadership Candidates: Quebec’s Bill 62 is wrong, no ifs, ands, or buts

Sep 7 2017 — John Milloy — It has been fascinating to watch NDP leadership candidates twist themselves into pretzels over Quebec’s controversial Bill 62 which would prevent women with face coverings from delivering or obtaining government services. All four candidates are kind of, sort of, opposed to it. Quebec MP Guy Caron is personally against the bill, but believes that Quebec […]

Labour Day’s Many Challenges

Sep 5 2017 — Glen Pearson — Social agencies throughout the country are encountering people who are recently without work or holding down one or two minimum wage jobs as they seek to make ends meet for their families. It’s an endlessly disillusioning process – one showing no sign of abating.  Yet, with yesterday being Labour Day, the subject received little mention.  […]

NAFTA 2.0 – From the Halls of Montezuma

Sep 4 2017 — Peter Clark — This week’s round of NAFTA renegotiation talks is occurring in Mexico City’s Grand Hyatt close by the Chapultepec Park, the site of the Famous Battle of the U.S. Marine hymn – the Halls of Montezuma. Notwithstanding the rumours, the battles inside the Hyatt have not reached military scale – or even fisticuffs. Any real news […]