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Kirsty Duncan

As Parliament Returns, there are several international crises that merit MPs’ attention

Sep 15 2014 — Kirsty Duncan, M.P. — The world has changed since June when the House of Commons rose for the summer. In response to the dramatic displacement crisis in Iraq, the UN declared its fourth level-three humanitarian crisis. The violence with which the Islamic State is terrorizing civilians is heart wrenching. The food security crisis in South Sudan has worsened and […]


The benefits of a federal minimum wage

Sep 8 2014 — Andrew Jackson — The Leader of the Opposition, Tom Mulcair, is to be congratulated for his proposal to re-introduce a federal minimum wage. Abolished in 1996, the federal minimum wage applied to the approximately 8% of all employees who work in federally regulated industries. It also used to set a national benchmark for provincial minimum wages. Mr. Mulcair’s proposal is […]

Don Lenihan's Public Voice(s)

Youth, Big Data and the politics of the future

Sep 2 2014 — Don Lenihan — Most young people aren’t interested in politics and changing their minds will take more than voting campaigns or a high-school course in civics. Engagement has to happen on their terms. And for that we need to think way outside the box. Two news stories last week may point the way. STORY 1: According to the […]