National Newswatch

First Nashville. Now New Hampshire. Is Canada next?

Feb 9 2016 — Dylan Marando — Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders. John Scott. They matter for Canada. For those unfamiliar with the story, John Scott was an obscure point-deficient enforcer in the NHL. Then the league opened its all-star voting to fan-sourcing. An unexpected campaign emerged with the intention of sending Scott to the big show. And, voila, a couple weeks ago […]

Martin Ferguson-Pell

Albertans must get inventive in healthcare as price of oil slides further

Feb 4 2016 — Martin Ferguson-Pell — As world oil prices and the Canadian dollar slide perilously, Albertans must become more inventive and rigorous in managing our costs — and our expectations — especially in high-cost areas like infrastructure, education and health care. Health care is the biggest challenge. We cannot turn off the population’s health care needs simply because provincial revenues […]


Aboriginal rights and private property rights clash in British Columbia

Jan 28 2016 — Ravina Bains and Kayla Ishkanian — The muddy waters of aboriginal land claims and private property rights in British Columbia may have just cleared a little. On Jan. 15, the B.C. government stated its opposition to the Tk’emlups and Skeetchestn bands’ aboriginal title claim on land currently owned by private citizens and mining company KGHM- Ajax, saying it will “vigorously oppose […]

Carlo Berardi

Pharmacare options: let the conversation begin

Jan 27 2016 — Carlo Berardi — For over half a decade, and despite broad public support, politicians have merely danced around the issue of a pan-Canadian pharmacare program. But in 2016, the ongoing discussion is no longer about the need for pan-Canadian pharmacare – on that we all agree – but what kind of pharmacare model is best for Canada? As […]

Chris Sarlo

Our continuing obsession with inequality

Jan 25 2016 — Chris Sarlo — Last week the world’s intellectual elite met in Davos to, apparently, solve our economic ills. None too soon. We have a mountain of economic problems to challenge the brightest minds on the planet. But I’m a little bothered that they (the special people) have been at this for 45 years and the world economy seems […]


The PM’s handyman complex

Jan 23 2016 — Rex Murphy — MacGyver was very resourceful: give him a wad of chewing gum and a few paper clips, and in a pinch he could improvise the Large Hadron Collider. Likewise, the professor on Gilligan’s Island: with a couple of coconut shells, turtle droppings and a shoe lace, he could cobble together a short-wave radio. Handymen are naturally […]