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Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Three steps for Liberals to up their game on collaboration

May 25 2016 — Don Lenihan — The Liberal campaign promised to make government more open, transparent and collaborative. At the end of last week, lots of people were wondering if that commitment had been thrown under the bus. Was it? It depends who you talk to. In one view, Open Government was always a fraud. People who think this often admire […]

John Milloy

Typical cut-and-thrust of politics — not bullying — led to “Elbowgate”

May 25 2016 — John Milloy — “Elbowgate,” the pundits tell us, is part of a larger story of an out-of-control government intent on subverting Parliament. As Toronto Star columnist Tim Harper put it, “Trudeau’s elbows-up intervention was the perfect metaphor for the elbows-up Liberal approach in the Commons,” including the stacking of committees and limiting debate on important pieces of legislation. […]

Glen Pearson

Canadians will embrace an activist government – if it’s responsible and well-managed

May 17 2016 — Glen Pearson — In ironic fashion, politics is seeing a resurgence in Canada – not the kind that swirls around professional political parties but the kind which inevitably finds its way in discussions in coffee shops, among neighbours and employees, even between parents and their high school or university-aged kids.  It’s not the rants between partisans that we […]

Karen Palmer

Why American doctors are calling for Canadian-style medicare

May 17 2016 — Karen Palmer — And how Canada risks losing the health advantage it has In a dramatic show of physician support for deep health care reform in the U.S, more than 2,200 physician leaders have signed a “Physician’s Proposal” calling for sweeping change. The proposal, published May 5 2016 in the American Journal of Public Health, calls for the […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

The epiphany of Michael Coren

May 17 2016 — Don Lenihan — A meaningful apology requires sincerity, admission of the harm done, and the will to make amends. Michael Coren’s recent interview with CBC’s Wendy Mesley should be required viewing for this alone. But it is much more than an apology. It is the contemporary equivalent of a morality play that neatly illustrates our ongoing struggles with […]