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John Milloy

Bill C—14 is about more than individual rights

Apr 27 2016 — John Milloy — The deluge of negative commentary about the federal government’s recent legislation on assisted dying has been disappointing. Although I respect the critics of Bill C-14, the way many have characterized the current debate is simply wrong.   Too many have tried to present this as a battle between those espousing individual rights and those who favour […]

zach paikin

What Canada can learn from the UK’s Brexit ordeal

Apr 26 2016 — Zach Paikin — The United Kingdom today is facing two seminal events: a referendum to be held on June 23 on whether Britain will remain in the European Union – the official “Brexit” campaign has just begun – and the worst refugee crisis that Europe has seen since World War II. Since 1945, the trend in Europe (and […]

peter mackay

Respect the rule of law

Apr 25 2016 — Peter MacKay — Canada’s Supreme Court has again struck down criminal laws enacted by a democratically elected and accountable parliament, which were genuinely intended to reform our criminal justice system. These reforms were intended to re-balance our justice system to ensure greater accountability for offenders and to place victims in the central role they rightly deserve. This was […]

Rick Anderson 2

Eight thoughts on the Senate expenses mess

Apr 23 2016 — Rick Anderson — 1. Personally, I never thought this was a criminal matter.  Moreover, I thought pursuing it as such would be, was, and remains a huge distraction from the underlying (and continuing) issues.  The criminal case detour was a mistake born amidst a highly-politicized hue and cry, a reflexive “call in the police” mistake oft-repeated in Canadian […]

Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Kellie Leitch “takes responsibility”

Apr 23 2016 — Don Lenihan — The plan to create a barbaric cultural practices tip line may have been at once the dumbest and the ugliest moment of the 2015 campaign. If Kellie Leitch, one of its sponsors, now hopes to lead the Conservative Party, she needs to put it behind her. She tried to do just that last Thursday in […]


Newfoundland & Labrador’s 2016 budget: Wrong approach for province’s fiscal troubles

Apr 22 2016 — Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre — Newfoundland & Labrador Finance Minister Cathy Bennett did not mince words in her recent budget speech, noting the province has dug itself into a deep hole after many years of rapid spending growth. In speaking of the record of previous governments, Bennett said: “Quite frankly, they increased spending beyond what our province can afford.” There […]

Senator Vernon White

What to do about the Fentanyl crisis

Apr 21 2016 — Vernon White — The rise of Fentanyl across Canada over the past year has been identified as a health crisis, not because of its legitimate use among physicians and their patients, but rather because it is being used to feed addictions across the country and killing users weekly. A strong opioid — like its relatives, heroin and morphine […]

Kate Harrison

Youth Awakening a Wake-Up Call for Tories

Apr 19 2016 — Kate Harrison — Attendees at February’s Manning Centre convention in Ottawa were treated to a scene of considerable hand-wringing by potential Conservative party leadership candidates over the need to attract young people to the conservative cause. New data on youth voting numbers certainly justifies the stress. Based on the trends, Conservative leadership candidates will need to put forward concrete […]