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‘I did not say that’: Trudeau disputes report that he appeased Trump on climate

Jun 12 2017 — — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he didn’t suggest removing the Paris Agreement on climate change from an international statement in order to “appease” U.S. President Donald Trump, as German magazine Der Spiegel has reported. Trudeau rejected an attempt to isolate climate-doubting Trump over his June 1 announcement that the United States would withdraw from the […]

Trudeau government broke privacy rules with expanded spy program

Jun 2 2017 — — The federal government broke its own privacy rules this spring when it expanded the Five Eyes intelligence network to automatically share 1.2 million confidential Canadian files per year with its international spy partners. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Privacy Commissioner both confirmed to National Observer that the IRCC did not file a […]

Civil war in the oilpatch

May 25 2017 — Carl Meyer — One of Canada’s largest oil companies says it quit a major industry lobby group for refusing to join the Saskatchewan premier’s war against a carbon tax. The decision by the firm, Crescent Point Energy, to quit the oil industry group, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), has stunned industry watchers and sparked a war […]

Trudeau-appointed panel recommends scrapping NEB

May 15 2017 — — A panel of experts appointed by the Trudeau government is recommending the shutdown of Canada’s scandal-plagued pipeline regulator. In a groundbreaking report, the panel made 26 sweeping recommendations, including the replacement of the Calgary-based regulator, the National Energy Board (NEB), with a new Ottawa-based organization called the Canadian Energy Transmission Commission. It also recommended the […]

Canadian spies mobilized after Montreal airport terrorism scare

May 11 2017 — Carl Meyer — Shocking revelations this spring about security at Montreal’s airport caused Canada’s spy agency to mobilize “very quickly” and re-screen tens of thousands of files, one of its officials said Thursday. TVA network reported March 28 that four Aéroport de Montréal employees lost their security clearance because they showed potential signs of being radicalized. Employees had […]

French election scandal traced to Canada’s Rebel Media

May 10 2017 — — On Sunday the world exhaled as France’s Emmanuel Macron triumphed over the far-right white nationalist Marine Le Pen. Yet Russia’s apparent attack on the French election presents profoundly unsettling global security implications. Vladimir Putin is baring his teeth to Europe and the West. Next up, Germany, which goes to the polls in September. Now comes […]

As PM, Tory candidate Lisa Raitt would ram pipeline approval past Quebec

May 5 2017 — — Tory leadership hopeful Lisa Raitt has provoked fierce backlash from anti-pipeline opponents after vowing to ram through approval of a controversial oilsands expansion project. Raitt, an ex-transport and natural resources minister in the former Harper government, promised to defend the hotly-debated Energy East pipeline project during a campaign stop in Amherst, N.S. on April 30. […]

Trudeau government taken to court for ageism and anti-Harperism

Apr 3 2017 — Mike De Souza — In the middle of the 1970s, when the Canadian government’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) was being pressed to address harm caused by acid rain in Alberta’s oilsands region, Wallace caught the attention of renowned Alberta scientist David Schindler. Schindler was trying to get DFO officials to set aside funds for a special research […]

Toronto Conservative ducks questions about his tweets on climate and women

Mar 29 2017 — — With less than a week to go before five federal by-elections on April 3, a Conservative candidate in the greater Toronto area is facing criticism for bringing U.S. President Donald Trump’s “hate and anti-science” rhetoric to Canadian politics. Ragavan Paranchothy, the Conservative candidate in Markham-Thornhill, is a television broadcaster and community activist who ran for […]

Decolonizing law and policy needs more than Liberal lip service

Mar 9 2017 — Jenn Jefferys — Last year, opposition parties fought hard to open up the Liberal-dominated Commons committee on electoral reform. The governing Liberals eventually caved under public pressure and evened it up with a more balanced, less partisan membership. Yet again last week, the Liberals sought to dominate another file. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his […]