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‘Mad Max’ Bernier has been upstaged by Kevin O’Leary, a self-styled Darth Vader

Jan 19 2017 — Michael Den Tandt — Here’s how the world has changed in the past half-year: Maxime Bernier, “Mad Max” to his admirers and detractors both, was supposed to be the renegade. Bernier, the gregarious, marathon-running former industry minister and foreign minister (until a brouhaha involving lost briefing papers and a former girlfriend with biker ties sidelined his cabinet career in […]

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In what will be a bumpy ride, Trudeau has to appease Trump to avoid falling off trade wagon

Jan 19 2017 — John Ivison — Storm clouds but not a hurricane. That’s the economic forecast for Canada from senior Canadian officials involved in negotiations with the incoming Trump administration. Canada will not be a target for new protectionist measures by the Trump government but Justin Trudeau may seek to accommodate Donald Trump by increasing defence spending and reviewing its United […]

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Staccato French, personal attacks and ghosts of hotlines past: Three trends in the Tory leadership debate

Jan 18 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — All 13 Conservative party leadership candidates sparred in Quebec City Tuesday night, en français, attempting to boost their second language credentials and shore up support in a key province. The field got even more crowded Wednesday morning with TV personality and businessman Kevin O’Leary’s Facebook announcement that he is in the race after months of […]

John Ivison
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Liberals tailor upcoming budget to pass through empowered Senate

Jan 17 2017 — John Ivison — The law of unintended consequences looms large for all policy-makers. From Prohibition to the introduction of cane toads in Australia, the apparent solution to a problem has often made the problem worse. The Trudeau government has its own experience with best-laid schemes that go pear-shaped. The idea to open up the Senate appointment process by […]


Why Kevin O’Leary wouldn’t win the Tory leadership

Jan 17 2017 — — The conventional wisdom on Kevin O’Leary’s candidacy for Conservative leader, should it materialize, is that he can’t win. Sure, he’s glib and outrageous, a wealthy TV pitchman in an age when people are looking for an “outsider.” But this is not America, and he is not Donald Trump. And the contrarian take on all of […]


Parliament’s conflict-of-interest watchdog opens first-ever investigation into a PM’s activities

Jan 16 2017 — David Akin — The federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner has launched an investigation into the circumstances of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s New Year’s holiday in the Bahamas, the National Post has learned, the first time a sitting prime minister has come under scrutiny by the independent parliamentary watchdog. The commissioner, Mary Dawson, is considering two potential […]