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If an election is B.C.’s only answer, then drop the writ

Jun 24 2017 — Andrew Coyne — To the charge that she has stolen her opponents’ policies in a transparent effort to pander to public opinion, Christy Clark responds that she has stolen her opponents’ policies and is transparently pandering to public opinion. “What I’m trying to do,” the premier of British Columbia told Global News Wednesday, the day before a Speech […]

A bailout won’t save media, but make it easier to avoid problems

Jun 20 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Now here’s a story. Says here “Canada’s newspaper industry unites to advocate for Canadian Journalism Fund.” That’s what they’re calling the $350 million the papers want the federal government to give them every year to, well, let’s let them tell it. According to Bob Cox, chairman of News Media Canada, “the industry has come together […]

Liberals forced to swallow humble pie — again — on parliamentary rule changes

Jun 15 2017 — John Ivison — The great parliamentary reform uprising is over, and the government’s forces have been routed. Bardish Chagger introduced a package of rule changes for the House of Commons three months ago, with a misplaced sense of imperiousness. The measures unveiled by the Government House Leader included an end to Friday sittings; the introduction of electronic voting; […]

Canada-U.S. preclearance bill finally moves ahead, but privacy concerns mount over Trump’s ‘extreme vetting’

Jun 15 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — After Canada’s ambassador to the United States said Wednesday he’s “embarrassed” at the slow progress of a long-awaited border preclearance bill, a Commons committee has finally approved the law. But the federal privacy czar is raising concerns the bill won’t prevent “intrusive” violations at preclearance locations inside Canada, if President Donald Trump’s administration follows through […]