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Canada would be wise to steer clear of a return to ‘graveyard of empires’

Aug 23 2017 — John Ivison — Donald Trump’s about-face on Afghanistan raises questions about Canada’s new foreign policy statement — and whether this country might be drawn back into a war that haunts it still. The Trudeau government’s foreign policy, unveiled to much fanfare two months ago, was premised on the Trump Administration “shrugging off the burden of world leadership,” in […]

Conservatives prepare to ‘ramp up’ campaign against Morneau’s tax-reform plan

Aug 22 2017 — Brian Platt — As protests grow from business groups over the government’s proposed tax crackdown on private corporations, the Conservatives are getting ready to launch their own campaign against it. Lisa Raitt, the Conservative Party’s deputy leader under Andrew Scheer, says she’s been deep in discussions with doctors and small business owners over the government’s tax plan, and […]

Hate and mob power is as ugly as it has ever been, only louder in the modern world

Aug 18 2017 — Christie Blatchford — As evidence that there really is nothing new under the sun, notwithstanding that grotesque neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Va., last Saturday that ended in death for Heather Heyer and all the fallout since, I give you Exhibit A. It’s an ancient microfilm clipping from Ryerson University’s student newspaper, The Eyeopener, dated Nov. 30, 1972, retrieved […]

After events cancelled at Toronto campuses, Andrew Scheer says universities have right to decide who gets space

Aug 18 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — After controversial events were cancelled at two Toronto campuses this week, Conservative Party Andrew Scheer says universities have the right to determine which “outside groups” they give platforms to. In an interview Friday, the National Post asked Scheer to clarify a policy idea floated during his leadership campaign: to make federal grant money for universities […]

Rebel Media meltdown: Faith Goldy fired as politicians, contributors distance themselves

Aug 18 2017 — — Rebel Media, the far-right news organization that Ezra Levant built from the remnants of the Sun News Network, appeared in near total meltdown on Thursday, losing more high-profile contributors, facing accusations of financial mismanagement and being shunned by leading conservative politicians as the shock of the Charlottesville neo-Nazi protests reverberated through Canada.

Liberals’ plan for gender and Indigenous chapters in NAFTA not likely to happen, experts say

Aug 15 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland’s objective to include gender and Indigenous chapters in a re-jigged NAFTA is about political symbolism in Canada, experts suggest, with few convinced U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration will make these a priority. Freeland floated the idea Monday alongside higher-profile asks, as North American Free Trade Agreement negotiators meet this week to […]

Liberal senator raises concerns federal jobs for injured military personnel going to senior staff

Aug 14 2017 — David Pugliese — A Liberal senator is concerned that senior military officers are receiving a disproportionate number of public service jobs available to injured Canadian Forces members and he wants a new accounting of how those positions are being distributed. Senator Percy Downe said he has received complaints from military members that injured lower ranked personnel are being […]