National Newswatch

Canadian ministers dine with senior Chinese officials as trade conflict looms with U.S.

Apr 27 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — While a potential conflict looms with the U.S. over trade, the Canada’s Liberal government is continuing to cozy up to China. Canadian ministers had high-level discussions and a private dinner this week with powerful Chinese officials, including the vice-premier who was seated next to President Xi Jinping at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort at the beginning […]

Tom Parkin

The new independent Senate isn’t all that improved

Apr 24 2017 — Tom Parkin — In 150 years, the Canadian Senate hasn’t done us any good. It’s mostly been a useless sort of place – only really effective as a comfy nest for political insiders, donors and heirs to great fortunes. But, on the other hand, the Senate’s done little real harm. Sure, it has the power to propose and […]


All in all, the Liberals got it right on pot legalization

Apr 18 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Perhaps the federal Liberals were hoping to be congratulated for moving forward with legislation to permit the recreational use of marijuana in Canada. It was, after all, the fulfillment of a signature election promise, and these days that’s news. If so, they were destined to be disappointed. Those opposed to legalization before were just as […]

Jim Warren

Bombardier, United, Pepsi – they’re all out of touch

Apr 16 2017 — Jim Warren — A common complaint from my right-wing friends is that Liberal politicians are out of touch with the daily challenges faced by Canadians, and that the private sector is better at delivering services. But clearly, being tone deaf to the public is not limited to politicians. Bombardier, United Airlines, and Pepsi executives have all shown us […]


Terse email scuffle a sign of infighting amid rising frustrations in more-independent Senate

Apr 11 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — With little time remaining to pass government legislation before summer, Independents and Conservatives are clashing in the upper house. Tensions came to a head this weekend with a nonpartisan senator copying all Senate staff on a saltily-worded, midnight-hour email to a Tory colleague — a scuffle that appears emblematic of rising frustrations in a more-independent […]

Tom Parkin

Federal Liberals threaten to repeat Ontario Liberals’ corporate welfare

Apr 10 2017 — Tom Parkin — Every politician wants to talk about infrastructure and be seen as a civic-minded future-builder. The insidious genius of the Ontario Liberals was to put that noble public urge at the service of private greed. And now it seems the federal Liberals’ have the same thoughts. The Trudeau Liberals are proposing to create an Infrastructure Bank […]

Jim Warren

The minimum age to buy pot should be 21, not 18

Apr 9 2017 — Jim Warren — The minimum age to buy and consume recreational marijuana should be set at 21 across Canada. The new provincial rules on weed should also ban anyone 22 years of age and under from having any trace of marijuana in their body while operating a motor vehicle. That ban should also apply to anyone with less […]


Let’s have a national conversation about Canadian values

Apr 3 2017 — Anthony Furey — As our country’s 150th birthday celebrations get underway, we owe it to ourselves to have a mature and non-partisan discussion about Canadian values. The topic is right up there now at centre stage. It would be a missed opportunity of the greatest magnitude if we let it slip away. Yet this is what too many […]

Tom Parkin

Trudeau’s corporate welfare hurts middle class

Apr 3 2017 — Tom Parkin — Just 10% of Canadians believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent budget will help the middle class, according to a recent poll by Forum Research. Meanwhile 41% say it’ll hurt the middle class, 31% say its effects will be neutral, and 19% don’t know. It’s a sign Canadians are coming to see what I’ve been warning […]


Mad Max Bernier, back from The Wasteland

Apr 2 2017 — Mark Bonokoski — Conservative leadership contender Maxime Bernier — reportedly neck-in-neck in popularity with Shark Tanker Kevin O’Leary — is a different kind of political animal. He is perhaps best described as a cat, with many of those mythical nine lives having already been tested. Once a veritable unknown from the Quebec riding of Beauce, all that came […]