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Tom Parkin

Ideas for a real change budget

Mar 19 2017 — Tom Parkin — This Wednesday’s federal budget is a chance to support Canadians and lift the economy. But it’ll take some political courage. First – and this is a banned thought in some quarters – we can use the power of government to solve common problems and make life more affordable. That’s what we did with public health […]

Gerry Nicholls

Canadian media is pushing us all to be Liberal

Mar 17 2017 — Gerry Nicholls — Imagine if instead of facing Opposition parties in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced nothing but a wall-to-wall mirror, meaning all he could see was his own adorable reflection. OK, don’t worry, this is not a set up for a lame joke about Trudeau’s narcissism. It’s actually a set up for a […]

We’ll take Door No. 3. Poll finds Albertans not sold on front runners for united right leader

Mar 15 2017 — Shawn Logan — Albertans aren’t sold on either Jason Kenney or Brian Jean at the helm of a new right of centre party, according to a new provincial head count. While the Mainstreet Research poll commissioned by Postmedia suggests Wildrose leader Jean is carrying a significant advantage over Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful Kenney in the quest to merge […]

Tom Parkin

It’s time to legally safeguard riding nominations

Mar 12 2017 — Tom Parkin — “Just tell them what you told me,” said Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks to Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary in a recent Miami TV interview. “Explain to all the viewers… what you love about the parliamentary system in Canada.” Furiously backpedaling, O’Leary tried to spin away, telling the American audience a Canadian […]


The truth about populism in Canada

Mar 11 2017 — Anthony Furey — There’s a change happening in the Western political landscape. And the Canadian establishment needs to stop misleading themselves about what it means for this country. Last month data confirmed what many of us suspected: that Canada is actually ripe for some version of a populist uprising. An authoritative report by Edelman revealed that “80% of […]

Jim Warren

How the Conservative race guides the NDP one

Mar 11 2017 — Jim Warren — The Conservative leadership vote in May could determine the outcome of the NDP leadership race next October. If Conservatives choose a far-right candidate as their next leader, they’ll create an opportunity for a centrist NDP candidate to take up the middle space on the Canadian political spectrum. This would potentially attract new and more moderate […]

Tom Parkin

NDP and Conservative leadership races are a study in contrast

Mar 5 2017 — Tom Parkin — With the Conservative and NDP leadership races now underway, sharp contrasts can be drawn. And out of the two, the NDP may become the serious alternative to the Liberals in 2019. Three NDP competitors – Peter Julian from Burnaby, Charlie Angus from Timmins and Guy Caron from Rimouski – are now vying for their party’s […]

Sean Speer

Conservatives need to build a concrete vision

Mar 3 2017 — Sean Speer — This past weekend’s Manning Centre conference in Ottawa was a chance for conservatives, libertarians, and others who make up Canada’s centre-right movement to assess the current state of the country’s intellectual and political life. There are reasons to be pessimistic. Hard-fought battles on taxes and spending are being reversed. Public support for free trade and […]


Liberal star candidate backed ‘common sense’ anti-niqab rule

Feb 28 2017 — Anthony Furey — As the Liberals trip over themselves to paint Conservatives in a negative light for challenging the M-103 anti-Islamophobia motion, a Quebec politician who firmly supported a niqab ban is hoping to join their caucus. Although she’s since changed her tune on the religious garment. “It is a question of common sense,” Yolande James told CBC […]


Growing millennial cohort pose challenge for Tory hopefuls

Feb 28 2017 — Lorne Gunter — In the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race – a.k.a Kevin-Come-Lately and the 13 Dwarfs – the most popular candidate isn’t even running. Rona Ambrose, the very able Edmonton-area MP who has been the party’s interim leader since former Prime Minister Stephen Harper stepped aside, is one of just two Conservatives for whom “don’t know” […]