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Butts befriending Bannon? That’s his job

Aug 20 2017 — Jim Warren — Political staff of all partisan stripes have to put aside their personal differences to forge working friendships, to do what’s in the best interests of their respective countries. To suggest otherwise is a cheap political stunt that demonstrates an unsuitability to be Prime Minister of Canada or the leader of an opposition party, for that […]

Wait—maybe Charlie Angus leads the NDP leadership race

Aug 14 2017 — Tom Parkin — A pair of polls suggest Charlie Angus and Guy Caron may have significant momentum in the NDP leadership race—at least among certain current members—even though Jagmeet Singh boasts the strongest fundraising and endorsement list. But Quito Maggi, president of Mainstreet Research, which did the survey, freely admits the poll has flaws. Maggi’s company did not […]

Alberta could retaliate against B.C. over Trans Mountain, but it could get ugly, observers say

Aug 12 2017 — Reid Southwick — After the B.C. government stepped up its fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, there were new calls for the federal and Alberta governments to consider retaliation over a divisive project that has cleared major regulatory hurdles. While mechanisms are available to either override B.C. opposition or punish the province, several observers said Friday few […]

As Jagmeet Singh emerges as front-runner, NDP race gets chippy

Aug 7 2017 — Tom Parkin — There’s still almost two months until NDP members start voting and a lot can change. But by the only measures we have — fundraising and endorsements — Jagmeet Singh is the front-runner in the NDP leadership race. That perception has others launching attacks on Singh, not always fairly. One line of attack has come over […]

Tory MPs talking Khadr on American media is a cheap stunt

Jul 22 2017 — Jim Warren — Conservative MPs Michelle Rempel and Peter Kent last week attacked Justin Trudeau in the United States media in a pathetic, partisan attempt to score cheap political points in the next election. Regrettably, their actions will only serve to injure their own constituents as the Government of Canada is set to re-negotiate the single most important […]

Canada’s middle class shrinks — let’s talk about Trudeau’s socks

Jul 3 2017 — Tom Parkin — The average Canadian wage is falling behind inflation and the distribution of Canadian income is becoming more unequal. Isn’t that a news story? Statistics Canada reports the average Canadian wage in May 2017 was $25.88 an hour—just 33 cents up from May 2016, a paltry 1.3% increase. It’s below the inflation rate, which stands at […]

Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt launches ‘United Liberty’ group

Jun 23 2017 — — “United Liberty” is the name Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt has given to a new group with the stated purpose of supporting the unification of the Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties. Fildebrandt made the announcement Thursday at a town hall meeting in Strathmore discussing the proposed Wildrose-PC merger that would lead to the United Conservative Party. […]

RCMP allege federal procurement employee with no link to admiral leaked shipbuilding info

Jun 19 2017 — David Pugliese — The RCMP alleges that an employee in the federal government’s procurement department, one who has no links to the military’s now-suspended former second-in-command, leaked sensitive information about Canada’s troubled shipbuilding program. The individual works at Public Services and Procurement Canada, according to information gathered by the Ottawa Citizen. He has not been charged with any […]

Bureaucrats tried to scuttle naval supply ship plan, worrying it would make government look bad

Jun 10 2017 — David Pugliese — Defence department bureaucrats fought against a plan to purchase outright the commercial vessel now being converted as a naval supply ship because they worried it would make the government’s shipbuilding program look bad. While bureaucrats acknowledged buying the ship after a five-year lease would help the navy, they worried that would create a perception that […]

How Andrew Scheer won the Conservative leadership

May 28 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — You could see it on Andrew Scheer’s face. Around 7:45 p.m., before the final ballot of the leadership race, with his campaign manager trying to get him backstage, the Saskatchewan MP wore more of a smile than usual, seeming to know what was about to happen. A closer-than-expected battle had unfolded between Scheer and Maxime […]

Quebec NDP success requires more than speaking French

May 23 2017 — Tom Parkin — In a province with a strong social democratic impulse, which hosted the Orange Wave, Quebec offers big potential for the New Democrats and they know it. And to win more Quebec seats, the next NDP leader will need to inspire while navigating political currents such as secularism, say Valerie Dufour and Karl Belanger, two former […]

F-35 jets waiting in wings as Liberals’ ‘interim’ Super Hornet purchase in limbo

May 19 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — The federal government’s suggestion it may trash plans to buy “interim” fighter jets from aerospace giant Boeing Co. may open up a window for F-35 producer Lockheed Martin Corp. to swoop into. Boeing convinced the U.S. Commerce Department and International Trade Commission this week to launch an investigation into much-subsidized Montreal-based Bombardier Inc. for “dumping” […]