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Trudeau’s NAFTA red line

Apr 20 2017 — Peter McKenna — One of the most contentious areas of the Canada-U.S. trade negotiations in the mid-1980s was the creation of a binding dispute-resolution mechanism. Given its importance, Ottawa was determined to find a way to guard against the often politically-motivated imposition of U.S. countervailing duties, safeguard measures and anti-dumping penalties. Based on a clear set of bilateral […]


Kevin O’Leary says Canada needs “a political exorcism”

Mar 22 2017 — — Kevin O’Leary says he’s going to perform an exorcism in 2019. The former judge on Dragon’s Den, who is one of 14 people running for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership, spoke to about 40 people at a Conservative event in Pooles Corner on Wednesday. “I promise to make (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau’s life a […]


O’Leary says Atlantic provinces rely too heavily on transfer payments

Mar 21 2017 — Teresa Wright — Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary says the Atlantic provinces had better not get used to transfer payments if they don’t “get on board” with his plans to grow the economy. O’Leary said the region relies too much on money Ottawa distributes to “have-not” provinces through equalization. “What I’m not happy about is some of the […]


Ex-Liberal premiers have political and wireless connections

Feb 28 2017 — Kevin J. Arsenault — Premier MacLauchlan missed a golden opportunity to honour his promise to be transparent when he refused to release the Robert Ghiz contract with Bell Aliant. It should not have taken an order from the privacy commissioner for Islanders to learn the deal cost $23.3 million, not $8.2 million as initially disclosed. The Premier could reclaim […]


P.E.I. Liberals drop 18 points in latest CRA poll

Dec 6 2016 — Teresa Wright — Premier Wade MacLauchlan and his P.E.I. Liberals have taken a beating in the polls this quarter while the Green party is seeing its highest ever polling success. Support for the Liberal party dropped 18 points since August, according to the latest data from Corporate Research Associates. Over this same period, the Green party has gained […]


Dear Mr. Harper: Don’t let door hit you on way out

Sep 2 2016 — — When former prime minister Stephen Harper resigned his Calgary seat last Friday, the common reaction in Atlantic Canada likely was, “what took so long?” His announcement via a sterile message posted to Facebook and Twitter dovetailed with his unusual performance on election night.

Wayne Young

Mike Duffy, still ‘in the game’

May 7 2016 — Wayne Young — Senator gets another lifeline – he should use it wisely. When he accepted an appointment to the Senate nearly eight years ago, Mike Duffy called it a “lifeline” that came near the end of a 40-year broadcasting career. He was 62 and looking forward to retiring. But in an interview shortly after his appointment, Duffy […]

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P.E.I. Senator Libbe Hubley says Islanders angry over Duffy ruling

Apr 24 2016 — Jim Day — P.E.I. Senator Libbe Hubley suggests justice was not served when all criminal charges were dropped against fellow Island P.E.I. Senator Mike Duffy. “Well, I was surprised,’’ says Hubley. “I was really surprised by the decision. I think most Islanders are largely disappointed. They are angry, and I think they have a right to be.’’ On […]


P.E.I. senator likes new rules around Senate appointments

Dec 13 2015 — — A P.E.I. senator says he likes the new rules around senate appointments. The Justin Trudeau government is setting up a five-member advisory board to fill the empty seats in the Senate with independent senators. “I think it’s a good thing. It will allow more diversity, I hope, in appointments,’’ said Senator Percy Downe. The advisory […]