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Canada has survived worse U.S. presidents than Donald Trump

Jan 20 2017 — Tom Walkom — Relax. Take a Valium. Yes, Donald Trump is being officially inaugurated today as U.S. president. But Canada has faced dangerous American presidents before. Probably the most dangerous was James Madison, the commander-in chief of U.S. forces when they invaded Canada in 1812. Along with the British and allied First Nations, we beat off that invasion. […]


Stephen Harper looks at ‘glass half full’ in Trump’s victory

Jan 19 2017 — Paul Wells — Well, look who’s talking. Mr. Optimist. “I know we are all worried about what this means,” Stephen Harper said on Thursday in New Delhi. “I’m trying to look at the glass half full for a second.” He always was a cheery sort. After his 2015 election defeat, Canada’s sixth-longest-serving prime minister took a long break […]


From prisoner to honoured guest: Amarjeet Sohi’s return to India

Jan 19 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Indian-born Canadian cabinet minister Amarjeet Sohi has returned from an unlikely journey: from prisoner to honoured guest. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minister of Infrastructure and Communities last week made his first visit in an official capacity back to the country of his birth. He was in India — where he was once jailed and tortured […]


Free-trade agreement with India a ‘high priority’ for Canada

Jan 19 2017 — Tonda MacCharles — Federal Liberal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi, fresh off a trade promotion trip to India, says a free-trade agreement with India “is high priority for our government.” But for all the talk, it’s clear that any free trade with India remains a long way off. Talks began with fanfare under the Conservative government led by Stephen […]


Wapekeka First Nation feared suicide pact, says they were denied help

Jan 19 2017 — — One of the last postings made on Facebook by a 12-year-old Wapekeka First Nation girl who took her life this month was a graphic poster that said, “Wake up, pretend I’m okay, sleep.” Jolynn Winter committed suicide on Jan. 8, a Sunday. She was followed two days later by her 12-year-old friend Chantell Fox, who […]


Ontario Tories double Liberals’ fundraising tally

Jan 18 2017 — Robert Benzie — The Progressive Conservatives raised $12.6 million last year – twice as much as the governing Liberals – by exploiting a double-dip loophole that was closed after a Star probe. According to the latest Elections Ontario data, Patrick Brown’s Conservatives outperformed Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals, who collected $6 million, and Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, who raised […]


Conservative leadership debate a head-shaking, tedious evening: Hébert

Jan 18 2017 — Chantal Hébert — For a measure of how bad Tuesday’s French-language Conservative leadership debate actually was, consider that Kevin O’Leary — the reality-show personality who has just joined the long list of contenders to succeed Stephen Harper — probably scored in absentia. If O’Leary had produced an infomercial designed to make the Conservatives crave a more energetic contest, […]


As Trump takes over, hold on to your hats

Jan 18 2017 — Bob Rae — He may be “illegitimate,” a bully, or a sneering loudmouth. He may have lost the popular vote by a wider margin than any other electoral college winner in the history of the republic. But Donald Trump will be sworn in as 45th president of the United States on Friday and Americans and the rest of […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Trudeau should have rented a rowboat

Jan 18 2017 — Heather Mallick — I’m puzzled. There were lineups to see Prime Minister Trudeau in smaller cities as he began his cross-country tour, with venues changing to accommodate big crowds. People in London, Peterborough, Kingston, Dartmouth, Fredericton, Sherbrooke, etc. had questions about carbon taxes, tax fairness, pharmacare, electoral reform, clean water for First Nations, transgender prisoners, Hydro prices, public […]


Defections boost Ottawa in federal-provincial health care fight

Jan 18 2017 — Tom Walkom — Ottawa is four steps closer to winning the bitter federal-provincial fight over health-care funding. Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories are the latest to bolt from the so-called provincial/territorial united front in order to sign bilateral deals with Ottawa. They join New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, which abandoned the common front shortly after […]


As Trudeau tours, world rushes ahead: Paul Wells

Jan 17 2017 — Paul Wells — There’s an odd disconnect between Justin Trudeau’s industrious tour of small-town and mid-sized Canada this week and the events rattling the world outside. Politically the contrast is probably healthy. On Friday, Donald Trump will proclaim his faith in forgotten ordinary Americans. While he does that, Prime Minister Trudeau is wise to catch up with ordinary […]


Road show a smart move for chummy Justin Trudeau

Jan 17 2017 — Rosie DiManno — Dartmouth instead of Davos. A hockey rink in Nova Scotia rather than a resort in the Swiss Alps. Reconnecting with ordinary Canadians swapped in for the World Economic Forum annual tall forehead yakapalooza. That’s how much Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, globe-trotter extraordinaire, is committed to rotating the tires on a public image chassis distinctly dented […]

tom clark

Confronting Trump’s mercantilist approach

Jan 17 2017 — Tom Clark — If the future of Canadian relations with the U.S. were a weather forecast, it would read “Foggy with a chance of uproar and outrage.” We don’t know what the future holds for the relationship, but we can count on a few, and perhaps many sources of friction. Now this may sound like any analysis before […]


Can Kathleen Wynne find her inner Bill Davis? Cohn

Jan 17 2017 — Martin Regg Cohn — As Kathleen Wynne ponders her dismal approval ratings, she can take solace from the story of another unpopular premier who experienced a remarkable political resurrection. That would be Ontario’s 18th premier, William Grenville Davis. A revealing new biography by Steve Paikin, “Bill Davis — Nation Builder, and Not So Bland After All,” recounts his early […]