National Newswatch

Why Bill Morneau hasn’t ended tax breaks for the wealthy

Mar 27 2017 — Tom Walkom — It is sometimes held that Finance Minister Bill Morneau backed away from a promise to end lucrative tax breaks for the well-to-do in last week’s budget because of Donald Trump. With the mercurial Trump occupying the White House, the theory goes, Morneau figured it would be foolish to fiddle with the Canadian tax system. Better […]


Scott Brison explains delay in promised transparency reforms

Mar 26 2017 — Alex Boutilier — Protecting Canadians’ privacy is one reason the government has hit the brakes on promised transparency reforms, Treasury Board President Scott Brison says. Speaking to reporters in Ottawa on Saturday, Brison said reforming Canada’s aging access to information regime remains a priority for the Liberals, despite continued delays. Brison said the government has run up against […]


Time for Senate to hit reset button

Mar 26 2017 — Penny Collenette — Does the Senate have a “right to fire?” Callers to Rita Celli’s CBC radio show Ontario Today on Wednesday were perplexed with recent revelations regarding the damning and detailed report from the Senate ethics officer concerning the actions of Sen. Don Meredith. Charges have not been laid by the Ottawa police after their own investigation, […]

Jaime Watt

Impeaching Trump could hurt Democrats

Mar 26 2017 — Jaime Watt — Less than three months into Donald Trump’s tumultuous presidency, whispers of impeachment are becoming louder. Ladbrokes, a British bookmaker, has Trump’s odds of leaving office via impeachment or resignation before the end of his first term at 10/11. I am not a betting man, but with those odds, do not expect a large payoff. Allan […]


Winning a good trade deal

Mar 26 2017 — Robin V. Sears — It’s an irony for which progressives should blush. They hold right wing populists’ claims in the deepest contempt, with one exception: trade deals. How is it possible that Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are all bosom allies in opposing every trade agreement? Protectionism, by definition, is an effort to protect […]


Morneau sees 2017 budget as Chapter 2 of ongoing plan

Mar 23 2017 — Paul Wells — Bill Morneau works in a building named after Jim Flaherty. No pressure there. The very walls seem to ask why Morneau, a political rookie whose adult life before politics was spent in some fairly cushy corporate precincts, can’t seem to display the offhand charm and crusty wit of his late Conservative predecessor. If the walls […]


Justin Trudeau touts budget’s ‘meaningful’ investments

Mar 23 2017 — Bruce Campion-Smith — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is highlighting his government’s “meaningful” investments in skills training, child care and affordable housing as he fends off criticism that the Liberals’ second budget was a tepid, hold-the-line plan. Trudeau travelled to Toronto Thursday and used a visit to George Brown College to highlight promised investments in skills and training, which […]


Budget is a list of decisions to be made later

Mar 23 2017 — Paul Wells — This is the 22nd or 23rd federal budget I’ve covered. And I’ve never seen the like of the one Bill Morneau introduced on Wednesday. Not even in the last days of the Harper Conservatives did a budget provide for so little new spending — $1.3 billion in the current budget year, total, in all fields […]


Morneau’s faith in small reforms — and small headlines

Mar 22 2017 — Tom Walkom — Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s budget is big on talk and dodgy about timing. It’s not a useless document. Released Wednesday, the budget, signals (again) the federal Liberal government’s economic priorities of trade, training and innovation. It lays down markers in the area of health care and child care that, while not always new, are nonetheless […]