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B.C. Green leader questions quick rejection of photo radar

Aug 12 2017 — — B.C. Green party Leader Andrew Weaver is questioning the NDP’s swift rejection of photo radar and no-fault insurance as possible solutions to the financial crisis at ICBC. Weaver said Thursday that Attorney General David Eby was too quick to rule out those options as a way to get the insurance corporation’s skyrocketing costs under control. […]

Multi-pronged attack launched in B.C.’s pipeline politics

Aug 11 2017 — Vaughn Palmer — The New Democrats began their promised effort to block the Trans Mountain pipeline twinning on Thursday, launching a multi-pronged attack on the project with full support of their governing partners, the Greens. The plan includes new and revised action in the courts, as well as a more rigorous standard for environmental approval and consultations with […]

NDP government sends Site C dam for independent review

Aug 3 2017 — Rob Shaw — B.C.’s new NDP government has referred the largest construction project in the province’s history, the Site C dam, to an independent review to see whether it should continue, be paused or completely cancelled. Energy Minister Michelle Mungall made the announcement at the legislature Wednesday. The review will start on Aug. 9. “Rather than questioning whether […]

Christy Clark’s former deputy minister agrees to help NDP government

Aug 2 2017 — Rob Shaw — Former premier Christy Clark’s deputy minister, Kim Henderson, has agreed to provide advice to the new NDP government. Henderson was fired, with severance pay, during the NDP’s transition to power. She was replaced by Don Wright, who is now Premier John Horgan’s deputy minister and head of the public service. Henderson has agreed to act […]

Fault lines show as B.C. Liberals slag own potential leaders

Aug 2 2017 — Vaughn Palmer — The race to succeed Christy Clark was just getting underway last week when I began hearing from Liberal party members why such and such a contender was a poor choice for the leadership. Target: Todd Stone, the Kamloops MLA and recent minister of transportation and infrastructure. Objection: Poor communicator. Ticked off Metro Vancouver with his […]

Blackmore welcomes being found guilty in B.C. polygamy case

Jul 25 2017 — Daphne Bramham — It took four hours in court listening to the judge read key sections of her 162-page decision before two fundamentalist Mormon leaders finally heard the verdict. Guilty. Winston Blackmore, 60, was found guilty of knowingly having entered into conjugal unions with 24 women in religious ceremonies even though he was already legally married to another […]

Severance packages for fired B.C. Liberals cost taxpayers millions

Jul 22 2017 — Rob Shaw — The new NDP government’s transition to power cost taxpayers $11.3 million in severance packages for fired Liberal political staffers. The NDP terminated 133 Liberal appointees, including ministerial assistants, public relations staffers and a few deputy ministers. The total bill for severance packages was $11,322,206, the government revealed Friday, or an average of about $85,000 per […]

Premier Horgan goes headhunting to fire, hire B.C. Hydro leader

Jul 22 2017 — Vaughn Palmer — On the morning after John Horgan appointed Ken Peterson as chair of B.C. Hydro, the premier’s guy descended on a meeting of the board of directors Friday with marching orders from the boss. The fallout was soon circulating to Hydro employees, via a statement sent out over Peterson’s signature at midday. “Please be advised that […]

Is equity policy linked to NDP’s precarious grip on power?

Jul 19 2017 — Daphne Bramham — It only took a century, but for the first time there are as many women as men in British Columbia’s cabinet. The New Democrats were the first major party in the province’s history to have more female candidates than male. Although the electoral results suggest that voters are gender blind, the B.C. NDP’s two milestones […]

Seattle wants to tax the rich so the poor can afford to live there

Jul 13 2017 — Daphne Bramham — Amid the mansions of tech billionaires and millionaires, the luxury stores and upscale eateries, Seattle is having an existential crisis. There’s a deepening wealth gap and housing costs are soaring beyond the reach of many working people, including software engineers whose salaries average $120,000 a year (and those are U.S. dollars). And the question that’s […]

Christy Clark retools her senior staff for opposition

Jul 11 2017 — Rob Shaw — Outgoing premier Christy Clark has set her new staff as she transitions to leader of B.C.’s opposition. Clark on Tuesday named Nick Koolsbergen as her opposition chief of staff, Jessica Wolford as deputy chief of staff and Stephen Smart as executive director of communications and issues management. Several of her most high-profile staff do not […]

B.C. election priority: ending big money in politics

Jul 11 2017 — Elizabeth Murphy — B.C. citizens voted in May’s provincial election to end big money in politics at the provincial and municipal levels. This was the primary election platform that both the B.C. NDP and Greens campaigned and agreed on as a priority. The B.C. Liberals, backed by many development industry donors, raised $13.1 million. Realtor Bob Rennie was […]